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Simply Stunning Punished Brats

Have you seen what is going on recently at ?? OMFG – I don’t know where Amber Pixie Wells (who of course is simply stunning herself and features today in my prasie to this site) and David Pierson have managed to get these girls but they add to the hugely impressive archive of girls who I have raved about in the past like Nyssa Nevers (as an example)

Well, new recent additions below are stunning teens Mischa and Lorraine who have the most arousing bottoms and are just so cute, they are to die for. Danger: Arousal Rating set at Maximum: Proceed with caution when you click on the images below which lead to galleries I’ve hosted myself! 

Chief’s interesting fact of the day: I had to produce these galleries under strict low light conditions for fear of, ahem, premature embarrassing emissions.

Stunning Mischa gets a sound thrashing across her delicious bared cheeks

Pixie - one of the most beautiful spanking starlets on t’internet gets another fantastic bare bottom spanking

New girl Lorraine brats and tries to pout her way out of trouble! Wait til you see her bare red bottom! OMG!

I have got you a few “coming soon” pics of new girl Lorraine (click on the images below) – in fact some of these are out this week and YOU CAN SEE MORE HERE


How the hell David managed to keep his decorum with Lorraine wriggling over his lap is beyond me, unless, of course, he was wearing my patented (Chief tm) “Iron Clad Undergarments” protecting against unwanted arousal situations. 😀

Punished Brats is still available at the MOST Reasonable $17/month and highly recomended!


Hey, I wanted to share a couple of pics I took in Paris recently, yeah, there’s a couple of the usual images you might expect but can you guess what was on my mind when I went to the Louvre (inside and out?) heh heh



Ahem! Anyway, top tip at le Louvre, if you really must see the Mona Lisa and Venus de Milo then be prepared to battle tourists worldwide (both are massively over rated IMHO as the crowds are 10-15 deep, as you saw above!) If however you enjoy being herded around like sheep, you’ll love it! Chief


  1. Some nice link banners there, really cool stuff. Good job!!

  2. Thanks, Richard. The girls deserved showing off, PB have had some stunning updates recently!

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