Asshole Canings, Paddling & Spanking…

An intriguing title, and this update has been LONG overdue from SpankingServer so I have got you 3 special clips and screen grabs from very recent updates which are typical of the punishments you’ll get to see. SpankingServer are well known for their amazing equipment they use to restrain the girls and also the types of punishment such as pussy paddling and strappings to the use of the cane across a poor girl’s exposed anus…ingenious!

What’s more, the girls they employ, all mainly from Eastern Europe, are just stunning, and that’s because many of them are established hardcore porno stars who have travelled the world, so these experienced girls in their early twenties often think they know what to expect (WRONG!) and are of course never ashamed to show off their private parts (asshole canings and pussy strappings afford absolutely NO MODESTY, naturally!) This site has a great mix of M/F and F/F punishments, and girls who are often next door types or the girls who embrace porn for a living, until they are shocked to discover the severity of their punishments, but they are professionals and take their discipline!!!

TROUSER AROUSAL settings are naturally off the scale, so Gentlemen, please adjust underwear accordingly before viewing the screen grabs and Real Player clips I have cut EXCLUSIVELY for this blog! Enjoy!!!



Check out Cynthia (below) who has one of the pertest cutest butts online! Simply delicious viewing!!!



& finally new girl Brooke gets a taste of one of the best known restraints implements, some great cam angles of the paddling from behind and some great facial shots of her whimpering makes this a must see clip from their recent update!




OK, I have to go lie down now and take some paracetomol as my poor teeth are in severe pain due to the fact I have just had new dental braces fitted to align them for more treatment in the coming months – I’m also drooling and have a laughable speech impediment as I try to get used to them – so 3 months of comedy as I can’t pronounce my “D”s and my “S”s ending up being slurred and sssccchloppppy!  (Luckily they can be removed if I really needed to talk on the phone…lol) have a good one and don’t go too far, I have some exciting Clare Fonda exclusive stuff coming up!!!
Regards dentally,

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