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More Amelia Jane Rutherford

Wow, I had no idea that AJR had flown over to Amsterdam and got into uniform to get over the knee of resident Mike at Spanked-in-Uniform – and of course, Amelia, with her slinky frame and wigglesome addictive to view body is made for spanking in various uniforms and obvious states of undress…with her perky bottom jutting out to receive a good “schpaaannnnking” with Mike’s hand, paddle, birch or whatever else he can lay his hands on! Want to see Amelia at St Elizabeth’s Hospital in her sexy nurse outfit? I know I sure did – and check out these images below!!!

Nurse Amelia doesn’t like the uniform the nurses at St. Elizabeth have to wear. She is caught not wearing her hat and she gets a sound spanking bent over the bed in Doctor Johnson’s office. The next day she is caught not wearing the required stockings so she goes over the knee for a good spanking and she gets a sound bare bottom birching in the diaper position (seriously good viewing – as recommended by “ahem” Chief after his cold shower). As an extra punishment she has to stand out in the hallway with a very humiliating sign on her back for everyone to see with her red bare bottom on display!!!





OK, this isn’t the only recent update with the wonderful Miss Rutherford, dressed in the pretty pink air hostess uniform, it isn’t long after landing that she finds herself in trouble! This is a message to any of you thieving girls out there…JUST SAY NO! You always get caught out in the end!!!

On the flight to South Africa stewardess Amelia stuck a few small bottles of liquor in her bra and took them home with her. She was called to the office and after a strip search (any excuse to see this beauty naked, eh?), the bottles were discovered and she got a resounding OTK spanking. She was then told to report to the pilot of that flight and after he spanked her, she was to come and show Mr. Johnson her red bottom. However, this cheating little minx spanked herself instead and showed Mr. Johnson her pink bottom thinking he wouldn’t notice. When will these girls ever learn??? After a very embarassing phone call to the pilot, Amelia got a hard leather paddling and was put on her knees in the corner sobbing in shame.





Now these are just 2 sections of the Spanked in Uniform site, fancy seeing schoolgirls thrashed in their uniforms? French maids? police officers and more, then check why this site has become so popular, and I love the whacky special effects of placing the girls on a packed plane or a busy operating theatre etc…(I’m still chuckling at the plane load of disgruntled passengers applauding the fact Angel got a spanking as she had to show her red bottom afterwards…you don’t get that on Easyjet or Ryannair, eh?

SEE MORE of Amelia, Leia Ann and Lottie but to name a few from England as well as the resident Dutch vixens like Angel, Julie and Sophia! CLICK HERE
Warning: viewing these girls blubbing in their dishevelled uniforms, bottoms fully bared and spanked WILL cause SEVERE Arousal!

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