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Samantha Woodley Classic!

Ah, as it’s the boring Oscars coming up soon, this movie from Firm Hand Spanking (produced last year) made me smile as Sam really puts her foot in it when she’s relaxing in the bath tub…oblivious to the fact her partner’s DJ (Dinner jacket) is STILL at the Dry Cleaners and they’ve got less than 2 hours before they leave for the Academy Awards….and it’s ALL her fault!

Sam’s flippant attitude and apparent disregard earns her a nasty spanking across her delicate cheeks, soaking in the hot tub…and it’s not long before all that spanking and the hot water really brings out a healthy red glow to her cheeks…and there’s worse to come!
But first, check out the FREE Clip below, it’s a little over a minute long and over 11mb in size but the dialogue between these 2 is great…and seeing Sam brat, as we know she can…just leads to an inevitable bare bottom conclusion! I’m getting a boner just writing about it and I know what happens, LOL!

This is one of a gazillion movies with Samantha…possibly one of my most lusted after spanking stars and this movie shows her off to the best…helpless and naked in the bath tub…and her bratty mouth getting her into MORE and MORE trouble…I just love it! Thank you to Firm Hand Spanking for possibly the largest compendium of spanking movies of one Miss Samantha Woodley!!



You’ll get to see sam’s boobs jiggle and pressed against the top of the bath, with some great facial reactions as the bath brush is brought out to really teach this little madam some manners and respect, and of course there’s the roving Cam as it focusses in on Sam’s beautiful red butt getting whacked hard. I’m not even going to warn you about getting aroused watching the 2nd clip, it would be foolish, it’s Samantha Woodley for goodness sake!

If you want to see the FULL movie – Click HERE

Samantha and the many beautiful girls featured on the extensive tour pages really do get some marvellous beating and thrashings across their bared red bottoms! Highly recommended!!! Have a great weekend, what’s left of it (oh, and I can recommend “Alice in Wonderland”, the movie…utterly bonkers and a good romp!). Chief.

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  1. Tim Tim

    Samantha is a cute girl at Firm Hand Spanking with many other cuties there ,best Tim.

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