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NEW! The Sally Carter Interviews

Once in a while it’s a pleasure to take in someone very new to the online spanking scene, and a girl who is so innocent looking Like this fresh faced filly just has to be interviewed and it’s good to see her feedback. So I introduce a very submissive lady by the name of Sally Carter (she has been seen in other movies, but this one was her very first!) This is basically a spank-casting and Sally is asked about her corporal punishment experience, and of course is asked to remove her undergarments for the camera crew, all gawping at her, lights blaring – as her bare bottom is filmed for the first time- she is understandably nervous – imagine there are hardened spankos in the room behind the scenes and she is removing her underwear as requested, now she has been spanked before - but by a mad man intent on thrashing her tight buttocks a dark shade of purple after 10 minutes! Imagine what must be going through her mind!!!!

Check out these very first preview stills from the interview movie out now at SPANKINGDIGITAL

Having bared her tight globes and removed all her underwear (note no marks on her fresh arse!) she is asked to go over his knee as he explains what will happen next as the spanking begins…

2 camera angles and some nice close up shots start to reveal that Sally has indeed hardly been spanked as her bottom marks up quite quickly. She is naturally worried that she can feel her bottom burning and stinging during this early session and is reassured that her cheeks have not turned purple!!! These interviews are a great way of showcasing a submissive girl and her cute English accent (as she questions everything  over his knee) is adorable! You’ll see her foolishly think it’s all over as she awkwardly stands there, skirt pulled up, privates displayed as instructed and bottom very red…fortunately, this young madam can take more of a spanking than was dreamed, so enjoy this very first film of a very innocent looking Sally introduced to the world of spanking!

Now I have also included a fantastic short clip showing you the interaction, concerns, the spanking, her accent and that tight red bottom, I think you’ll get the idea – and it shows off this movie perfectly!


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