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Hi everyone, I’m flitting about at the moment like a blue arsed fly and consequently I haven’t been able to view much or review a lot recently so am massively behind, but I thought i’d just remind you of some recent updates and some classics that i’ve been posting elsewhere today. Apologies if you’ve seen anything below recently…I’m hoping most of this will be new to you all!!!

below are site galleries for you to all peruse over and check out the home tour pages for more free movie clips/images/stories etc (you know the score)

Taken from HDspank – still the only deducated high def spanking site!



This is something a little different but as it’s something you can involve yourself in and be totally interactive, I thought I’d point this out, it’s a free sign up to start with so you only need to give this site your email address (set up a seperate one if you’re worried they might spam it or something) anyways, I am promoting this to see if it’s something some of you might be interested in. it covers all niches of webcams, there’s a fetish section and also co-eds or shy girls etc…and you can tell them what to do (if you’ve chosen the harder sections, then these sluts will do practically anything!!!)

Anyway, there’s some promo content below, and if you’re not interested then just feast your eyes on the girls instead, I’ve included some promo content that covers both actual cam footage and promo content provided by the girls that you also see depending on the girl you choose etc…

18+ year olds are online
and ready for you
Video Chat NOW!
Compliance with 18 U.S.C. § 2257

Back soon with more worldwide updates from the spankosphere!!!


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