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Unexpected Physical Examinations

I thought I’d quickly let you guys know I have uploaded a massive archive of materials from Special Examinations which only covers one subject, the total humiliation of females on an examination couch, or a Customs Check, at schools and the workplace  – there are DOZENS of galleries and some amazing freeview clips at the following link!


Of course it’s not spanking as such, though some of the girls are spanked lightly, but they are usually more concerned with having their privates examined intimately, they are genuinely embarrassed, and to add to the humiliation, those examining the girls make funs of them, take pictures and interfere with them as they don’t know where to look!…so ladies, if you go to Russia, be careful, these doctors, army medics and customs officials are waiting!

WARNING: Viewing WILL cause severe trouser arousal!


  1. brad brad

    OMG, do the girls get spanked in this site Chief? LOVE the humiliation and some girls have TAMPONS inserted. Good stuff…..VERY good stuff…


  2. mike mike

    This is a great site. All the girls are nude. A great selection of gorgeous hairless pussies and stinky pink anuses which are all probed. A great selection of beautiful feet, soiled, pink, wrinkled and probably all smelly.

  3. There is some spanking, but it’s more of humiliation as such, as they grope and pat the asses, lightyly spank them from time to time, take pictures and get the girls to open up all their holes for full examination, and yes, some girls have their tampons in too! It’s a sort of more explicit spanking & shame but with less spanking and more speculums 😉

  4. I don’t think their anuses are “stinky” or their feet “smelly” but if that appeals to you…I don’t have a problem with that

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