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Anger Shame & Blind Ignorance

Below is my latest blog post from my Teen-Spankings Blog

If you’ve never checked it out, please do so, as it contains lots of fascinating spanking content like the below! Hope you enjoy and don’t take my rants too seriously, it was fun raging at the time of writing it…but please do try to view the shocking interview mentioned below from a radio show, I was gob smacked when I listened to this last night!!! I think most decent people will be too!


Sometimes, I feel like having a rant and letting off steam on here is the only way I can cope with living in the same country as some of my fellow retarded Brits! I am getting sick to death of living in this country, working my ass off for pennies, trying to make my way whilst the stupid and the ignorant oxygen thieves trample over decent honest hard working folk like myself: I shall give you 2 examples!

ahem…Chief gets onto his “soapbox”

Number 1: Please listen to this radio interview held last night on Britain’s TalkSport (at 10pm, it’s a regular chat show) To be brief: It concerns the disgusting Facebook Tribute page set up of killer Raoul Moat who shot himself last week when confronted by the police after a week long manhunt – to those outside of the UK, this chap, freshly released from prison, went into hiding after shooting his ex partner in the stomach (so she could never wear a bikini, apparently). Then he callously killed her new lover with 3 execution shots to the head and the attempted murder of a policeman (who is now blinded in both eyes for life). Not to mention the huge cost to the Taxpayer and a small isolated town gripped in fear by this maniac on the loose….anyway, Siobahn O’Dowd, clearly a retard, decided it would be a “bit of a laugh” to set up the tribute page calling him a legend! The image in the Youtube clip below is not of this woman, however, it made me smile as she probably looks like that! Seriously, well done to Ian Collins, an excellent radio interviewer who has a cult listening audience, of which I am one! Well done, Sir! (the woman has an uneducated, I’d say, North Yorkshire accent, so it may be difficult for those outside the UK to understand her, God knows I had difficulty listening to her inane replies but it is frighteningly addictive – please give it a go…this is what we have to put up with the dregs of our society in this country!

Give me strength! & my 2nd point is the way our immigration and our ridiculous asylum system is milked dry….excuse me, why should a Somali family who have 6 or 7 kids be allowed to move into a £2M house in one of London’s swankiest locations, Notting Hill? Who the hell authorised this for the hard pressed local taxpayers to foot the bill of £2000 per week rent (incidentally the rent was doubled up to the max £2K that can be charged when the owning company realised the council were going to pay, this is disgraceful racketeering!) This Somali chap moaned that the previous place his family stayed at was in a poorer area with less amenities!!! Well, it’s hardly Mogadishu, sir…I’m sure the residents of Brent in north London are glad a smirking “snob” like yourself has now gone and they don’t have to fork out keeping him in that property which was costing their council £900 a week! What has he given to the local taxpayers of these boroughs of London, let alone the UK since he lost his Bus Conductor’s job 18 month’s ago? Stories like this, though sensationalist, make my blood boil. (I guess that’s the point, eh?)

You can see the news link here and decide for yourself.

Whoever approved this lunacy should be fired! Anyway…my rant over, I’m off the soapbox and now it’s time to vent it out on some soft fleshy female buttocks which is why we’re all really here!


First up, I do love ridiculous storylines from time to time and this is an unashamed excuse to watch 2 girls lezz it up and also get some good hard spanking and caning action in, I have nothing against that at all, pure fantasy and this is available to OTK members who are probably watching this with their pants down at their desks as I have been discovered by my missus, but that’s another story… (LOL)

Please click on the filthy image below for more information:

In addition – click here for the free suckling clip HERE


2 Girls I absolutely adore seeing getting their punishments are Kay Richards and Madison Martin and when these 2 are together, the urge to view in my darkened room is overpowering! Why? These girls bicker and chat back when they are getting disciplined making things worse, and I also adore Kay’s cute accent, as well as her amazing ass when it starts to turn red and sore it speckles angrily!!! Now you may have seen this latest movie update advertised elsewhere, but if you are not a member of (why the hell not? It’s an awesome site) then you will NOT have seen these clips of both girls before with the full explanation and additional images! Don’t all thank me at once, eh?

You can see ALL of the episode listings, now standing at 55 full length movies of this continuing spanking soap opera HERE

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Now here’s a dilemma, what would YOU do if you got a call from school that your niece had just got expelled? (now she’s had a history of this but you have been forking out a fortune in schooling fees to keep her in the best education possible at great expense!) … so she’s dust in the wind…and there’s no refund of your fees…you’d be pretty upset, eh? Well, this following story is based on a true story and now this movie is available as a special one off download for those that choose the odd film that grabs their attention, well this is the latest addition and it’s a total cracker! Check out some exclusive images I have below – and the link that leads to the tour page that contains a decent preview clip! Go get the brat, Uncle!!! 😀

Images below are taken from this special low price schoolgirl punishment movie!


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Finally today from Real Spankings Institute – here’s a place that KNOWS how to sort out their brats and troublesome girls! A few years back I wasn’t a fan of the paddle, god knows why, I have always been a slipper man myself, but over the last couple of years i’ve grown to appreciate seeing a good hard paddling of young madams and the resulting red bottoms and sheer pain it causes! Now that has cheered me up, I was rooting around inside the member area earlier and some of their archives are superb, luckily I managed to find some of this promotional content below that highlights just what I was revisiting again…makes my life easier, anyway!!! 😀

Some of these images contain severe paddling spanking and canings of teenagers that thoroughly deserve their thrashings, if offended by such material, please do not view the galleries below!
*sigh* Now that I’ve made the warning to the prudish Mrs W. of Okehampton, Devon (who wrote to me to complain about my spanking blog and the filth on here that it contains, well, she writes in regularly advising me of the thrashings and tearful girls telling me this is all wrong and she thinks she knows better on how to chastise foolish madams – she asked me to place a warning when she might be offended by more severe spanking porn I’m uploading recently such as very red bottoms or sex and spanking which she is disgusted with) … well, I hope you’re satisfied, Mrs W. – you are obviously in need of a damned hard thrashing yourself – so if you want to meet up, I promise to fully humiliate and tame you with a hard spanking across your arrogant fleshy buttocks! How about it??? BRING IT ON!!!

For everyone else, get stuck in and admire some damned fine photography from these movies!

Seriously, if you’ve never viewed this site in any deatil, you’ll get immersed in their archives as well as the newer content which is in Higher Res playback…a perfect way to unwind seeing these girls get some very hard punishments! You can view all the most recent updates and recent movie additions HERE

This site is also part of a wider network (which is how I view these sites as it contains some excellent group of unique spanking content not found elsewhere so it saves me signing up to several sites and spending more money that I need to save towards paying my damned taxes, unlike some that sponge off our over generous Welfare State that rewards NOT working if you start to spawn silly amounts of offspring!)
Bitterly, Chief.

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  1. BigH BigH

    Unfucking real the radio interview so bad its almost funny! IQ of 3. Bitterly . Big H

  2. iwasrobert iwasrobert

    Regarding the Somali refugee, give the poor fellow a break. If the government is stupid enough to willingly blow £2000 a week on private rent for housing just one family, who can blame someone for asking the taxpayer for said handout. Also, I imagine that the reason his family was in the £900 place to begin with was due to the shortage in genuine social housing.

    But you’re right about the racketeering owners – disgraceful!

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