Elizabeth Simpson – Caned & Buggered

What a frightful title and one no young madam should have to ensure, a severe caning followed by a humiliating sex act AND actual buggery! Well, I’m afraid Miss Simpson has rather pissed me off, which I shall describe in more detail TOMORROW but for now enjoy this very special FREE INTRO to Elizabeth’s MOST HUMILIATING Punishment experience, one which she is ashamed of to this day… enjoy the total submission of a very naughty girl!

This fascinationg free preview includes a 3 minute 40 sec intro clip! Seriously, check out the fear as she can barely reply to the questions, the fact that she is already close to tears, you can tell she knows this punishment will be one she will never ever forget!

This movie can be viewed via the SpankPass

OK, that’s it for now, but don’t miss my side of it tomorrow and also my Halloween Special Update (nah, no ghouls or anything, just a weak excuse to post some images of Jack O’Lanterns and find a truckload of my own unique brand of spanking updates for us all to peruse over!!! LOL)

Back tomorrow

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5 thoughts on “Elizabeth Simpson – Caned & Buggered

  1. Brad

    Ok, Chief, that was alittle too much……….NOT!…lol
    Naughty Elizabeth needed that canning i am sure and HOW lucky to take her from behind…mmmm
    Good show ole boy!

  2. domi

    Hello Chief,
    It sure looks like Elizabeth REALLY pissed you of big time! Thanks for the explanation… I’m sure looking forward to Elizabeth’s next move from here… 🙂
    Can I say I’m happy to hear that you made up? I think you make a great couple.

  3. Spank Chief Post author

    Elizabeth is a great girl, she just needs a kick up the arse sometimes! If you let her get away with one thing she’ll take that as a sign of weakness! 😉

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