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Hung Parliament? (yawn) – NOW Bend Over!

As Gordon Brown probably clings onto power for a couple days more at most and looks around Number 10 for his last time we have the ridiculous prospect of the clear majority of Conservatives now courting what was a poor showing of 3rd place by the Lib Dems who will no doubt want a few concessions. Some democracy! Last thing we all want is a weak government during these difficult times so we’ll see how it pans out, my bets is within a year at most we’ll be voting again as these “pacts” never last, the 1st for over 30 years!

Well, sorry to bore you with that, but if you’re NOT propping open your eyelids with matchsticks bored with my rambling then I have a delicious treat for you below which should see you through the weekend!

Check out the very latest update from CANEDSCHOOLGIRLS at my special hosted link below which has a n amazing exclusive gallery and free caning clip of one of the sexiest schoolgirl punishment scenes, now, for the very first time FULLY RESTORED and RE EDITED making this a MUST SEE Movie! I promise you will NOT be disappointed withthis and I heard the feedback over at canedSchoolgirls is amazing withthe recent updates!! See for yourself below:


…and also brand new and just out at FIRMHANDSPANKING is a new double feature with Amelia Jane Rutherford and Niki Flynn (pre retirement) and this is a great movie as you’ll discover from the images below!

From the latest update “What the Dickens” (how English is that??? LOL)
The director’s patience wears thin as Amelia and Niki ham it up on the set of a Victorian drama, “What The Dickens?” Niki Flynn thinks the script is rubbish and Amelia can’t resist over-acting. The solution is an off-camera strapping – but the cameraman keeps it running! So every one of the 25 lashes with a tawse across Amelia’s rear is caught on camera!!! Now who’s remembering we have a hung parliament, by jingo?!

Includes HOT faves Alsion Miller and Micheala McGowan!!

Oh, and before I go, do you remember these? I actually liked the idea of “vaginal Strappings” at the time as it sounds more severe and nasty but of course the girls are being pussy flogged, still – NICE if you haven’t seen this sort of thing before!!! (I shall be featuring MORE Asshole canings that this site does so beautifully very soon, so DO NOT GO FAR, eh?)

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“Bon spanking weekend tout le monde!” Chief


  1. Don’t worry about the election result. The UK will find some way of blaming all of us on mainland Europe for the result, before the end of next week anyway.


  2. iwasrobert iwasrobert

    This really is the worst possible outcome no matter who you support. The Conservatives don’t have enough seats to govern with the DUP. The Labour party don’t have enough seats to govern with the Lib Dems (who also lost what looks like FIVE SEATS go figure that one out). And the Lib Dems have no moral authority to play at king-maker now that they have performed so abysmally.

    Chances are Cleggy will probably have to let the Conservatives into No. 10 but he will no doubt be waiting for any opportunity to pull the plug on Cameron. Ah well, at least Brown will be history! Even if there’s a Lab/Lib deal stitched up he’s gone for sure.

  3. Yup, I think Cameron (quite rightly) will just try to run a minority govt if there’s no agreement) and tbh I think all who try to govern in the short term will concentrate on the economy. I predict another elction to be called in October at the latest.
    PR will not work in the UK, do they really want to see 30 BNP seats in parliament?

    Anyway, if they can’t present anything by May 25th when parliament is due to open then bring on the next election even sooner!

    Money markets will be fun on Monday if there’s nothing resolved this weekend! 😀

  4. iwasrobert iwasrobert

    Cameron’s not in No. 10 yet. In a minority scenario, whether he got beyond the Queen’s Speech would really depend on how much the minor parties, DUP excepted, hate the Tories.

    If the Lib Dems won’t go with Cameron then the SNP becomes the critical player. The Conservatives are no friend to the SNP (or Plaid Cymru for that matter), but the SNP might try to bargain with Cameron all the same. Scotland has revenue raising powers and could therefore insulate itself (to an extent) from the coming budget cuts. Even if there is a combination of Tories+DUP+SNP Cameron is STILL five short of the magic number but I imagine would be able to govern, especially if he picks up some more Labour seats in the 20-odd re-runs.

    OTOH, if the SNP sides with Labor – a more likely scenario – a combination of Labour+LibDems+SNP gives whichever Miliband survives the bloodbath a workable and probably quite stable coalition government. Hell, even Plaid Cymru got the memo on this possibility. But WTF happens then? Another unelected PM??? Labour would have four years to live this down but surely they’d be wiped out in 2014/15.

  5. Yes it’s interesting, I think if the Lib Dems sided with Labour and other parties and tried to govern, the majority of the electorate would never forgive the Lib Dems and they’d be wiped out, rather like the poor showing of the old Liberals in the 1970s.

    Morelike if the Tories and Lib Dems can not work something out together, I think Clegg will allow a minority Tory Govt to operate and support their economic reforms (or compromise) in the inetrests of the country and we’d see another election probably in October.

    I only see the Lib Dems and Tories profitting from this, more work in those marginal seats and the Conservatives would have been in power outright anyway!

    Brown is toast whatever happens, if I was a Labour supporter I’d be livid and want to see a new party leader ASAP! But I’m not so I hope he stays and continues to ruin their reputation! 😀

  6. iwasrobert iwasrobert

    Brown deserves to be toast. Good riddance.

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