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Election Day – Vote for Spanking!

If you read my previous post you’ll understand I’m a little fed up with politics in general and especially bloody Labour (that’s Gordon Brown’s mob still in charge (just at the time of writing) for those outside the UK that haven’t a clue)

Anyway, I found this interesting Youtube piece on the 3 wives, you know how these politicians like to hide behind their wives or use them as electioneering tools. All 3 women are strong and becoming well known in the UK, Sarah Brown can almost wipe away her ridiculous husband’s constant faux pas after faux pas (well maybe not this time) – Samantha Cameron is a typical young Tory wife (who means well, I guess) and well, Nick Clegg’s missus (he’s the Liberal Democrat leader) – his wife, Miriam, who I must confess I knew the least about…rather like his party’s policies until this campaign, is also a strong independent woman and one I’d have over my knee…heh heh! In the real world, I’d love to spank these haughty bitches bare bottoms (well, maybe not Sarah Brown’s, unless Gordon was watching, or begging, or both…)

Sorry Gordon, it’s a slippering for Sarah in the diaper position or nothing!

I must say, I’d probably enjoy spanking the other ladies but check out this hilarious take on the 3 wives of the new prospective leader below! Again, it’s a spoof (to those outside the UK who know very little about our “first” ladies in waiting) When the results are announced, please PLEASE go to the interactive option of Tory Samantha Cameron (the blue one) first for her reaction if her hubby won the election, it’s a proper LOL moment…seriously!!! Enjoy! 😀

Ok, and onto another little mailer I did earlier, if you missed it here it is and I’ve also got some bonus galleries from after the post below: Call it my little pre result bonus!!!


Until tomorrow, when the most likely outcome is British Politics dragging its heels and bitching about yet more sleaze, immigration crap and more bankers bonuses etc (yaaaaaaaaaaawn) oh, and the Pound dripping away – fuel, already amongst the MOST expensive in the world in our country despite still being an oil producer – still going up for us hard pressed pissed off drivers, the economy, our dwindling paychecks, increasing taxation and our poor underfunded military stuck in hostile environments that the Europeans can’t be arsed to help us out with… I love life at the mo! have I missed anything out?

Thank God for seeing a beautiful woman humbled, punished and spanked on the bare bottom!

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