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Special Friday Spanking Updates

I have a selection of varied spanking content and reviews, new stuff and classic spanking content you might not have seen before…so I better hurry before I get out the nacho chips, beers and sit down to watch the opening football fest that is coming up later today in South Africa!

I get people asking me about Strictly English movies and I reply back check out the easisets way to pick and choose their long play content at the movie theater below. I have deliberately got the link below set to Strictly English so you can check out all their movies in that section!


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OK, I have chosen one movie today to review, in fact it’s one of the hottest with Suzi Martell playing Sharon – a very horny spanking slut, dolled up, literally as this is the review of the film LIVING DOLL

This doll is in for some punishment and abuse!! She is stripped of her clothes and her pride as she incurs the wrath of her Master’s paddles and heavy hands. You will see her ass reddened with some fantastic welts and of course some erotic pussy whipping that made this film so addictive to view!

Lying in bed, Sharon has been watching a spanking video whilst playing with herself and her spanking ‘dolls’. When she falls asleep she dreams she is a ‘living doll’ being punished by the male star of the video she has been getting off on. From the hard ‘cold’ caning that starts her punishment to the prolonged naked caning at the end, this non-stop action video oozes with a highly charged sexual atmosphere as Sharon is spanked, paddled, cropped and caned in almost every position you can think off (and some very naughty sexy positions that you can see below in these video grab images).

Although the punishment is strict and prolonged, Sharon is so highly aroused by it that she endures everything Wayne can dish out, despite the severity, with the minimum of complaint in this unique and highly erotic portrayal of a very naughty girl’s very naughty sexual fantasy! With a rarely seen mixture of both the severe and the sensual, this video, when it was first released broke new ground in the portrayal of highly erotic CP and got rave reviews! This was first released as far back as 2003 yet it still remains one of my most watched movies when I feel the urge to watch something hard and sensual! I’m not alone in this and it has been consistently voted one of the best of its kind, even today, for those that are already logged in to the movie page, you can check out the many comments to back this claim!


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Here is something NEW to BritSpank that has just come out earlier today … and these are the first visual treats that I believe are shown anywhere at the time of writing! I remember this little movie being made so I know it’s never been shown before! Poor Belinda had the most wobblesome pair of buttocks that were speckling a beautiful red and becoming very sore with this spanking! A visual treat for fans of girls with buttocks that have a mind of their own!



Amber has been busy, as usual, at her premium site SPANK AMBER having her gorgeous butt spanked and in this movie she again allows a buxom beauty by the name of Wara to spank her OTK, however, Amber is such a horny feisty thing she practically lap dances as her naked bottom jiggles under the strokes of Wara’s hard hand smacks!

Feel free to check out some naughty video images from this movie below as Wara gets her revenge on Amber’s poor butt! Amber had spanked Wara earlier however, Wara finds Amber’s weak spot, the top of her thighs and shows her no mercy as she swats and swats and ignores Amber’s pleas to go easy!

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Remember this old classic? I’m sure many of you will remember it, but there are those who I am sure have NEVER seen this and it deserves another showing!  ladies and gentlemen, the very gorgeous Lisa!!!

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This is a great punishment movie from Girls Boarding School which at nearly 1000kbs playback is a nice and clear resolution. You can see for yourself with the 2 FREE Clips I have provided below along with some stills from the movie so you know the plot. I was particuarly interested in this movie as it featured a lovely Polish girl called Lisa with a cracking lithe body. Also the Dom happens to be someone from around my neck of the woods, particuarly his accent! So don’t mess with boys from the South West of England! 😀

Some of you may know that I adore some of the East European girls - Lisa certainly doesn’t let us down!

The Story: Lisa was told to clear up the kitchen but she ignores this & selfishly enjoys herself by the pool instead. Come sundown, and return home from work, her partner sees that she’s done absolutely nothing. He fetches his cane and waits for her to come in as the sun starts to set.

See the clip below of the first part of her caning whilst standing doing the washing up

Click here to play

This is only the start of what is to come as she really does get humiliated. Imagine cleaning the floor on your bare knees, bottom exposed and the cane biting into your exposed cheeks! Check the pics below of the story in brief!

I love the way she snivels as she is pursued around the hard marble kitchen floor, an excellent punishment movie! Check out the second clip below as Lisa tries to clean the floor on hands and knees whilst trying to avoid the dreaded cane!

click to play here

I’m not sure if this movie has been shown in such detail outside the members Area of Girls Boarding School, but I thought it deserved a another mention – as well as the fact now you lucky American folk or those with US Dollar accounts can profit from Europes current EURO Misery as the Euro is at an all time low against the US Dollar making these once expesnive sites totally affordable!!!
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If you liked what you saw here, take a look at the FREE Tour Pages of Girls Boarding School and decide for yourself via theiur extensive tour pages.

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& finally, I am happy to see this movie fully remastered and out again as intended for FULL screen download. A rather naughty and very rude and severe discipline film with Angelina (yes, another Polish girl…they are everywhere these days!) from STRICTSPANKING and this is one of the most moving films, a girl strapped and caned to very real tears…as you will see below!

So how did Angelina end up so severely thrashed? What did she do to deserve that? Well, if you take a look at the images below taken directly from the movie, I think you will understand why headmaster was so disgusted and had to punish her like never before!!!

The filthy slut! Yes, this exchange student peed outdoors, don’t they have toilets in Poland??? So imagine the shame of being caught with no way of justifying this behaviour, what you will see is Angelina strapped across her bare bottom and her hands, and of course caned hard so the welts were very visable! There, hopefully, if you were deciding on looking or signing up to a spanking site, I hope I have caused you a dilemma with all this fantastic content! Enjoy!


Righty-ho…I’m off to watch the opening ceremony and opening game of the FIFA World Cup! Back later!!

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