HOT Jodie Spanked & Humiliated!

First of all, one of my favourite movies of Jodie’s has just been uploaded as a unique per per download event for those that just want to view and pay for the movie and not bother about signing up to membership sites etc…now I know this is popular and works out cheaper than some of the movies I’ve seen and also advertised from the Spanking Theaters (including my own) so this is a movie well worth viewing if you’ve never seen it!

It’s called “The Lazy Secretary” and Jodie is put through a thoroughly embarrassing and humiliating punishment for her selfish and lazy behaviour at work….

Jodie loafs about, thinking she’s too beautiful and above all this “work nonsense!”

I have collected some images from the movie and I have news where you can view a great preview clip and how to view the full movie…read on!






Don’t miss Jodie! This is one of the sexiest spanking films of this cute filly you’ll see, great cam angles, capturing her reactions and shock as the strap and cane crash onto her oh so cute pert behind!!!

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Oh, before I go, I just wanted to share with you the most bizarre movie clip (it’s not spanking related…just WIERD!!!) It involves a load of midgets on the rampage…seriously, I have no idea where or when this was filmed, anyone know? It’s just so surreal!!!! Anyway, have a good evening..back soon.

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