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Amazing Movies to view as one offs!

Ah, the weekend is just about here and I have got you some nice news about those that only like to download the odd movie  and I have managed to sort out a new series of films, I am very pleased to announce that my very 1st deal is with the good folk of Bun Beating Fun – now I have long been a fan of their work, it’s original, has a lot of humor in between the often hard and sustained OTK spankings(which I love) of some real hot bratty models, temptresses and uppity girls next door who think they can rip off a film producer!

You all know the score by now, surely? Filmed in some nasty motel location, (the ones featured here are all from the grewat garden state of New Jersey) the girls are horrified at teh location, often call their agents to bitch and are a real pain in the ass to the crew untilthey are given what’s should have been coming to them a lonnnng lonnnng time ago! A damned hard tear jerking spanking that leaves the girls totally distraught and humiliated – how “dare” He spank them!!! haw haw haw!

Well, here are the 1st 3 movies out now, a further 3 are coming later this weekend at NaughtyBottom and there will be MORE content coming up from up and coming and new producers, I promise you this site is going to rock in the next few months and also once more producers come into the fold I will be re-designing the site, as it will need it with a whole load of films coming! But for now, take a look at these girls below, I have also got you some image reminders and there is a good decent free preview clip on each of the Tour pages below!

Sometimes it’s the really beautiful ones whose behavior can be the least so. & so it was with this uppity young tart. In due course Brianna’s increasingly tiresome impertinences succeeded in the Mystery spanker getting to the bottom of the problem… with a vengeance! Happily, for him at least, the bottom in question was every bit as sweet as its owner was not! This is part of the new hand picked best “Bun Beating” Movie Collection of the sweetest looking and naughtiest most annoying brats to get what’s coming to them!




There are few activities in this life quite so exhilarating as that of using the flat of one’s hand to robustly thrash the bouncing bare butt cheeks of a ravishingly beautiful femme fatale… even if she only plays one on the Big Screen. Julian is a B-Movie actress, a “scream queen” if you will, & as such she has played the role of a good many fictional women including some decidedly dangerous ones.  She’s not really a femme fatale though, or at least not necessarily so, but she is very easy on the eyes.  Moreover, the lady has a simply outstanding derrière & if that ain’t reason enough to tear off those panties & give her the spanking of a lifetime, we don’t know what is!




When our man’s eyes focused upon Miss Devonshire’s smooth, pale, bouncing bare butt cheeks, they positively glistened like those of a half-starved wolf.  The malevolent growl which accompanied his initial, and almost gentle, caress of the wicked siren’s bottom was indeed chilling. Happily, the wench was by now locked in a vise like grip and totally at the man’s mercy. The “mercy” of a hungry wolf! Hear Kordelia cry out, bitch and complain and watch her mesmersing butt cheeks jiggle then redden in an unmissable spankingfest of naughty smacked female flesh!




So as you can expect from NAUGHTYBOTTOM you get to keep the movie after download, no streaming only crap or Flash movies here, and the movies have either been remastered or available in the highest WMV format possible. You can of course become a member of BunBeatingFun as well if you want to try out one of these movies fiorst and don’t believe me thinking that seeing these girls thrashed mercilessly is a con, it most certainly is not… and you know when the girls are bitching early on saying ” I want what’s coming to me…” oh the irony! If these spankings don’t at least titilate you or bring a smile to your face then I give up… 🙂

Check out these and all the movies available to download at NAUGHTYBOTTOM

Want more? More Bun Beating movies coming very soon to NaughtyBottom are below!

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