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!!! OMGZ Sarah Gregory – I haz wood !!!

Want something a little different for your spanking kicks? Well, I love seeing models who start up their own sites, they can either be very amateurish, or fulfill what we spankos are after, in either case, it all depends on what you’d want to see from the girls in question. To be honest, I think most people will associate Sarah as being such a cute hot thing who isn’t afraid to make out with her fellow spankees! So I’d be happy if she had an amateurish site with this content: but it certainly isn’t! It’s clearly laid out, I like the model profiles of who she has worked and filmed with on the site, so navigating to the most recent updates and archives are easy to find and the update schedules are amazing. For those (in America) who might wish to spank Sarah in person (do bears shit in woods?) she has a 1-2-1 schedule where you can contact her etc, the personal touch, of course. Perhaps my only minor gripe is that the movies are all in Quicktime media playback (.mov format) but that’s me being lazy and used to seeing WMV everywhere. Nowadays, most Media Players like REAL PLAYER or VIDEOLAN will easily play these files without any hassle at all! (I use both to play all non WMV files). I actually have a sneaky feeling that MP4 file formats too will be making more of an impact at various sites soon as their compression ratios, I hear, are better, but as I said, it’s a very minor quibble and to show you there is no problem viewing this I have cut a clip from the Lapdancer Punishment so you can judge for yourselves! (and I will also quit with the video format geek stuff before I bore you all to death).

OK, so 1st of all check out these images and the FREE movie clip from a fave movie I’ve seen at These include screens and reduced size photo shots (members will be able to view HQ images in full size, I can’t give away all her stuff!!)

OK, you might recognize, Tasha Lee with Sarah in this movie! Tasha is a professional actress in the mainstream and the spanking world. She is also a writer, director, and producer. She and her husband own “Bumrap Productions” a spanking video company. So Tasha is a spanking enthusiast who loves all aspects of spanking. She and her husband also participate often in the social spanking world by helping to run the Chicago Crimson Moon parties and run private spanking parties. Sarah explains on her site that she and Tasha share a strong chemistry when it comes to spanking! & it shows in this film “Lapdance Punishment”.

The storyline: When Sarah’s girlfriend catches her doing a lap-dance for a strange man in their hotel room, she makes Sarah strip then punishes her with a very hard bare bottom spanking. You will also see Sarah’s first topless spanking scene! (mmm) See the FREE Movie clip below.

So what else does Sarah’s relatively new site offer? Of course there’s EXCLUSIVE content of Miss Gregory, (like above) but she has control over her own storylines, plots and the various situations she finds herself in with some great co-actors, spankees and newbies working with her! I particularly enjoyed seeing Sarah’s “Summer Spanking Series” with the (in my opinion) pretty scary Dana Specht – a very well known Disciplinarian and I’ve cut a few images from the various movies and photosets that she and Dana have been in this entire summer (from memory there’s about 6 or 7 full length films in this partcular series!) Enjoy! As we here in the UK missed summer yet again *sigh*

I’ve featured mainly F/F spanking content, but Sarah is both spankee and spanker and also is topped by guys at her site as well so it covers everything we’d love to see of Miss Gregory. & I feel with ther current update schedule, being a new site, it’s still well worth every penny and I’d even highly recommend the longer term memberships as updates are coming thick and fast so it makes the long term deal highly prefitable and a decent reward for sticking with her! Check out what the site has to offer HERE – I shall be featuring much more of her in future from her own site, including Sarah being spanked by guys but as a member you’ll get to see ALL that now! Oh, and as I like the city of Boston (having spent some considerable time there in my mis spent youth and re visiting the place a few years back), this Massachusetts gal deserves all the success she can get! Thanks for a superb spanking afternoon’s viewing, Sarah! & “Happy Holidays” to all in the USA!

I need a cold shower now *groan*




Some choice films from Bumrap are featured below:


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