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Lottie Kinsade’s NEW movie

Hmmm, there is something about Miss Kinsade, isn’t there? Maybe because she’s relatively new to the online filming scene, like a breath of “fresh spanking air” – I’ve seen reports where she looks bored in films, I can assure you Lottie in person is anything but boring, she may be a little self aware and is still getting used to being in front of the cameras and the acting is progressing (I think it’s because Lottie has an incredible tolerance for pain). I think only a very heavy wooden paddle or severe thrashing with a Dragon Cane might make her “slightly” wince when most other girls would be screaming and suing the producers, lol! But that’s what she has – an amazing rounded derriere that can take virtually any severe punishment that comes her way! Being a mere “babber” as folk round my way might say, this young spanking actress has nonetheless succeeded in beguiling many an admirer, myself included, as she has a certain beauty and innocence on camera, and of course the best reference for Miss Kinsade is that virtually every producer and spanking model worth their salt in the UK and Europe have worked with her recently and filmed some excellent content and of course I’ve been very pleased to showcase some excellent films in which Lottie has been the star or co-starred in.

So here we are today with a brand new movie update at THEBAREBOTTOM – and I can tell you it’s a peach of a domestic discipline scenario as poor Lottie gets caught out by her own foolishness and lies! Imagine having a young wife like Lottie (I best not, lol) I think she would be HIGH maintenance, as this unfortunate Hubby discovers to his cost! If you haven’t already click the above image, then CLICK HERE and you will get to see a FREE movie clip currently advertised on the Home page of

Click on the thumbs below for the 1st show video grab images taken from this movie including some impact shots with special SLO-MO film footage on the final 3 images!

This FULL Movie along with many MORE Exclusive Lottie Kinsade thrashings can be viewed only at – no content here is found anywhere else!

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