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Amber – Panties, Spankings & so much more!

I had promised Amber Dawn I’d get an update out and wanted to do a “something new and something old” so after carefully reviewing some new materials this afternoon I found a perfect excuse to perv over Amber’s many panty spankings and watch her getting off on having her beautiful bubble butt caressed, stroked and spanked as she gets off on her “Daddy” (as she calls her lucky fella). I could review some amazing face sitting, clit licking or fucking scenes with Amber and her man, in between much spanking, of course… but I hate writing with a huge stiff boner and would have to stop and, ahem, sort out the problem in hand… but believe you me, there is plenty of sex and spanking as you’d expect between a real life couple and when I’m up for it I will do a special review like that if you want! (Comments are always well received here!!!) Of course, you could all just sign up to Amber’s Site HERE and see for yourself now – with over 350 films at this site alone, there’s more than enough to keep you occupied, trust me, I’m a spanko perv!

So back to the panties! From something in the past here’s a great movie that has Amber caressed in her yellow see through panties, she grinds and rubs her pussy against his knee as he prepares to spank her in this position, then slowly removes her knickers, continuing to caress her warmed up bum before ensuring her ass is high in the air for a much harder spanking as her beautiful butt jiggles provocatively, inviting yet more action on her bared wobblesome globes! I have included some video scenes and a couple of movie clips from this 2 part movie which should give you a good idea of what this naughty film is about!





Click either image below and they will lead to 2 seperate clips taken from this movie!

OK, just to show that Amber can look HOT in ANY panties, check out these stills below taken from the members area! I’ve reduced them in size but the thumbs are still quite large, originals are even larger 🙂

Amber proves in or out of any panties, her butt is too HOT to handle!



Ok, if you’re not aching by now, or ladies, if you’re wondering if Amber really is as sexy as she looks, yes she is… she admits to being a camera whore, she actually can’t get enough and will do glamour shoots for magazines and other websites in the USA as well as having her own special web camera links so you can see her play, get spanked, hell, anything you want… if you’re in charge, she’ll be your willing submissive camera slut – I haven’t got the link but her website HERE will have the link or check out her BLOG as she often gives updates when she will be online “live”.

Remember this is just the one site I’m featuring here today and as promised here is a more recent update where Amber gets her bottom spanked and then continues to get it spanked after a fine spray of water is misted across her cheeks. I always enjoys seeing this, I know just what that feels like as a spanker and enjoy seeing a girl’s moist bottom spanked as the sensations for both spanker and spankee are far more intense… check out the FREE Clip below (courtesy of TEEN SPANKING TUBE which has a 2 minute clip of this sexy scene)

Click image below to watch this free movie clip

Get lost in Amber’s eyes as she takes on this spanking!
(then jiggles her bubble butt for further spanking mayhem)
WARNING: Viewing more of Amber exposed here WILL cause severe trouser arousal




OK, I’m spent, I don’t know about you… seriously this is STILL one of the most erotic spanking sites around, I hope that I have persuaded you to take another peek at what Amber gets up to – this is just a very small part of what she does, don’t get me started on when she gets spanked by and spanks gorgeous young ladies too! Good grief, I’d be here all night with a very unrespectable hard on and that’s very selfish –  and that is for you to discover! (Amber, that is, not my poor stiffie) So check her out, I absolutely promise you can not fail to be disappointed seeing her red bottom match her red hair! Enjoy!


Amber stars in her original site at and you can also see her give it good to lots of naughty girls in her equally classic site (there is also an option to join both for a reduced price with one set of codes advertised on both her sites – something I can HIGHLY recommend)

“I haz Wood” -   © Spank Chief

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