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Thrashing of Penelope Parker

I just had to let you all know about this latest movie now out at as it stars Pandora Blake in what I reckon must be one of her earliest internet spanking roles! The movie is called The Thrashing of Penelope Parker and was one of a few catholic schoolgirl discipline movies that she shot at this particular location with her “tomentor/teacher”, Miss Jean Bradley who reprised her role as Miss Baxter in this film.

Now it’s a good length movie, it’s been restored and re-edited for the best possible playback from the cameras of the time and now we can all see it as intended. I hope you don’t mind me indulging in this today on this most cold and chilly Sunday (brr!) as I really liked the film when it came out a few years back and I have to be honest – I haven’t watched this in an age… so seeing it in the new format… well, hmm, what a winter warmer surprise!!!… Ok, it contains the usual schoolgirl punishment cliches (I actually expect that and have no problem seeing a schoolgirl lower her knickers for her spanking) … but that’s what we like seeing, eh? I also liked the fact that this schoolgirl clearly is doing her lines (you get to see her writing down “I will not misbehave in Class”).

So for your perusal, I have got you an exclusive long play clip only found at THIS blog and some images from the full length movie as well as links to yet another free clip! I guarantee that they are well worth viewing!!!


As you’ll have seen from the movie clip above… (and I hope Pandora doesn’t mind me saying this as I know she could get, understandbly, upset if I was to say something about her bottom in a derogatory way) but what a most delicous spankable bottom!!!! Oh my goodness, in that clip you get to see the glory as Miss Baxter assesses this wonderful sight, I could never say anything horrid about Pandora’s bottom, how could anyone? Please check out some exclusive 1st show images from this video below:




As I said, there is a second clip and it is much later in the movie, you saw her unmarked bottom earlier as she had to remove her regulation knickers (under protest) and get over Miss Baxter’s knee… well, in the scene below found currently on the front page of STRICTSPANKING you will see her bottom strapped a burning red – and what a sight it is!!! Another 1 minute clip, and if you haven’t seen it, click HERE or on the image below!

This movie is one of many excellent remasters and classics that members of this site can view right now

Let me know what you think of this movie, feedback… as always is most appreciated! However, if you’ve never seen sites like StrictSpanking before, then perhaps it is worth taking a look! Have a good remaining weekend, everyone!

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