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Ms Law spanks hard!

I was looking over some older stuff I had from other sites in my vast archives and found this stunning film from earlier this year from – I have long been a fan of the way Ms Law sorts out her girls, she can be rather mean and a little OTT, but she sure puts the brats in their places and quite quickly! It would take a real foolish girl to brat back when Ms Law is in full flow… and so here is this amazing film where Alexis is told to leave her school after being caught out yet again with another Curfew Violation.

Now I remember this movie well as the blonde honey reminded me of a chick I once fell in love with many years ago and she broke my heart… seeing her thrashed and treated like dirt by Ms Law felt like some kind of payback as you’ll see I’ve dedicated this update just to this hot blonde babe! Lovers of seeing girls in jeans getting spanked: you will CREAM yourselves as there is a prolonged OTK scene and of course then Ms law decides that she needs to feel the soft flesh of this brat on her hands – I’m not arguing… please enjoy the images and the free streaming clip I have made exclusively for you all!

If you enjoyed this update today as I checked out some warming tushy spankings, you’ll be amazed at the content that is currently available for download at – this site is so much better, I think, looking at the latest updates, I will be parted (again)with some of my hard earned cash as I look forward to seeing what wonderful movies I will have to download since my last membership there in May! (judging from the tours there’s some amazing stuff!) This is one site I have no hesitation in recommending nowadays, their movies are playable in full screen and there are some naughty themes, lots of girl/girl, sex and spanking with schoolgirl/domestic/teen situations including humiliation and temperature takings (I’d say about 20%, maybe a little less was not F/F but that’s no reason not to check out the site) CLICK HERE or the banner below for all the very latest news and updated EXTENSIVE tour pages!

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  1. dave dave

    Ms. Law is the best spanker of them all.

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