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Thursday Tempters!

I’ve been incredibly busy recently so wasn’t able to update my blogs as often as I wanted, which is a shame but that should all change soon enough and to make amends here is a nice round up of some of the latest stuff out and about the spanking world incluidng some links to older stuff that I have been looking at too!

1st up from Holland is the latest excellent update from Spanked in Uniform – and boy do these 2 girls, Angel and Chervana, look HOT in their maids uniforms (in and out of them – as you’ll see!) Check out the images taken from this movie and in particular the scene where Angel gets a sexy spanking punishment over delicious Chervana’s lap! these 2 girls are amongst my top rated girls from Mike’s site, as I have raved about them both seperately in the past, so together… oh wow!

Angel was sent to the Birchrod Inn for 3 days and she was forced to watch Chervana get spanked for being late with the coffee that morning. During cleaning Chervana noticed Angel’s delightful spankable bottom so instead of reporting Angel’s bad cleaning to Mr Johnson, she took matters into her own hands and put Angel over her knee instead! That evening Mr Johnson was to paddle Angel for not cleaning the ashtrays in the bar but as he took her panties down, he saw that her bottom was already red and sore. Chervana was called and both girls got a sound leather paddling side by side after she admitted spanking Angel. Soon after that both girls dashed outside and sat in the snow to cool down their two hot bottoms! *sizzle*

CLICK HERE To see this full film and all the very latest movies of girls spanked in their uniforms!

If you liked the above, I won’t be held responsible for the “Trouser Arousal” events caused by viewing both girls again seen spanked and spanking each other in their nurses uniforms, understandably, I’ll only post 6 choice images, but you’ll get the idea! *phew*

“Nurse! Nurse? Can you help me with a slight problem in my trouser dept?”


I’m aware that this may be shown elsewhere but it needs showing as it’s a good movie and has a girl I am fast aching to see more of, especially inb that cute school uniform, that is Charlie, the blonde bratty bombshell exclusive to and I love it when Beverly reprises her Domme roles as she takes no crap from her girls… as you’ll see below!

Charlie is at first very glad to see Beverly come to her aid after getting into trouble at school. Charlie is certain she will take her straight home and she’ll be spared any corporal punishment. But to her surprise, Beverly asks to use the Headmaster’s Office and gives the mischievous brat a thorough hairbrush spanking herself!



Since I seem to be focussing on seeing girls spanked in various uniforms today, the above reminded me of something from my huge Japanese Spanking Collection from Cutiespankee and I delved back looking for the waitress series with cute Mitsuki shown below! What I liked about this was the stern restaurant manageress who looked damned cute in her tight fitting skirt dishing out a spanking & paddling to the cocktail waitress!

Restaurant waitress Mitsuki had beed trained well, and had become better through her spankings. This day during morning preparation she dropped an expensive glass which shattered on the hard wooden floor and it attracted the attention of her manageress! Mitsuki knew what was coming and accepted her punishment as she was spanked then paddled across one of the tables on her full rounded buttocks!

You can see a ton more authentic Japanese uniform punishments of the cutest tearful girls HERE


& Finally today another new update from movie site out just hours ago which stars another girl with a pair of very spankable cheeks in this interesting domestic discipline OTK spanking film between a spanko Husband and his young wife. You know the type, one of those “internet brides” you hear so much of that chaps who are unwilling or unable to go find a member of the opposite sex for companionship so they go get them from an agency from some backwater of the Ukraine or Southern Russia… bet she didn’t expect to be thrashed on her bare bottom so much, eh? LOL!

Check out other domestic discipline & spanking updates from this site HERE


Oh, before I go, in case you haven’t seen this gallery, I did it the other day after being impressed by the film that I hadn’t seen in ages and saw it advertised at – it features some movies taken from Strictly English as well as some old English Discipline Classics from the Jardale Group including all the Ivor Jones British classic movies at RedStripeSpanking

If you click on the banners of these sites they will take you to the tour pages where you can view an awful lot of streaming promo and preview clips – well worth a few minutes of your time ๐Ÿ˜€

The below gallery is taken from – “American Girl English Cane!”
Click on the image for the Special Gallery & WMV Clips

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