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How do you prefer to watch your Spanking Films?

OK, this is a 1st for me and I am absoutely rubbish at using new things so please bear with me. I will be posting a few polls over the next week in between my regular updates and I’d really like your input and pass this on to others as I hope to gain a realistic view of how people actually prefer to watch their spanking or downloaded video formats from all the websites out there.

Is there a particular fave? Should there be others that I have missed? Please let me know as I aim to add a second format at AAAspanking in addition to WMV which seems to be a staple for many sites but I am going to be frank and admit I am not best impressed with WMV Windows anymore, it seems the boffins at Microsoft have been sat on their laurels for too long and I notice many other spanking producers are using the formats shown below and for good reason, their media players knock spots off WMV Player which almost seems archaic nowadays… So you have the chance to choose your 2 favorite formats. Get voting and pass it on! Once I get a real (no pun intended) trend I’ll stop the poll…



[poll id=”3″]

Cheers, Chief.


  1. Dix Dix

    VLC Media Player. Plays all types of video and audio. Great quality too

  2. I agree. I use it all the time but sadly the vast majority still cling to WM Player which is why WMV is considered essential despite the player being rubbish… even Real Player got their act together and that plays .wmv .mov and .mp4 as well as their own formats!
    Oh and allows me to edit/cut and captures screen images (unlike Windows player!)

  3. iwasrobert iwasrobert

    RealPlayer support is still essential for cross-platform compatibility, particularly Linux but also mobile platforms like Symbian and Android. Windows Media isn’t supported on Android at all, and on Linux it’s very much a second-class citizen.

  4. tim tim

    on the whole windows as it a wide screen with realplayer and quick too but can be slow ,your quality is great now ,best ,tim .

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