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Models & Brats getting it good!

Here is a nice showcase of a site I really like and I know that many out there have also appreciated the style of “The Mystery Spanker” for some time. I aim to get you an interview up with our elusive webmaster and “Bun Beater Extraordinaire” quite soon and am hopeful that we can forge a partnership in other spanko-related areas too… but for now why not peruse some of the archives that I just trawled with some real feisty clips from some real bratty models that screamed and cried their way through their humiliating spankings… just click on the instant show clips and I have also included links to many image/clip galleries that show you a little more about the quality spankings that are dished out to these bad ass divas! Welcome to the wicked world of

Model: Maklaran – click below to play

Model: Liz Tyler – click below to play

Model: Angelina – click below to play

Model: Anna – click below to play

OK, now that you are warmed up and have a good idea of what is inside the members area from the long play films (most are 25-45 minutes in length and I counted around 80 odd models and brats lured to sleazy motel locations for these spanking punishments). Greg, (aka The Mystery Spanker) must know that the girls are going to kick off and knows exactly what to do… and of course has his trademark “Red ass” beer to celebrate at the end of many movies whilst the poor sobbing wretches are left on the floor clutching at her sore throbbing butts! (how apt)

Click on any image below as these lead to a variety of special galleries which will show you more films and of course images for you to check out scenes taken from the long play movies so you will know what to expect!





For more recent movie additions & Free Previews – CLICK HERE


Instant play clips courtesy of the Teen Spankings Tube
(see more free & latest clips below)


  1. tim tim

    little cuties spanked for their attitude thanks for the vids ,best tim .,

  2. Thanks, this is just the tip of the iceberg, these model brats really get a thrashing in some films!!!
    Chief 🙂

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