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Dropseat Pajama Spankings

I’m on a mission to buy some dropseat pajamas, I hope to have these by the next time I have our next film shoot… Yes, I will hardly say that I’m totally obsessed by them at the moment but they do make for interesting viewing and as I have never had the “pleasure” of having a young madam present herself over my lap and have that “drop seat” lowered to reveal a bottom ripe for spanking – however it is a delicious thought. Anyway, remembering some of the movies I had viewed and downloaded at the Dropseat Studio on my Spanking Theater, this little movie sprung to mind as it contained an incredibly cute girl I hadn’t seen much of called Artemis Antoine – though I thought I had recognized her as a spankee at a the Shadowlane Studio (and I was correct – I’ll show you where later) the reason I’m showcasing this is because this incredibly cute brat was both naughty and perfect for this Dropseat movie… as you’ll see.

Now I think she is normally a more dominant character (I could be wrong) but if she was (I think she does more BDSM and is aka Mistress Artemis) then this is an incredible turn around like the Shadowlane films as she was beautifully submissive in this – & the hour long movie I’m reviewing here is in 4 parts and is called “A Helpng Hand” suggesting what sort of help is needed to discipline your girl when she has “done wrong”.

Part 1: Disciplining your partner when she hasn’t cooked and cleaned up properly at home

Artemis is given a dressing down for the lack of housework, her staying out all day instead of cleaning and cooking for her hard working man… so he knows just the solution by spanking her right there and then and getting his belt out across her tight pert bottom! She reacts and moans as you’d expect, the spankings aren’t brutal but they’re hard and believable and this is a great start to view an incredibly cute girl!

Part 2: The present, playful spankings & make up sex

Feeling a little guilty about thrashing his girl earlier, Aretmis’s partner buys her a very pretty nightdress that she had always wanted, they kiss and make up and one thing leads to another on the bed as his hands wander down to her warmed butt… this is a hot scene with lots of hard carressing and groping of her fabulous bubble butt, he spanks her cheeks but not in anger, more in lust as she grinds her ass into his crotch in approval… the scene ends with them… and us, the viewers… hot as hell!

Part 3: The Dropseat Pajama Punishment (images & free video clip)

As you’ll have seen from the free clip and the images above, it’s Dropseat Punishment time… Artemis is brought in and told to wear the pajamas, she knows that wearing these means she’s going to be spanked and this scene features a hot OTK spanking scene, her bottom visibly reddens, you can almost feel the heat of her bottom as it is strapped and she spends some lingering cornertime afterwards as the camera lingers on her bared buttocks! I can’t stress how this full scene is HOT!

Part 4: the Punishment Dress (a very cute spanking discipline)

I think the folk at DropSeat productions thought they’d add this as a bonus scene as it’s a 11 minute film which doesn’t really tie in with the previous 3… Artemis is made to wear this “Punishment Dress” – I suspect mainly because she looks incredibly hot (as you’ll have seen) bent over with the frills and those lacy knickers peeled down and I can vouch that this OTK scene is highly erotic! I did laugh when I found out why she’s being punished… for dissing her man’s Aunt and the fact she was overweight… oops! Artemis is one amazing girl and this bonus rounds off this film perfectly! You can download this only from their page HERE

If you liked this film, check out the rest of their films at their location HERE at the  Spanking Theater

Artemis Atoine also starred in the Shadowlane films below – click on the posters to read her full storyline if you liked the above movie (hard not to) all these movies can be viewed courtesy of the Spanking Theater and are downloadable as cheap streaming or downloadable wmv content!

If you haven’t viewed any films via this method then this is a great way to start… take your pick from 2 of my favorite studios featured above, new email sign ups also get at least 10 free minutes to view ANY film of their choice… yup, go check it out!! 🙂

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    it will be great to have drop seat jammies for some scenes at your site the lil girls look cute in them ,best tim .

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