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Tears, Severity & Pyjama Spankings

Hey, sorry for the long winded post yesterday… I probably pissed most of you off with it – you didn’t expect that, eh? But I still felt it needed saying, even with the help of some “vino” – and no cake, sadly… I have decided to see what happens and have taken the upgrade version for now which means I get a super-duper high end dedicated server very soon (I may have to stop posting for a day or 2 after this when the transfer of data takes place). But that Tube will have to try and at least earn it’s way for my considerable time and extra money that I will and have spent on it and to pay to host it or I will kill it off… but I will probably be on various webmaster forums soon enough asking for advice on better software, who can help, who are the best value to help and such ๐Ÿ™‚

OK, I have a couple of various updates for you today… so I’ll start with a site I haven’t featured in a while but I really do love their stuff, especially as they now include far better images alongside their movies and you’ll see from these chosen images just what I mean. I am rather discerning with my sign ups, as it appears everyone else is so I would like to show you some hot stuff I had viewed with a membership I purchased last month (it’s just ended) & I am referring to – the site that takes pretty unsuspecting girls in Russia and disciplines them mercilessly, some of these girls are eye wateringly pretty and believe you me, they do get it… bound up (which I am liking more and more) or mentally disciplined – it’s not all about the physical side of their ordeal at this site… the translations are still a bit ropey at times but they really do help when the girls are pleading or being thrashed you can understand pretty much everything so it’s appreciated they do bother to cater to the vast English speaking market!

OK, I have 3 films and superb images of what I have been talking about… prepare yourselves for an awesome rush that is

A first time punishment for this stunning teenager as she is subjected to a humiliating punishment, played upon with sex toys and when she is tearful, bound and given a stinging switch punishment across her soft once flawless cheeks!

You can check out more of Alenka’s first time punishment (above) – CLICK HERE

Told to hurry up, this poor thing felt the cold of the room when she was completely in the buff, shivering slightly, she placed herself on the punishment bench where she was tied down, her bottom arched up and given her very first cold caning – “in old Soviet Russia… Motherland spanks YOU!”

“Old skool” Soviet style discipline of girls never spanked before can be seen HERE

Oksana had no idea of what to expect but she was told her behavior had earned her this frightening and hard punishment as she would be tightly bound on the old style Soviet punishment bench… this is a classic “before and after“, you’ll get to see her absolutely flawless teen bottom beforehand and of course the angry red marks dished out by her cruel punishment master’s cane! Hardly surprising then that tears flowed!

All these punishments now come with great image sets like these samples I’ve got for you, accompanying the movies, if you haven’t visited this site in a while, I suggest you go take a look as it has improved vastly since my last long term visit! Needless to say I will be covering more punishments from this site soon but members can of course download all these authentic looking severe Russian style disciplines with some of the prettiest girls I’ve seen from the old Soviet bloc!


& on a slightly lighter note I have the very latest much awaited pyjama punishment movie out now at Triple A Spanking – which, as I said previously, was a fun film for the spankers… I’m not so sure about the poor girls though… stood there in their jim-jams (no knickers on underneath, of course) looking rather lost… we deliberately left them in the dark and they were not given much warning of what was to happen except that they could see the “Naughty Chairs” in front of them! & so the psychological torment of what was to come (before bedtime as well) begun as they were placed over both mine and Jean Bradley’s knee… we knew what they were going to get, they didn’t… Of course, it was a hairbrush and bathbrush thrashing after we had warmed up their bottoms… (that bathbrush really wasn’t very “friendly”) and we’d take turns spanking these naughty madams bottoms until we were satisfied that they were red and sore enough for them to remember this punishment all night long!

If you click on this promotional image below, there is a free clip now available on the home page!

As you would expect I have a couple of very exclusive images no one else will have and these are reduced in size but will compliment the movie (these aren’t available for members but I think you’ll get the idea!) just click on the thumbnails below!

These images were taken by me at the end of the film, the girls were larking about so I hope this caught the spirit of the moment! Yes, their poor bottoms did look very red afterwards, didn’t they? I think, from memory, this might have been the last film we shot that day… so that could also explain the smiles as the girls thought “yay!” no more spanking and excessive bottom rubbing from that old geezer over there!

“What?” Hmm, it was a fun shoot actually and we made some good films, so here is my chance to say “thank you” to all concerned who helped make this a great shoot and just so you can see, I have a few images from the movie itself below, these are available to members right now along with the first parts of the movie and it’s not stuffed full of dialog…”Oh no, Sir….” I think within 30 seconds these girls were over our knees and the spanking pajamera had begun! Hope those who are members and prospective wannabes enjoy this latest offering from! Regards, Chief.


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  2. Thank you, and to anyone who posted comments during my server transfer (I know there were around 4 or 5) sorry, but they got deleted ๐Ÿ™

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