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Girl Girl Spankings with Paris Kennedy

Hello everyone, I do hope you had a great weekend! Spring must be coming here as I was forced by “er indoors” to go mow the lawn as the grass had started to grow, despite there being a frost overnight, I managed to do it yesterday and felt pretty pleased with myself so I wrapped up (it’s still not exactly tropical here, lol) got out the newspaper, cigar, fine wine and enjoyed the fruits of my labor!

Some of my hard work yesterday 🙂

To celebrate, here are some great updates today with some excellent girl on girl spankings including some “whacky” storylines like this first one here from Clare Fonda and it’s a real classic which features a very fresh looking 18 year old Paris Kennedy who is worth watching and signing up to for this movie alone, she is so cute and had that real girl next door quality… this was before Paris got really naughty and did all sorts of porno, so it’s seriously good to see her in this whacky film about her as a beautiful cheerleader (mmm) who picks on a Goth Girl and spanks her until this Goth gets the help of her sister (ok, this is where is starts to get “whacky”)

But what Paris doesn’t know is that Goth girl’s sister is a witch. She summons Paris there using Spankalbub, an invisible demon that spanks Paris (you can see this in the free clip I have for you below). The spanko demon then lights Paris’ bottom on fire!!!. The sister must spank out the flames. Then she continues giving cute Paris a spanking including several kitchen items. After they finish with Paris and kick her out ashamed and humiliated, the goth sisters spank each other! Yup, told you it was “whacky” – but you know what? It was a real hoot watching it and of course seeing a young Paris is another major draw! Enjoy the gallery and images taken from







Well, as there appears to be an issue with my teen-spankings site ?(the blog and tube are inaccessible for the moment FFS) I have sent in a support ticket to my hosts to find out WTF is going on… and I’ll probably lose the post I did this morning as well… grrr, so as I was going to add a instant play flash clip but you can download the free clip in WMV for the time being – just click on the image below to view the clip!

See more of some early Paris Kennedy movies & the latest naughty girl on girl spanking mayhem


Well, I was gonna post more but I am just SO FUCKED OFF at the mo, my other blog and tube are spazzing out on me and I have been trying to sort this out with my hosts who are saying it is a PHP issues (yeah… I fucking KNOW that). I just wanna SCREAM!!!!!!!! 3 Hours and still NOTHING! They don’t want to help.

Googling blank page errors on WordPress blogs isn’t helping much either as I have been trying to follow all the advice and going through the various crap, anyone out there in blogger land have a similar issue? I can’t even log in to my admin area, it’s just a blank page!

This is when I hate the internet with a vengeance, so any advice or help VERY much appreciated!



  1. tim tim

    yes John it can be a nuisance,the vid with Paris is a good one as you say evidently paris really had flames on her bottie ,best from tim .

  2. The other blog and Teen tube are back up now, apparently a database error and not my fault but all sorted now (actually, I reckon my hosts saw how much bandwidth the Tube had been taking and shut me down for a few hours to let the poor server it’s on cool down, lol)

    That damn tube is eating up a lot of bandwidth now so might have to reconsider what I do with it – victim of my own success on that 🙁

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