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Lowen Dydh sen Pyran! Happy St Piran’s Day!

St Piran is the patron Saint of Tin miners and Cornwall! Since the other half of my celtic roots are from Cornwall (remember I’m originally from Plymouth… which is on the Devon/Cornwall borders) and those unlucky enough to live in Devon’s tiny capital city, Exeter, berate the Plymothians as being a “Cornish city”… well apart from trying to insult us, they in fact do many of us a favor as I am proud to be associated with all things Cornish!). So “Happy St Piran’s Day” – I believe it is also celebrated somewhere today in California as there were a lot of Cornish tin miners that came over in the 19th century Gold Rush and haven’t been forgotten. So celebrate the day and enjoy a huge “proper ‘ansome” Cornish pasty or “oggie” as we call them!


& so to some spankings to keep you occupied this weekend! Do any of you remember me gushing on about a girl called Sophie who I hadn’t seen anywhere but at ?? Well, in case you missed my last post on her, why not check out this movie where she is restrained on the bench, legs held high in the air and her beautiful bottom is given a good hard tear jerking leathering! I’m really smitten with Sophie and hope that there are many more films of her but in the meantime, seems the lucky webmaster of Girls Spanked Hard has her to himself! See what I mean with the images taken from her latest punishment below:







Now far be it from me to moan and complain but my beloved football (soccer) team went into Administration yesterday thus cheating and avoiding the consequences of being badly mismanaged these last couple of years by the scumbag board of directors, I feel only shame in supporting my team now (I can’t even bring myself to mention their name though they represent the city of my upbringing mentioned already). So they shit on the little people and the local suppliers, haven’t paid their staff or their players and owe so much tax it’s embarrassing… people ruining reputations of once famous clubs like this should be publicy humiliated with at least a bare bottom birching, but it would be against their “human rights” in our f*cked up country nowadays… so I was pleasantly surprised to see Galas, a Floridian model get a 2nd tryout at spanking after her recent tear jerking cry off with BunBeatingFun (yup, they’ve started sourcing Florida’s many great tacky motels as well… haw haw) you can see my reminder about Galas at BBF below!

She sort of has that Anna Kournikova look about her, don’t you think? This is what Greg had to say about her:
Your RSVP to a gala butt blistering! She calls herself Galas and she received her invitation from us just one short month before the happy day. Of course, the invite wasn’t spelled out quite like that. But the little strumpet’s conduct was such so as to ensure that it played out exactly like that… in spades! The fact that she had the sort of bottom that jiggles most delightfully was an added bonus!

You can see an additional FREE Clip HERE that shows the whole punishment in a preview – on the same pages you’ll see all the other recent model spanking additions and I can highly recommend this site as the spankings are long and sustained as well as having real tearful uppity brats spanked in a location they would really rather not be in!

OK, so Sarah Gregory has that Galas feeling too and I remember her saying on her blog HERE a while back that she spent some time on vacation in Florida and filmed, well, this must be the result of that, and boy, does Miss Galas have a lovely speckled ass in this movie! Another reason to visit Orlando if ever there was, forget Mickey Mouse and co… Florida is full of spankos!!!



Of course Miss Gregory is just taking a break here from being spanked herself, but she does these “girlfriend spankings” so well and it makes me “swell” to see such spanking beauty… you can see more of what Sarah is getting up to on her own site HERE


I love some of the titles that Northern Spanking come up with – so much more original than “Hairbrush for XXXX” or “XXXX spanked hard” etc… yaaaaaaawn! (I actually don’t know anyone called XXXX and that would indeed be original, I guess – but you know what I mean) so when Amelia Jane Rutherford starred as a Russian agent getting a good humiliating spanking and caning courtesy of our heroes from MI5 – (hmmm, more interesting than waterboarding but less effective I’d guess) it wasn’t called “Cane for Amelia” thankfully… oh no they had to go and play on the James Bond theme and call it “For Your Ass Only” heh heh 🙂

Now once again, I had featured the 1st part of Amelia’s punishment in one of my earlier posts (this time I’m too lazy to locate it so perhaps the links within will show it at the bottom of this post) as she is spanked, but here you can asee some HQ images as well as a few screen grabs that actually features the action as both Paul & Stephen get to grips with a slinky slippery Amelia (a description of the film is below the images – for your reference only)




Russian beauty Yelena Markova (played by Amelia) is resting in her hotel room when she is ambushed by British Security agents who want to know all about a certain gentleman she has regular meetings with. It is only when the agents mention a certain Alexei Markovich that Yelena begins to pay attention, and takes their physical threats very seriously indeed… (as you’ll see they have rather interesting methods of bare bottom interrogation!)

This full movie and full spanking barminess I love so much available to view HERE

OK, happy St Piran’s Day – or if like the majority of you who don’t give a damn, just have a great weekend instead! I’m off our to wear my St Piran kilt with pride *

* may not be factually correct 😉


  1. Prefer the second and third galleries, that girl looks so cute and spankable as she is over the knees.

  2. tim tim

    yes happy st. Pirans day,we love to go to Cornwall and Devonshire ,yes Gala got big spanks from sarah hers is a nice site are you a member like me she spanks lovely young girls and they spank her as well as authority figures who spank ,best ,tim .

  3. Thank you Tim. I’m visiting Plymouth today so will pop over into Cornwall, it’s a beautiful day here. & yes i’m a big fan of Sarah’s (membership just expired) but I wish I could dload her films in something other than Quicktime though they are of course great quality :))

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