Blog problems resolved, I think

Anyone else now able to get my other blog? Dave at Cherry Red Report sent me this – seems he was unable to get in… If you click on the image below I’m sure you should now be able to see my latest posts there loud and clear!

Seriously though, if you can’t get in, let me know, yesterday was one of those days from hell we all get occassionally, don’t you just love database malfunctions? *sigh*

So I have a lot of catching up to do, I’m down in sunny Plymouth today (yay!) visiting my mother (she’s only 90 minutes drive away and I hadn’t seen her for over 3 months as she reminded and scolded me earlier… oops!)

I shall also be attending my 1st game at Home Park, the home venue of my crisis football (soccer) team who are currently flat broke, could still go out of business next week if a new buyer isn’t found - but the old regime are kicked out so I feel justified in trying to help now (I wouldn’t give those lying sack of shit directors a penny of my money before, sadly). So I’ll be attending and supporting the team and the hard pressed unpaid staff who are working for free at the mo to keep the club going. Even the players are responding by playing out of their skins recently getting results no one could have hoped for – well, we are currently bottom of the league, with points deducted for going into administration, but the big fight to stay up is on and we’re playing a team who, if we beat tonight, we will go above them (imagine the shame for Swindon, another club in crisis).

Well, enough of me prattling on about soccer… let’s indulge ourselves in some shameful and, well, quite frankly erotic spankings that girls can get up to with each other, and the site of brats getting what they so richly deserve!

& let the spanking mayhem begin…

PunishedBrats has a whole load of spankings I haven’t featured including more new girls who look stunning like new girl Joelle! Nice to see she is wearing a cute tight ladies style soccer shirt, even if it is Brazil (or is it the beach volleyball shirts? Now there is something interesting… along with the carnival ending today in Rio and elsewhere, quite topical, I’d say!) The story of this latest film is: Joelle borrowed a lot of money from Miss Chris for what she calls a “botany experiment”. But when Chris discovers the only plant Joelle is growing is weed, she puts a painful end to the project and of course Joelle’s tight shorts are quickly removed after the 1st spanking so she can really concentrate on tanning this dope head’s pert posterior until it’s a molten, flaming red!



Pouty Mischa has another new movie up and as ever, is highly addictive viewing!!! Mischa ruined her neighbor’s pool party by whipping off her bikini and skinny dipping in front of the guests (I’d pay handsomely to have seen that!!!) Her mom Veronica takes her home for a good hairbrush spanking (which we can all see below, fortunately!) Mischa’s beautiful bouncing bottom gets the proper stingy hairbrush thrashing for this latest slutty behavior and as her cheeks start to redden and speckle in that glow we all know a naughty girl has endured, you’ll see Mischa really kick out, squirm and wriggle as she shouts out “OW…OWW…OWWWW!”



Finally I don’t think I could complete any quick review of PunishedBrats without the gorgeous Pixie and in this installment Pixie’s cheating ways are dealt with in a most severe and satisfying manner as her bare bottom is whacked hard withthe leather strap leaving very visiable ouchy stripes across her previously pale flawless bottom! Now that has *Gotta* hurt!!! (I just downloaded the full movie and I winced a little as I foolishly imagined what it would be like to get those licks of the strap… owww!) See what I mean from Pixie’s poor pummelled bum below:



I also have a special inside scoop from Pixie’s Previews which lets you see new girl Joelle & her plummy accent with a very red bottom! Seriously, don’t miss this download below – this is a taster of what is coming shortly from their last filmshoot 🙂


Check out the extensive tour pages for all the latest movie previews below


OK, as promised, here is the very latest update from Spanked-in-Uniform withthe new Montgomery Military Academy - in its 2nd episode, it stars one of my favorite Dutch cuties, Angel, (she is just soooo naughty!) alongside equally naughty and pretty Monique. Those who want to see a military style discipline with army uniforms are in for a treat as you’ll see below!

Cadets Angel and Monique decided to take a nap in the afternoon but were rightly disturbed by their furious commanding officer who woke them by giving them some special punishment push-ups with the help of his little stinging cane. That evening he returned to give them their strappings for wearing wrong underwear (those who saw the 1st episode will understand). Laying over the end of their beds their bottoms were stuck out , fully exposed ensuring the commanding officer had full use of whatever bare flesh he saw fit to thrash until the cadets were made to go to bed with red, sore, “Schtinnnging” bottoms! A tour of duty with NATO would be less painful, methinks! 😀




You can see all the very latest uniform punishments now at


Finally today I wanted to feature a cute girl that I love seeing punished, I’m sure you will too! She’s been at many spanking houses in America, but today I wanted to feature some of her great OTK spanking films she did over the knee of Chelsea Pfeiffer, so , yes, that means we are checking out her work at – and good is not what this should be described as, oh no… not at all, perhaps “awesome” would be better! So here is a reminder of just what Miss St James has looked like over the knee of Miss Pfeiffer this last year or so! This is a visual treat but imagine downloading these films, they really are worth checking out… members can of course download all this and so much more as Chelsea has “spanked them all!!!”








See who else Chelsea is spanking hard over her knee HERE

Have a “Good one” – right, I’m off to see if my team can do me proud tonight!
“Come on You Greens!!!!”

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