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The Torture that is my internet connection!

Well, since I made a couple of posts about St David’s day on March 1st and St Piran’s Day on March 5th then it would be only fair to make a post on St Patrick’s Day, even if the whole point and idea of it is a commercial excuse and most people celebrating it have never set foot on the glorious “Emerald Isle” but treat it as a glorified excuse for a green beered piss-up… but “hey ho” better tow the line and find something green and amusing (no not my joke of a football club that play in green shirts!) – So here’s my “Shenannigans” for the day…

So as I’m away and my internet connection is still woeful… enjoy some galleries and think of me getting ill later on via the help of some horrendous unidentified green dyed beer (I can’t wait!)

This 1st set are courtesy of English-Spankers with a variety of schoolgirl and domestic themed spankings, some of which contains girls and naughty ladies of all shapes and denominations! Addictive stuff!




Check out the free movie clips all taken from English Spankers


2nd group of galleries are all taken from Clare Fonda’s excellent network HERE

This large image is from one of the latest galleries to be released! & I better get this out ASAP as my f*cking connection here is utter shite, I feel like throwing this laptop across the room, time outs and other shite and I’m trying to get this done so will once again have to cut all this short, unfortunately 🙁

(You can check out the sites they advertise on the gallery headers below if you wish to see more from the advertised stuff, just click any image that will take you to the chosen gallery!) This will be all I post today as the above image took me 15 minutes alone, it’s that bad where I am and I’m just totally hacked off… so please enjoy what little I can bring today…


well, that’s it, I can’t post anymore, I have since been trying again to upload even tiny images and it’s just not working, so I’m leaving this, I’m just wasting my time at the moment and just shouting and ranting at inanimate objects. I paid 10 fucking lousy Euros for this crappy connection as well! Hopefully back soon before my blood pressure blows a gasket


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