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A Bonus Spanking Post!!!

I was about to add this to one of my other blogs but felt that it would be more appropriate here since these set of movies from Sarah have a far more grown up feel about them so I felt it wouldn’t be ideal to place on the Teen Spanking blog (but go check out that site as I shall be updating it afterwards with other material!)

Anyhoo… Sarah is the sort of woman that is an amazing switch with the girls, she is so so naughty… and if she gets the chance nowadays, she’ll take control where she can with any unsuspecting girl… which I really do get off on… but of course she is still extremely submissive when it comes to men and that side I love too… seeing her chastised and then thrashed and put in her place in such a quintessentially English style spanking site makes this a rather unique site and I have ALWAYS enjoyed reviewing it. Her range & tastes are quite varied and if you throw in some very naughty sex scenes… then we have an unmissable site that has grown over the years as Sarah shows no sign of slowing down, and in fact her behavior is getting more and more disgraceful… fortunately! 😀

Random, I know… But I could imagine Sarah & Verity above! 🙂

The below series of films are taken with Sarah and Verity… which involves female lust, revenge, punishments, embarrassment and a double punishment when both these horny females are put in their place! let the review mayhem begin… below images contain some delightful sexual female foreplay, making out and good hard scenes of good old fashioned trouser rousing punishments!

spanking spank related fun

Early in her spanking life Sarah was taken advantage of by Verity but now the time has come for a spanking revenge on this young madam and Sarah allows Verity to think she has the upper hand before reminding her of what happened in the past and gives her a hard grown up spanking that makes Verity cry out in shame and sheer embarrassment of this role reversal! See the free preview below:

Continuing on with Verity’s punishment, Sarah explores Verity’s beautiful wet pussy which is so so inviting and this almost distracts her from carrying out further punishment but eventually pulls herself away from that amazing sight between Verity’s thighs to punish this sex mad girl for all the abuse she had received off her in the past. Sarah used a thick black leather paddle that covered all of Verity’s beautiful big bum perfectly, making it red & sting like hell in no time…

rude girl on girl punishment

& finally in the very latest new movie which is now out to download in full, Sarah gets really dirty with Verity… pandering to Verity’s wanton needs, Sarah decides a bit of Fem Dom play would sort out this slut and uses a strap on dildo much to Verity’s obvious relief as her swollen wet pussy gratefully accepts Sarah’s piece as she humps her… but the girls are caught and to add further embarrassment they are both thrashed with the paddle and then the cane by a furious Mr Stern who ensures there’s no more mucky behavior going on behind his back! As it’s the latest film I’ve covered a few more images as there’s a lot of action going on as you’ll see below! Enjoy… I most ceratinly did!

If you’re after a naughty grown up girl who enjoys sex and serious spanking punishments with this British twist… then please go check out the further extensive tour pages HERE (if you haven’t already) and decide for yourselves. is from the makers of the excellent – so those who like that site will no doubt already be well aware of sarah as she appears often here too!

Have a great evening… Chief

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