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Shhh! The cats are back watching you get spanked!

Cats! Strange creatures,  always staring, plotting and calculating… I seem to recall letting you all in on the shenanigans going on with talent agent Paul Kennedy’s shoddy new girl band act, “Juicy Tushy” spanked after his success with the other group “Hot Fuzz” and he has been taking matters into his own hands this time to sort them out! Well, it appears that Ceiling Cat had been peeping in on the action below but there are all manner of staring cats these girls should look out for… creepy, aren’t they? 🙂

Well, I kind of left off with this ongoing film around the time these cats muscled in on the action with Jadie (cough cough, Chief haz wood) and the equally ravishing new girl, Aleesha Foxx. I can imagine if “Staring Cat” watched what was going on, it would be driven mad by being unable to blink (a mock up of the interloping feline is shown below… staring intensely, yesterday)

This HD film update below shows the episodes I’ve missed and am now showing you here… including appearances from the band’s other member, Miss Amelia Jane Rutherford! Oh, and of course I was kidding… no cats were harmed, spanked or abused in the making of this movie!

 spanking and strapping




Paul is a long suffering talent agent with a wide range of acts on his books. The global phenomenon Hot Fuzz are his biggest success. His other girl band “Juicy Tushy” are less so. Very, very less so. A bit of discipline and revamped image is what those girls need! And then there is the burlesque diva, Ramona La Strange. Drama follows in her wake as Paul takes her to task for raunching up her act.

& as you’ll see… the “OMG Cat” might have been shocked at what raunchiness it saw… but Paul would be having none of this nonsense!!!


 spanked otk

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In other news, you might want to check out some handy Clips sites which have lots of sexy spankings and many exclusive stuff not found elsewhere. I just added our very popular spanked Golden Dancer to the Triple A Spanking Clips site (see below) there’s a free clip there too!

spanked dancer

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  1. To be fair, “Juicy Tushy” did sound a bit like a pair of cats that hadn’t had their dinner! They made up for it in other ways though, as you can see!

  2. Hmmm, you looked like the cat that got the cream with Amelia… lol

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