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Spanking & Canings – a quick update


Hmm, just bear with me today, this is a very short post and an experiment as I’ve been incredibly busy elsewhere and I have also been trying to learn how to properly use this plugin this afternoon rather than embed code in from elsewhere as I have been doing for a while now as I am fearful that codec might just get outdated at some point. So I have been going back to school to learn how to use the Flash plugin you see below – especially if the clip is HD quality! I’d rather that you be able to view it as intended if it was uploaded in WMV or MP4 format – so here goes… I’ve finally got how to center the damned thing (which was a pain as normal html didn’t work) though I’m still not happy with the size of the player shown (I shall look to various support forums later) – but if it’s HD, then please just click on the enlarge button and you’ll see the real quality rather than some slightly dodgy version of Flash or a file uploaded and converted to .flv (which I must admit I absolutely DETEST with a vengeance!)

The lucky recipients of my experiment are and their latest HD movie, the model fantasy one with Leia acting out a naughty secretary that needs a thrashing off her boss, Amy! Who am I to argue? It’s leia’s fantasy after all, and all parts to this movie are now out! Check out this short HD clip below (don’t forget to click the enlarge screen button on the right) – Enjoy!

[jwplayer mediaid=”13566″ image=””]

I of course have a few little images for you too to mull over…



Check out more  (much more) of Leia & Amy at

short and sweet… I know, back soon with the big update I had promised 🙂

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