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Hot Saturday Spanking News – pt1

I was planning on visiting my folk back in Plymouth today but there was news last night of a horrific pile up, one of the worst ever in British history on our Motorway network (freeways to my American chums) which just happens to be the main arterial route from my place to Plymouth on the M5. The motorway is closed both sides and likely to remain so until tonight it has been that bad! So diverted traffic elsewhere will be a nightmare on the secondary roads. I’m a bit cheesed off, but of course, before I think of my own selfish reasons… remember that people have died in what appears to be an incident with 27 vehicles (I know the spot and it’s really disturbing) – so I’m thankful I didn’t travel down last night as I might normally do.

Which brings me to the blog as it gives me some quick chances to update it and also remind you good people that November 5th here in Britain is an excuse to blow up and set fire to things legally… Guy Fawkes Day, or Bonfire Night… is celebrated around the country… and I won’t bother educating you like I do every year about this unique event, but I like it, it’s distincly British and I like the way it celebrates the death of a traitor who tried to blow up the Houses of Parliament many hundreds of years ago! The weather is still unseasonably mild where I am and clear, so tonight’s displays here should be good which I’m looking forward to! So enough of my waffle and let’s get onto the spankings you all are here for rather than reading my blurb…

As promised earlier this week, I said I’d bring you some of what Amber has been getting up to with her lookalike Jolene at her girl on girl spanking site – and here it is – could I decribe it in one word? “Wow!”






Amber admitted to me that this was the 1st time she had eaten out with extensive anal foreplay of another girl like this… and who better than one of her favorite redhead cam girl models than Jolene? This return for Jolene was all about power play, spankings and the desire of Amber to bring off Jolene with a forced orgasm after a prolonged period. I particularly enjoyed seeing Amber make Jolene wear her panties on her face as she showed the camera her gusset, I can only imagine the sweet female scent that submissive Jolene was forced to inhale and taste from that material… oh my! Amber’s interaction with the camera involved us with what she was doing which I really liked and I hope that this is the start of what Amber is capable of filming with the right girl, as this was hot! I’m sure Amber won’t mind me showing this short end scene below, it kind of displays the power that she had over Jolene… and both girls played their part perfectly!

 Check out MORE of Amber and the girls she skillfully & sexually dominates at


This is a quick update but I will be back later with more spankings so check in later!


  1. tim tim

    yes John it was lucky you did not go there i live about 20 or so miles way it was a terrible situation ,onto happier subjects ,nice to see young Jasmine back here on AAAspankings she is a little cutie girl ,best tim.

  2. indeed, it brought back my own terrible night I crashed my car when I hit the central reservation further up the M5 (Jnc 17-18) near Bristol… fortunately there was barely any other traffic, it still gives me nightmares thinking about it! & yes you’re right, Jasmine back is a breath of fresh air… she and new girl Sophie made some really good films which I can’t wait to show you all in time 🙂

  3. iwasrobert iwasrobert

    I was about to say you’d already used up your quota of car crashes for the decade… I’d 😉 but it’s not exactly a laughing matter.

  4. brad brad

    wow chief, your highway sounds exactly like our notorious 401 hwy up here in Canada. TONS of accidents and finally they are putting in a centre divider, but many have lost their lives on this hwy.
    Highways are the most dangerous places on earth.

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