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Multiple updates at AAAspanking

OK, I’m running out of time, I have been updating and uploading a ton of stuff with a painfully slow connection today which is making me go “GRRRR!” But it is now up and there are 2 new movies added which will cover everyone while I am away! I suppose if your membership runs out tomorrow and you see this you’d better get busy, eh? (lol) “Oh… and why are you leaving me?” *sniff*

So here they are, I’ll start with what you can see on the front page of the site as I haven’t updated both films there… the one you can see is with Kami Robertson getting a rather hard OTK spanking across some rather inappropriate night wear… tsk! Time for a thrashing, methinks!

Check out the images below of Kami’s OTK punishment. *swoon*

You can see a good hard spanking clip of Kami from this film – CLICK HERE

& in the other film, as I said, it stars Jean Bradley as a naughty grown up nurse who should know better… it was one of our 1st ever films we made and those who will view it will see we had some fun making it, as well as getting Jean’s bum EXTREMELY sore!!! (Thank you, Mr Kennedy!) An image set taken from the film can be seen below:

As well as these 2 new films which are out at the same time (because I am going away next week) members will be able to see the complete parts to one of my fave films I did with Leia, the “Cakeboy” film.


Unfortunately that is all I can post right now, my internet connection… for what it is, is completely shagged, it has been playing up all day, I am hopeful of getting you one last mega industry update tommorow before I leave on Monday so until then, as I hope this is only a temporary glitch, come back on Sunday for more global spanking goss and biz!


Just to note: Yes, I’m going away for a well earned rest, no laptop, computer, decent phone connection… just me and Er Indoors, off to the remote French Alps to see family, their internet connection is crap (Skype is difficult at best of times) so I am treating this as a complete break from a screen as I need to or I’ll become deranged! Hope you understand, I doubt I will be able to view my gmail account either, though I may try to… I have also been planning a big film shoot for the end of the month, new faces hopefully and some 1st timers… so I will be looking forward to that!

Back tomorrow (as I said) hopefully.


  1. tim tim

    John have a pleasant holiday ,best tim.

  2. Thanks Tim.. I’m back..and I did!

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