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Holiday Spankings, Sluts & Naughty Girls Getting it Good!

Well, I hope you all had a good Xmas… mine went well in the end despite all my worst fears that I wrote about previously… as we sort of made up… a bit like Britain and some of her close European allies in the Union (or at least those that matter, like Germany) both countries realize that we need each other rather than play mind games like some cuban heel wearing dinky politicians that spit the dummy out when they don’t get their way (*cough* … Sarkozy… *cough*). Far be it from me to gloat at his country’s probable Triple A downgrade …

I could rabbit on all day about their overburdened state and mad social welfare that is crippling the country’s finances and ability to repay loans… but we’re here to bleat on about our fave subject… and that is of course… SPANKING pretty girls bottoms! So here are some new and some class oldies you might not have seen as I thought you’d appreciate that more so my updates would not appear “samey” as everyone else (which I hate) so have to find new or rarely seen content for you all! These cheered me up to start with, masturbation and spankings? Hmmm… You can’t go wrong with that!

Sofia plays with her wet pussy and gets her sweet ass a super hard hand blasting as a consequence!! Soon her ass cheeks are smacked till they are as burning hot as her fingered pussy! Smouldering Sofia is one of my all time top Dutch girls that Mike has had the pleasure of thrashing, I’ve also seen her take a rectal temperature taking, and now this! Of course, as she is caught playing with herself, she got a sound spanking as Mike describes further at his site (below):




When I called Sofia and told her I would be coming over to see if she has been behaving herself, the little madam got so turned on she jumped on her bed and started to pleasure herself fantasizing about what I might give her tight little bottom. When I arrived the front door was unlocked and when I entered her house I heard the sounds of pleasure coming from her bedroom. I sneaked in and caught her red handed! I put her bottom over some pillows and gave her a quick hard spanking

You can check out all of Sofia’s work at or


Another oldie from the very cute Bella and watching some of her punishments again… and the hard thrashings she got, quite… ahem…. turned me on watching her take it all! See what I mean below! Taken exclusively from Real Spankings Institute




Petite Schoolgirl Bella is caught in her bed naked being a nasty slut rubbing her naked pussy by the Dean. She is given a hard OTK hand spanking, followed by some embarrassing corner time while she is completely naked. Horny Bella’s cute little ass looks so nice and rosy red after her humiliating spanking! How is she going to sit down at school with such a sore throbbing bottom?

You can see the full classic painful ordeal at Real Spankings Institute


Finally today, from – another uppity wannabe model gets her comeuppance in this very latest spankfest which had me smiling and reaching for the tissues, such was the excitement of it all as this model brat gets a proper hard hand spanking as she cries and bitches about her treatment…. come on…. it’s BBF for goodness sake, what did she expect??






This cute little Rock & Roll babe has quite the voice!  A little off key perhaps but she hits all the high notes and right on cue too! Under the direction of our maestro, Tabitha’s vocals did sound quite angry though… but that’s okay, good singing ain’t always about sweet lullabies –  Clearly, in his role as percussionist, our always exuberant Mystery Spanker  provided a most effective accompaniment here.

See all of Tabitha’s deserved punishment and plenty of real uppity brats like her RIGHT HERE


Before I go, just look out for one of the best movies to come out of AAA Spanking in a while, it has canings, hard bath brush thrashings and fantastic camera angles of the lengthy punishment of both Kami Robertson and Danielle Hunt – Coming soon to AAAspanking!!! Oh, and they’re stripped …. “nekkid!!!!”

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