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Kami Robertson & Danielle Hunt caned VERY Hard!

Every now and then, I dine out on a specific spanking model and check out her work across a whole group of sites! Anyone that knows me will know how I rate Kami… I have worked with her more than any other model and hope to continue doing so! I’m gonna have to include her at some point on the “It’s all about the ass” feature as she has that most amazing wiggle that just gets me everytime I see her react! I have just released a double feature alongside the equally awesome Danielle Hunt, these 2 made a fantastic twosome and I really loved the results of this film despite filming in a horrendous space that was almost impossible to light properly but the result is still far better than I anticipated and alongside a storyline which really meant something to me (I’ll explain in a mo) and the hard punishment the girls got in their school uniforms… this is a film that schoolgirl – caning and naked girl discipline lovers will adore… as it has the lot!

The latest film at “Disciplina Scholaris” starring Kami Robertson & Danielle Hunt.

OK, there’s a free link HERE to a short clip, this wasn’t the caning scene but the nasty warm up for the cane with the dreaded bathbrush that all the girls I’ve used this thing on HATE with a vengeance, this kept both Danielle and Kami in the zone, so to speak,as I really did give them a good hard caning, if I hadn’t warmed them up this way they’d have had severely welted asses for the remainder of the day and it would have ruined the filming… but be under no illusion, this was a HARD punishment they took! Check out some images below which are taken from the film and I’ll let you know why the storyline I came up with (which is shown in quoted text between the images) was personal for me 🙂




These girls were sent to the bottom of the Punishment Landing during their “Double Latin” period for cheating in Miss Hawkings weekly classroom exam. In class, to save time, all the girls were given the trust of marking each others papers but these 2 cheaters had taken advantage of the good nature of their Latin teacher and ticked correctly such childish examples as “Mickus Mousus & Biggus Dickus”. Danielle & Kami were full of remorse when they heard Mr Osborne tell them they were going to be caned… and caned “in extremis” but first the girls had a nasty warm up with a very stinging bath brush that just caused them more pain and pleading that they had learnt their lesson! The girls were finally stripped of their uniforms and made to perform the steps of shame, their bottoms quivering from the recent severe thrashing as they stood on the landing of the main school stairway, nude, trembling and close to tears as they knew all the girls in the school would be coming out of class anytime soon and be able to see the latest victims in this final humiliation on the Punishment Landing! This is one English style hard caning schoolgirl movie you will not want to miss!







When we make up the stories or play with model fantasies… most are related in some way to real events… in this case, this event where the girls cheated in the Latin Lesson happened to me! Our teacher at the time allowed us to mark our tests, they were quick but supposed to be a way of keeping us all up to date, well, a few of us soon took advantage of this trust and wrote down answers like “Mickus Mousus” and ” Biggus Dickus” or “Incontinentia Buttockus” as it was around the time that Monty Python’s Life of Brian was out at the cinema (ah, memories… lol!) Anyway, needless to say we got caught out and were humiliated as the teacher read out sternly our rubbish answers which had the rest of class tittering! However, I didn’t get my bare bottom thrashed as Kami and Danielle did in this film!

The first parts and a very full image file are already out in HD at the site HERE (we bring out at least 1 new film every week and this is a 17 minute spanking and caning fest!)

However, if you really can’t wait or are scared of membership sites (even though for one low non recurring price we have about 70 HD films now available!!!) – then I have uploaded the full film at our clips store HERE already and I can see that there are some downloads taken place and who can blame them? Kami and Danielle are fantastic in this film! Check out the direct link to it below!

Have a good one and I’ll be back with more Kami and other naughty girl updates elsewhere tomorrow 🙂

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