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Volleyball Ass

girls group together to show us their tight butts in spandex shorts

Just thought I’d share with you a new passion of mine, watching *ahem*  female volleyball… not the beach volleyball, oh no, that’s too obvious… and will come into its own this summer olympics… but college and state volleyball, can you work out why? Enjoy these selected images from around the internet all carefully placed here for your easy access! I won’t even think about imagining that these girls might need a spanking, but I shall ensure that at my next film shoot I get a girl dressed up like this and… oh my “Trouser Arousal!” – oops!

collection of female volleyball butts



tight butt volleyball pants butt pic of tight college volleyball girl's ass beautifully shaped volleygirls butt

 touvhing their butts during the game 

butt busting volleyball ass

beautiful college girls ass rear view full tight bubble butt big juicy female bottom tucked inside a tight pair of volleyball pants

gorgeous pose of the girl in her volleyball pants touching their tight butts bent over butt shape on full display

full butt displayed at volleyball  

 Anyway, now that you’ve had your fill of college volleyball ass and such… check out this amazing rally I found on my tour of the internet… gotta love the Chinese commentators, they understandably get excited as this rally carries on! Have fun… from a converted female volleyball fan, Chief!

& finally, this image below, does it look like to any of you that this is Veronica Ricci? She sure looks similar! I have provided a few galleries from Clare Fonda’s sites for your comparison! Enjoy finding out! 🙂

is this Veronica Ricci?

Click images below for some sample galleries and decide for yourself about this beautiful spankee!

click here for more click here for more

click here for more click here

 click here

Check the sites these were taken from the galleries for more Veronica or you can view everything of her via Clare’s amazing CLARE FONDA PASS network at a fraction of the combined costs


This post was taken from one of my other blogs and I just thought you’d all like to see it here in case you never visit the others! I will return later with more Spanktastic updates 🙂


  1. I clearly chose the wrong sport.

  2. I clearly am living in the wrong country, goddammit!

  3. iwasrobert iwasrobert

    Can’t wait to see your AAA update!

  4. Bugger, better buy a ball and some very tight fitting pants for the girl/s – lol!

  5. iwasrobert iwasrobert

    Plural would definitely be best 😀 😀

  6. Blilen Blilen

    Just might have to stick with College Volleyball. Read that the Olympic Beach Volleyball girls will have the option to wear something other than their skimpy uniforms. Let’s hope they don’t.

  7. lol, no doubt our crappy British weather will be the reason for that, the 1st ever beach volleyball… in overcoats!

  8. Joe English Joe English

    The uniform for the indoor version of girl’s volleyball is quite superior to that for beach volleyball. The indoor version does a much better job of clinging to those lovely curves rather than tightly suppressing them. It also sometime slips between the cheeks to reveal that cleft. Plus, there are more athletic and, usually, pretty young girls out on display.

    Altogether, I find the indoor sport better for a spanking fan.

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