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Ass Grabbing Collection – part 2

Some of you will love this, some will probably want me hanged, drawn and quartered, as I bring you some more images from the interwebs (most notably Tumblr and Google name tag searches) – copyrights are kept where there are some and I’m afraid the tumblr blogs have reblogged and shared the images it’s impossible to credit anyone originally… so if you haven’t seen any of these, enjoy! I will be back later with a hot girl on girl and domestic spanking update that you shouldn’t miss!






grabbing her ass

ass grab and grabbing fun

Ass Grabbing Bonus!

Hello there… before I bring you today’s 3rd Halloween post of the week, for one individual that so loves me, please do enjoy this post! All images found courtesy of Googling “Ass Grabbing and or Grab/Grabber.” heh heh – childish I know, but so much fun when you see what fun people have with statues and the like, cool eh?


 I don’t know why… but this pic just brings out a big smile in me too, LOL! 🙂



This image makes me laugh even louder… Oh those Japanese!!!


& of course there’s fun with statues… the whole point is not to take ourselves too seriously, as these gorgeous fun loving folk demonstrate! I will also be reviewing my latest POV film at some point since the images there or clips seems to have offended one person deeply, yes, it contains a scene of ass grabbing, about 2-3 seconds on probably 2 occasions (from memory). It’s a film about spanking beautiful Casey Calvert from your perspective over your lap, or as close to your lap in real life as we could get her since it’s on film *sigh*






This post is dedicated to all those fearless anonymous internet warriors “out there!” – We salute you!

More Shameless Volleyball Ass Sightings


You know my fetish for girls in Volleyball uniforms and the way that those shorts can sometimes ride up or perfectly reveal the girls spankable bottoms… well, here are some more finds for you… I have even taken the time to find the largest res images available anywhere on t’internet too! Enjoy my pervy diversion for you all this afternoon!

volley volley01 volley1


volley03 volley04 volley06


volley07 volley08 volley21


volley10 volley11 volley12


volley13 volley15 volley16


volley17 volley18 volley19


volley23 volley24 volley25


Don’t Cry for me Argentina

Ok, I suppose I could post lots of pics of grown men and women crying after last night’s defeat to the victorious Germans… hmmm, maybe I will, but one thing is for sure… what is trending right now is #2girlsnocup “2 Girls No Cup” (a play on the infamous and rather yukky “2 Girls One Cup” which the less I say about that, the better, lol. The latest trend is due to this crowd fan image in Rio’s famous Maracana Stadium last night – see below:


These 2 accompanied the Argentine team and provided their fans with much eye candy!

Now, I have done some (ahem) investigating seeing as they just looked almost too perfect and of course, I was right, they are famous in Argentina, the Xipolikatis Sisters… who not only sing and model… and of course looks gorgeous…. but they also get naked and love being naughty and showing off their most amazing bodies and toned bottoms… as you will see below.



xipolitakis-3 xipolitakis-4 xipolitakis-5



xipolitakis-f2 xipolitakis-f3 xipolitakis-f4


So with that in mind… I don’t feel remotely sorry for Argentina since they have these 2 beauties to console themselves over! Their grandparents from the beautiful Greek island of Samos would be proud! (See? I did research and stalk them a little, lol!) – oh, and I won’t even go into seeing all the wonderful girls in bizarre 10 pin bowling shows they have in this country… televised, you can look that up for yourselves!!! I promise it’s worth it.


Oh… and a couple of images of distraught fans… hehe! 😉



I’ll be back later with more spanking updates to start your week 🙂

Bridesmaid Butts

I saw an article recently about a trend that is probably happening right near you at the moment… it would appear that at weddings the customary photos are also being enhanced with a few fun outtakes with the bridesmaids (and bride if she so wishes) revealing their panties or bare butts underneath their dresses. Now I am not a prude, of course… and so I welcome this trend, especially as outdoor weddings right now are the “in thing” with the weather being so nice… so here are a few images to give you an idea of a great distraction before I get back to the business of scouring the interwebs for more fabulous spanking updates and my own news and such 🙂

These girls all deserve such naughty spankings… don’t they? 🙂










canadian-american-flagHappy Holidays everyone, I won’t mention it tomorrow, as most of those in the USA will be setting off fireworks and roasting hogs or some such nonsense this weekend… and of course happy belated “Canada Day” to my colonial cousins from July 1st 🙂 – I feel I may need to apologize over the last video for our #ifwewon tag to my literal American peeps… it would seem some of you take these things WAY TOO LITERALLY (what did I say??? WHAT…. DID…. I… SAY? ) so here is enchanting all round English hawt MILF, Elizabeth Hurley, to do the apologizing for me (or maybe not, lol) –  Happy Holidays y’all 🙂

Cheerleader Butts & Upskirts

Whilst I am updating my site and this blog, please find some images to keep you occupied… some are of my fave subject: CHEERLEADERS! Enjoy! I have some links to another blog with a couple of posts you shouldn’t miss that I updated earlier today too!!! All images are as large as I could find them for your enhanced viewing pleasure!

PUBLISHED by catsmob.com















OK… wanna see some other postings so far today?

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tease1 001

Volleyball Ass

girls group together to show us their tight butts in spandex shorts

Just thought I’d share with you a new passion of mine, watching *ahem*  female volleyball… not the beach volleyball, oh no, that’s too obvious… and will come into its own this summer olympics… but college and state volleyball, can you work out why? Enjoy these selected images from around the internet all carefully placed here for your easy access! I won’t even think about imagining that these girls might need a spanking, but I shall ensure that at my next film shoot I get a girl dressed up like this and… oh my “Trouser Arousal!” – oops!

collection of female volleyball butts



tight butt volleyball pants butt pic of tight college volleyball girl's ass beautifully shaped volleygirls butt

 touvhing their butts during the game 

butt busting volleyball ass

beautiful college girls ass rear view full tight bubble butt big juicy female bottom tucked inside a tight pair of volleyball pants

gorgeous pose of the girl in her volleyball pants touching their tight butts bent over butt shape on full display

full butt displayed at volleyball  

 Anyway, now that you’ve had your fill of college volleyball ass and such… check out this amazing rally I found on my tour of the internet… gotta love the Chinese commentators, they understandably get excited as this rally carries on! Have fun… from a converted female volleyball fan, Chief!

& finally, this image below, does it look like to any of you that this is Veronica Ricci? She sure looks similar! I have provided a few galleries from Clare Fonda’s sites for your comparison! Enjoy finding out! 🙂

is this Veronica Ricci?

Click images below for some sample galleries and decide for yourself about this beautiful spankee!

click here for more click here for more

click here for more click here

 click here

Check the sites these were taken from the galleries for more Veronica or you can view everything of her via Clare’s amazing CLARE FONDA PASS network at a fraction of the combined costs


This post was taken from one of my other blogs and I just thought you’d all like to see it here in case you never visit the others! I will return later with more Spanktastic updates 🙂

It’s all about the ASS #1

In a new series that I hope to bring to you on a regular basis, in between my posts you will just see some unbelievable shots, some amazing photography of a girl’s beautiful and most tempting rear. Chances are if I find these images hot, then you will too! I will trawl t’interwebz for the finest pieces of tushy available that may not necessarily have been shown anywhere else: The image below captured my attention and I hope that you like it too….

It’s all about the ass – #1