Happy Valentine’s Day “Schpannkings!”

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Valentine's Day ASS

As I said earlier, I’m back (at last!) … this is a late post but it is a quality one as you’ll see as it stars one of my most lusted after spankees from Holland making a welcome return, blonde babe, Leandra… alongside a newcomer for Mike at Spanked-in-Uniform.com and that is beautiful brunette, Clover Rock… together these 2 girls make quite a two-some as I am sure you will agree… and they help celebrate the 9th new section of uniform punishments, and one I love seeing – that of secretaries! Just as you can never have enough schoolgirl or airline flight attendant niches, the “sexy secretary” (“take a note, Miss Jones… and bend the hell over!”) can never be overlooked, lots of excuses for tight black or grey tight fitting skirts covering fine hosiery and stockings… and of course, the goal of discovering a bad girl’s rump to play upon as you please when she has done wrong… the ultimate power play in a work place scenario!

Whippingsham Secretarial College - New at Spanked-in-Uniform.com

Here is the premise of the new uniform section of Whippingsham Secretarial College:

The Whippingsham Secretarial College is well known throughout the business community as they train the best secretaries in the country. Through a very strict regime the girls are trained to be perfect secretaries. Hard working, dedicated, submissive and an asset to any boss. The methods used at the Whippingsham College are very old fashioned and include sound spankings, thrashings, canings and other punishments.
The dresscode is also very strict and the business uniform has to be worn at all times. The secretaries are also regularly sent out as temps to other businesses so they get work experience while being trained.


So let the “schpannnnkings” begin with this twosome! Clover & Leandra!
(in keeping with the new look, this latest update features HQ stills like the images above, a welcome addition, I’m sure you will agree… and below are the some sample screen images taken from the movie!)



Clover and Leandra want to join the Whippingsham Secretarial College and they are found suitable during their interview. They are told of the strict regime and they change into their sexy uniforms. Computer skills are very important at the College especially typing speeds. Now as some lie on their CV’s, the girls are given a speed test which they fail miserably. As a punishment Clover has to type it again and while she types, Leandra is spanked. Then Leandra has to type the piece again while Clover gets her bottom spanked. Excellent method to improve typing speeds.



See the new “Schpannnked secretaries” in this 17 minute movie RIGHT HERE

& of course, here is a quick reminder of Clover since I have been away, she has also starred in one of my other favourite niches, the very latest “air hostess” movie *swoon* and she gets it good in this deserted hangar as you’ll see below!




Stewardess Clover missed a very important private jet flight so Mr. Johnson asked her to meet him at the private jet hangar of Europe Airlines. She didn’t have a good excuse so he made her bend over, and gave her a sound paddling. Then he told her to hand him her skirt and knickers, pick up a broom, and as an extra punishment, sweep the entire hanger with her bottom bare!. He watched her and she earned herself another paddling and a hand spanking before she swept the entire hangar.


Staying withthe secretarial theme for a minute, I can’t remember if I showed you this or not, previously… one of Pandora’s many fantasies, and I know this is a popular theme anyway, the “punished secretary” (again!) and I have to say that she does this so well, certainly knowing how to power dress and look the part, in and out of her dark skirt, stockings and sexy panties!

A young, nervous secretary. Her stern, intimidating boss. There’s only one way this can play out. But is it real life, or roleplay? His fantasy, or hers? This is what Pandora wants to draw you in… see for yourself in these selected images. Full set and her latest films are available to download HERE




My favourite site of Clare Fonda has always been SpankedCallgirls.com since its inception about nearly 4 years ago and this time we get to see, what I think , is the very first MAN spanking of the ever so lovely and beautiful spankee of the year, Veronica Ricci, who plays hooker babe Audrey Tate alongside another of my spanking crushes… Ten Amorette (who you will see I feature heavily at another blog of mine… news of that coming up!). What can I say? Dan is a lucky man… and I just love the double spankings these girls get, images below are reduced in size, but are large enough for you to appreciate what happens in the movie! Enjoy! I most certainly did!






Clare has become so good at playing mother or aunty nowadays, so it’s not surprising that her latest series “A Mother’s Concern” with young Elise Graves being put through her paces in the home is proving to be so popular! After Elise’s recent mouth soaping…. this time, she bends over and presents her soft tender bum for one of Momma Clare’s favourite implements, her Mason Pearson hairbrush… reassuringly expensive and extra stinging! 🙂



Elise Graves

Both these sites can be viewed independently or, as I’m sure you all know by now, part of Clare’s amazing CLARE FONDA PASS which gives you the option of choosing 3, 4 or 5 of her sites with one set of codes and membership at a vastly reduced rate!


Ok, that’s it from me, it’s nice to be back… and in case you didn’t know where I was, check out my other blog HERE with a really cool and naughty update featuring Ten Amorette and a naked Taylor Rayne getting a good hard OTK spanking!

In other news, do also check out the TEEN SPANKING TUBE, I updated that with many new films clips today.

& Finally… if you click on the image below, you don’t have to wait for this movie to come out later this week at AAAspanking as it is out in FULL at the Clips Site already… it’s worth checking out as it still has some exclusive clips there and also a great option for those that just want to view the odd movie and nothing more!

click here if you want to view MORE of this film NOW!

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