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Madams we should see MORE of!

I’m in a cheeky mood! “Er Indoors” is currently well away and outdoors, running amok as she is still abroad with the grandkids and comes back tomorrow! The place is a mess, a typical lazy bloke like me has take away meals strewn all over the place and I am about to clean up and hide my utter sloth… she’ll nag, of course, as I haven’t recycled this week, we had a power cut while I was away at work which has totally screwed the heating and I haven’t changed the timers and I haven’t washed all my dirty clothes just yet from coming back earlier than her from my hols… and I still have some clothes from the last film shoot I did in one of the spare rooms out on the bed waiting for a wash and iron… she’ll go nuts, but I deserve it this time… and I thought… “who else should I watch that DESERVES a good thrashing?” and I retired to my extensive collection of spanking erotica courtesy of and you can see 2 examples of her “getting it good”, I have a couple of clips below and some reduced vid grab images from another movie that highlights just what this gorgeous little madam could take in the past! Oh… and check out her rump… OMG that’s sweet tushy!!!

want to see her rump getting it? Click to play the other angle (below)

Yikes…. short and sweet, you get the idea though and check out this great punishment (below), Jessica was made to take a paddling with various implements on one cheek at a time before a much bigger nasty strap and paddle were finally used across her burning cheeks, the end was unusual and cruel as she had to sit awkwardly against the wall with her hands strected out clutching what had just made if difficult for her to sit down!!!






The Teen Jessica site is still updated and the remastered films look even better, well worth a look!

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