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Teen Alexis & other updates

First of all, I hadn’t gloated over our enthralling cricket Ashes win since half my readership from the states would be wondering like WTF is the Chief wittering on about! But it’s a big thing to most of us Englishmen and since I’m posting this at a couple of blogs today… I felt like ramming it down the Aussies throats since they seemed such poor losers/sports as well (Ricky Ponting hiding away and “unable” to present to Ashes urn to the victorious England team!) So well done Andrew Strauss & co, you also created a record by winning 3 of the Tests with Innings victories (to my American chums, it means we smashed them with a huge scoreline that humbled their team…)

& there goes the last of my Australian readership… heh heh!
(awww, c’mon, we love you guys really!)


OK, enough baiting, I was gonna post this yesterday and have had time to come up witha different angle on amazing new girl Alexis, so please enjoy this post as it’s a right excuse to gawp at some of Clare Fonda’s prettiest spankees from her hugely popular SpankedSweeties site which covers newcomers (like Alexis below) girls recounting their past experiences and enacting them as well as fantasties and regular features with other spanking beauties!

New girl Alexis – Simply stunning!

Alexis recalls her stories and also some fantasties which are played out but the very first film that Clare is showing right now features something I’d like to see more of in a spanking and punishment film – and that is good old fashioned mouth soapings for girls that can’t control their potty mouths! I know Clare has been mouth soaped in the past so seeing her dish it out to cute new girl Alexis was very satisfying and… there are a couple of exclusive free clips of her spanking (and her moaning!) as well as a mouth soeaping scene that I have got for you! Meanwhile enjoy some images from this 1st film now showing below:

Click images below which show you exclusive free scenes from the above new film

Now if you loved this latest addition from SpankedSweeties – then check out what is coming starring the gorgeous new brat Alexis below! I can’t wait to see much more of her, can you?

Hmmm, I’ve never understood the American fascination with pipes and bongs etc… but here we will see a very naughty spaced out Alexis getting a thrashing for smoking that shit… I’m much more of a cigar and red wine guy myself, lol! Still, it’s a great excuse to see Alexis showing off what is an amazing arse, don’t you agree? Then there is this movie coming up which I hust have to see as she is manhandled and man spanked – oh if only I was there to do the job!

OK, so here’s the twist today! Alexis is a good friend of Candle Boxx who recommended that Clare contact her! Now that was a great move by Candle and I decided to check out some of her stuff again and boy, had I forgotten just how f*cking cute she was? These images are taken from photo sets which are in turn taken from much of her work at SpankedSweeties, just feast your eyes on Candle (if you have forgotten) and wow, does she have an amazing ass or what that hits the top of the “Trouser Arousal-ometer”, gorgeously speckled from her spankings, just the way I like a naughty sexy girl’s bottom to be!

Very cute, trim, buff and very naughty! Candle Boxx at spankedsweeties!

Awesome! Now in another twist, Candle was good friends with Paris Kennedy who in turn is/was best friends with Clare so here we have the full circle of this contact list and in my final little tribute today, I found this from Teen Spankings Tube which shows Paris paddled by Clare – taken from the vast archives of

More Spanking clips like the above can be found at Teen Spankings Tube

So there we have it today… my little feature on the excellent SpankedSweeties with stunning new girl Alexis! I hope you enjoyed watching this as much as I did presenting her to you today! & remember, as awesome and massive as Spankedsweeties is – it’s just part of Clare’s infamous CLARE FONDA PASS which covers all her female spanking sites as I know damn well Alexis is just too good to remain just at “Sweeties”, eh?

Have a great weekend everyone, back soon! Chief.

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