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Updates from AAAspanking

Just a very brief update as to what’s happening and going up where. I have a short film starring Jasmine Lau and Sophie Keagan spanked in the bathroom across their bare , sore wet red bottoms at the end of that particular filmshoot… and although it’s short, it contains all you need, the poor girls really couldn’t take any more and I think it shows in the film! This is exclusive to my clips site and I don’t have plans to show it on the main site so if you’d like to see this film (I have uploaded it in original HD-MP4 for best playback) then do take a look and click on the image below.


View the best quality possible in this amazing short movie of 2 gorgeous girls, jasmine Lau & Sophie keagan getting their sore red bottoms spanked for a final time as they had hoped to relax in a bath together! John has other ideas and spanked their wet bottoms, see them glisten and hear the wet smacks as the girls complain and moan that it isn’t fair! 

More scenes and images which are exclusive to my blogs (as I doubt anyone else will show these as it is from my Clips Site) can be seen below! Enjoy!




New girl Mishka is also now showing inside the members area in a huge HQ stills photo gallery from one of the films we made which will be called Disciplinary Manual, full explanation is available on the gallery page when you click the image of her below… this was fun to make, hope you like it! The member images are much much bigger at around 1875×1250 rather than these which have been reduced in size.

click here to view

More Free Previews of the latest updates can be found HERE


OK, I have to rush, will be back later! Chief.


  1. tim tim

    John couldnt you reconsider showing the vid with Jasmine and the other girl in the bathroom spanked on the main site? i cannot really afford to buy clips ,best,Tim.

  2. Sorry Tim, I don’t have plans to show that anytime soon on the website, I have to make the clips store a place worth visiting and it has a few exclusive clips not shown on the site. All I can say is this clip is worth it’s weight in gold (if it was possible to weigh a clip, lol) and helps me to get in more girls like Jasmine (who, as you can imagine, are incredibly expensive!)

    I will tell you now, I run this site strictly to try and break even, I certainly do not make anything… sadly 🙁

    It is a labour of love but I can’t run the sites as a loss making concern and will tolerate breaking even where I can!
    Hope you understand.

  3. tim tim

    John yes i do understand ,best wishes,Tim.

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