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Mishka – A New Triple A girl!

Well, here is a very quick look at the very latest shoot we did… and although one girl wimped out with a feeble excuse (I’m sorry, I’ve heard it all before about the sudden deaths or illnesses in the family THE DAY BEFORE a shoot, what a coincodence, eh? Or in this case, that her pet needed to go to the vets and so on… FFS, was I born yesterday?) the other girl who you’ll see pictured below more than made up for the let down of the other! Why can’t some girls just admit they weren’t up for it, or be honest enough, even text me rather than a lame mail I didn’t get until I managed to get a net connection and check her rubbish excuse an HOUR into the supposed shoot arrival time when I had enough of trying to chase her around. I live and learn, I hadn’t got her phone number, daft, I know, but our mail communication seemed fine even though she was worried and all I could do was try to reassure her and I had known this girl from previous shoots elsewhere and she seemed reliable enough… “well, you live and learn… never assume, old boy… NEVER ever!”

What was I supposed to do? I tried to assure her that her limits would be 100% respected (I pride myself on that), she was to also be a domme which I badly wanted and knew she’d be good at that… but sadly all my prep and time getting this shoot together was almost ruined and I got no sexy, naughty F/F content which has really pissed me off… oh well, sorry guys, I had to step in and do it all *sigh* (he said grinning)

OK… forget that, onto the good news! If your eyes are already wandering down the page to this lovely girl then you’ll know someone bothered to turn up! So please welcome “Mishka”… my latest exclusive “1st show spankee” on a mainstream UK spanking site! (I guess that’s what we are since the pirates think I some big shot worthy of having all my content ripped all the time, another set of people that don’t get it, do they? But I’ll save that rant for another day)

So enough of that… here’s Mishka… this girl is smoking hot… young, confident and just sex on a stick and could take a spanking as you’ll see from some images though this time she didn’t want me to cane her as she has a glamour or porn shoot at the end of the week and I should imagine her red marks are fast fading by now as I write this…. but of course you will be able to see some very naughty spanking films coming soon, and they are pretty raunchy, I felt it was time to do a few of these, and I had a ball, naturally 🙂

Mishka – A very naughty young lady in much need of spanking!

I’m probably putting up a nice set of stills later this week for members (full size images, not the poky promo ones you can see here) as I wait for Mishka’s intro film to get edited which had her use a wand on herself as she came hard then asked me to spank her… this girl really wanted to be spanked and I hope you “get her” as much as I did… she was just “lovely” and I am sure we will be filming with her again in the very near future.

Some more pictures of Mishka are below, I’ll get some more out later this week, but you’ll see her spanked in various school uniforms, PJs and a cheer girl uniform as well as some naughty excuses to play with her!



Hmmm, if I’m grinning like a Cheshire Cat then I had good reason (look at that spanking position!)



I’m not going to reveal everything but from what you’ve seen, there is some hot stuff going on! The final series of films was a fulfillment of a personal fantasy of mine and I am sure when we release the films, you will understand why!!! Anyway, please welcome Mishka, our newest girl coming soon to a low priced membership near you!

Mishka takes a stroll before I grab her for smoking outdoors when she should have been at Gym Class!

Stay tuned for more news and updates from – Including new film updates this week!


  1. tim tim

    John look forward to the vids with the 2 new spankee girls ,best,Tim.

  2. tim tim

    John i expect you will another girl to pair up and spank each other find ,best from,Tim.

  3. […] I know it sounds daft, but I loved the parquet flooring too, a real throw back to the 1970′s and this room had great light and was just perfect for a skiving gym girl’s punishment! This movie also featured my first use of authentic gym knickers with the white gussets that I find a turn on! I have to tell you members will be in for a treat over the next month or so as they will be able to see Mishka humiliated with a temperate taking (hmm, not orally, that’s for sure) and some rather intimate spankings as well as looking totally awesome in a cheer girl’s outfit in a 30 minute film that has her shove a pom-pom handle where no self respecting young lady should “hide” it! (ahem!) You should be able to see some of these from the preview I did originally HERE […]

  4. As someone whose eyes often glaze over at various spanko stuff, this is the hottest new model I have seen in ages….great pix/vids/scenarios! 🙂

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