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I have always been fascinated by the contemplation and anticipation of a forthcoming punishment. In some of my films in the past, I have offered the girls some oimplements that will be used on their bottoms. I leave them to think about what will happen, why it will happen and allow them the chance to try it out. It’s all part of the essential punishment I think is an added bonus to a prolonged session… some might say that it’s a little cruel… allowing the girl to anticipate what is to come – or mental torture etc! However, seeing it on film has always grabbed my attention, it’s just my kink…

If you clicked on the image above you can see who it is and what site it is from… you can see much more from this site with one of my all time fave girls RIGHT HERE

The reason I have posted this briefly is that I have had a terrible week – working very hard away from the blog so am mentally drained… I am going to stay away from a PC screen today and will be back fresher tomorrow where I promise I have some amazing spanking updates and news for you all to peruse over…

If you missed Brandi – do check her out HERE in a post I wrote earlier this month
(seeing her disciplined as a cheerleader!)

Until then… have a good continuing weekend break!


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