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Thieving Trash Spanked!

I had a spare moment earlier and decided to root around the archives of FetishFlixx coming across this movie which made me smile as things in the world and with me seem like they are so fucked up sometimes… oil hits $100 a barrel again, fuel prices in the UK are a total joke and still rising, footballers here are being sold for an obscene amount of money (£50M paid by Chelsea for Fernando Torres of Liverpool) yet my club could go out of existence next week thanks to the scumbag Board of Directors at Plymouth Argyle (yes you, the Silent 7) who have run the club into the ground and what for? £500,000 unpaid taxes? – Of course if you want to try and take on the Taxman in Britain… go ahead, Mr T. Axman will ALWAYS take you up the arse (without lube or even  foreplay) yet many schmucks think they can do precisely that… and then there are those same footballers who think they can stop the Freedom of Speech by gagging newspapers or people with ridiculous orders, yet these idiots must know it is only a matter of time when the Courts see sense and then the shitstorm hits doubly hard, as you really do not want to be pissing off the English tabloid papers… so I found this movie below rather interesting as the 2 thieving tarts get thrashed… for stealing … wait for it… BEER! Ah… how trivial in this world we live in, but once again, these girls are endemic of the ever increasingly feral society we live in! & “Uncle George” below would have reason to agree!

Well, enough is enough for this old fella as these 2 girls come up aginst an old traditionalist, a kindly trusting immigrant who runs a bar and these girls are drinking away his profits on their break! Well, he takes the law into his own hands, and I applaud him warmly – GIVE IT TO THESE BRATS! See the images and the FREE Clip below, which I doubt has been shown much anywhere until now and includes some great banter and very bruised female buttocks!






More cracking movies like the above & starring snivelling Monica can be seen at


I also just want to say thanks to all those who have written to me regarding and please keep the plot lines coming! Some are very interesting and doable!!! 😀

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