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Clare Fonda’s Spanking Retirement is confirmed

OK, I had been informed before but was told to keep quiet but have been caught out by the swift announcement so you probably all know by now that dearest “Momma Clare” has decided to retire from the active switch/spanking side of things at the empire she had helped grown with her Cameraman who now seems to be affectionately called the Big-C… so here is my confirmation in case you haven’t read it yet. It’s not all sad news though, far from it! The sites we all know and love will continue and develop under Big-C’s excellent control and he has, after all, been a part of this since way back when… so know what works! Clare is… well, I’ll let Clare explain to you the whole thing, this is the extract taken from her blog (I’ll give yout he link after) and this is what she announced a couple of days back:


This weekend on , Kat and Stevie have to handle the truth.
This is their last Momma Clare spanking!

Clare announced this:
I am leaving the world of spanking. It is strictly a business decision my partner, The Cameraman, and I have come to after working together for 12 years.  Basically, our sites have grown to a point that I need to spend more time with marketing and less time shooting so it makes sense that I head up our Diaper Department and he handles spanking. We have been working very hard for the past six months to make sure this transition is handled smoothly and believe me- we have shot a lot of very hot and fresh spanking content including working on a whole new site. It has been intensive and resulted in some great work, but it is better for me to now deal with the diaper empire while The C-man focuses on the hard action and gorgeous spanking models our sites have become known for. I feel that our company grew each year in terms of our wonderfully supportive member base and realistic spanking scenes- and most of that is owed to The Cameraman.  I have a lot to say on a personal level this weekend which I will combine with the premiere of a brand new spanking site – but for now I am confirming that my last day as Clare Fonda, spanking switch, momma to many, will be April 15th and  while you will see my work as a top and occasional sub for a long time on our sites (Believe me when I say we shot a hell of a lot of hot shit) my new permanent home will be on - The Cameraman and I are very happy how this has worked out and he has been hiring some beautiful dominas that have been smacking hard . This weekend I’ll be sharing some special pictures and proabably blubbering a little as I say bye on my blog.  Thanks for taking the time to read the post and to everyone who is is asking, reporting or even wondering. The Cameraman and I want everyone to know we appreciate the support!

It has always been great to work with Kat, and Stevie was a fresh treat.
Here they are on


For more news and announcements be sure to check out Clare’s blog HERE after this weekend!

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  1. tim tim

    Yes John i read this today ,the sites are continuing thank goodness ,cameraman is doing it Clare is running Naughty diapergirls,also there is a new site open Spanked Sorority Girls with lovely Veronica and other cuties ,it looks very good ,best,tim.

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