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Midweek Spanking Shenannigans

A chill is in the air, I just got my hair cut and can feel the cold far more on my neck now (seriously) I had a nice thick mop on my head but at my age I should know better as it starts to get scraggy… and of course, the grey hair, oh my! So I’m at home now, warming up and have just completed today’s excellent triple update for and it’s a little belter. Not only does it star Aleesha Fox and Jenna Jay, but also a very decent fella called Dave… or Dodgy, as he is often called (heh heh). I don’t know about dodgy… but he certainly plays the part of a pervy uncle rather too well in the 1st of a series of “Uncle Knows Best” films – I have got a special FREE Gallery made which illustrates what the film is about, click image below to access that.

and Dave has his special “11th Commandment” (the title of this film) with which he gleefully punishes his girls fresh home from school! Play the clip on the Site Homepage HERE and you’ll understand what his 11th Commandment is (I ain’t saying another word, lol!)

In addition to today’s update, you get to see the film, the video images AND a cool HQ Stills set (full size) – so it’s quite an update… ENJOY!

this film is also available as a one off download at our clips store



& in other news which I was unable to bring yesterday, my fellow esteemed producers in the UK are always busy so I will highlight some of their latest films just released this week, and they are rather good! Firstly, from English Spankers it’s cool that I can continue the “Uncle” theme for a bit as “Uncle Paul” is back with the scrumptious Sophie who I admitted on this blog last week I was rather smitten with… how can you not be? Check out some images of her below and I have included the latest storyline for you all #SCHWIIING




A new lady to fall under the hand of Uncle Paul as he makes a new film for his pyjama spanking club. This week it is the very lovely Sophie, a young lady very new to the spanking scene but with a delectable body and a really great bottom just made for spanking. That’s just what she got as well, Uncle Paul has a very heavy hand and he soon had this young lady squirming under it as her turned her bottom bright red

Check out a great FREE Preview Clip HERE!


& as I was thinking about our next shoot with Amelia (coming soon) here’s Sarah’s latest film out at her site featuring Pandora Blake as a WPC (police officer) and Sarah’s cute little doggie used in the film (hmmm) – It’s a great film, actually and of course both Amelia and Pandora have worked together loads previously. Images from the film are below and a link to where you can see a free clip too!




 When Amelia Jane Rutherford decides to lose her uncles dog she more than a little upset when it is returned in the arms of WPC Pandora Blake.  WPC Blake is a well known dog lover and has worked out what Amelia has been up to, as far as she is concerned there is only one punishment to fit this crime and that involves Amelia going over her knee for a damn good spanking. Once over Pandora’s knee her pyjama bottoms come down and she gets a real hard and well delivered spanking on her lovely rounded bottom.

Don’t miss a FREE extended preview clips from Sarah’s site HERE


Finally for now… one of my fave moments from Pandora Blake’s site to end on. Not sure when this was actually shot as Mr Cameron had a rather trim beard (which I actually like) rather than something a little more bushy (lol) but both he and Pandora looked pefect in this set as you’ll see below… a proper OTK spanking and a session with the switch #YIKES

Pandora looks so damn cute in this set, don’t you think?

Pandora’s been a bad little girl, and she knows it. Thomas finds her at bedtime, dressed for bed in her teddybear nightie, and takes her over his knee for a sound spanking. Then he tells her to take down her knickers and bend over the arm of the sofa for some stinging strokes of the implement she fears most – the dreaded switch.




You can see more and check out the very latest movie updates HERE



As I am, making no secret of my next film shoot around the middle of next month, which first of means I can’t film one of my fave American stars who had contacted me, Ten Amorette – I know she is filming on one of the very days I am, which is unfortunate… but I know I will get together with her at some point in 2013… right now, my next shoot is with Amelia Jane Rutherford and Molly Malone, both these girls, as far as I know have not filmed together! So in that respect I am really excited by this dynamic as both girls are very tall (taller than me and I’m only 5’9″) I’m sure we can use that aspect too! Both girls also switch and there’s the prospect of 2 male doms and another female domme so plenty to think about, I have a few storylines and plots thought up but as you good people know what these girls are capable of, I am opening at least 4 films to YOU… help me decide on what happens to them, it can be any scenario, want to see them fight and spank each other in school uniform? Let me know. What would you like us to film? I will contact them both in advance, so get your ideas in early, the sooner the better. I will remind you all at the end of each post for the next few weeks, so you get the message 🙂


  1. iwasrobert iwasrobert

    The long awaited college volleyball shoot? – height would be an advantage in that world after all.

  2. chrisblues chrisblues

    Just wanted to say what a great blog and great photo

  3. tim tim

    The 2 cute girls are sisters and one of them has spanking rights over the other ,best,Tim.

  4. tim tim

    Pandora gives Amelia a sound spanking for her naughtiness with her doggy ,best,Tim.

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