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Awesome Spankings!

Hello everyone! I’m back from a short trip away, unfortunately I have to work today elsewhere even though today and tomorrow are public holidays to help us all celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee… but that is what happens sometimes, eh? *sigh*

But don’t fear, I have quickly spied some amazing new updates with a newcomers, a returnee and what looks like  a promising switch – all from David Pierson’s

Check out the extensive image gallery below of Piper Hill, a young new spanking talent he has found, looking oh so scrumptious in that tennis outfit getting a rather deserved spanking, as you’ll find out! (oh, and some nice cam angles too!)

Say “hello” to Piper Hill! Spanked and given the hairbrush for being such a precious brat!







Piper is disqualified and not allowed to continue participating in the tennis match after she gives the finger to the umpire. The fiery red head’s poor judgement continues in the locker room when she flips off Veronica too! Veronica’s response is even stronger than the umpire’s as she applies a wooden hairbrush to the bratty girl’s backside.After having her poor bottom spanked fire engine red, Piper promises that there will be no more arguing with the ref’s calls.

You can watch the full film (I highly recommend it) right HERE

& if that wasn’t enough, please do give a big welcome back to Brittney, over the knee of Audrey (below) – who is also a rather new addition as a switch and doing a really fine job, if I say so myself! This is the 1st part of a new set of films from the “Office Decorum” series…

Just because Brittney is working for her cousin, that’s no excuse for her showing up to work in sweats and slacking on the job. Audrey decides that she needs to spank her cousin just like she did when they were younger… (I HIGHLY recommend this new film, btw!)




Miss this film at your peril! See it in full HERE



“You bought WHAT with my credit card?”

Triple A members will understand Paul’s distress when you see what she has bought! There’s a damned good bickering argument and of course some great OTK spanking action! I can’t wait to let you know more later this week… and of course, that is Leia-Ann Woods over his knee, need I make any further excuse for you NOT to miss this? 🙂

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