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Jubilee Spanking Special

Welcome to the Diamond Jubilee Edition Spanking Spectacular

Yay! Time to celebrate! Today in the UK we have an extra free holiday and as I’m sure you can see from the Union flags here… in every town and village bunting is festooned everywhere fluttering in the gloom that is our great (damp) British summer! So even if today is a damp squid, we care not… only one other monarch, Victoria, of our great kingdom has reigned for so long… and I doubt she would be “amused” with the spanking shenannigans I am about to give you… come to think of it, I doubt her majesty, Queen Elizabeth 2nd would either… so at the risk of high treason and losing my head… enough of my Jubilee ramblings and on with what you’re all here for! A cross section of global spanking smut that I have been fortunate to watch, past and present!

I couldn’t resist bringing you something from one of gorgeous redhead Amber Dawn’s sites, so here is a great spanking I had just watched again from the vast archives that is – here she is initiating real life sub Anna into her world of girl on girl naughtiness and sexually charged spankings that I so enjoy viewing!






This session with Anna was hot for a number of reasons, the images you see above were only taken from the 1st 2 of 8 films they did together… for example there’s a fantastic mutual butt slapping film and a great scene of Anna being spanked in the shower… members get to see this from the archives… and the good news is that you get access to ALL 3 of Amber’s sites with one passcode. No extras and there is still a special Trial Offer giving full access all areas from under $5!


A blast from the past next as I dug out this old spanking classic from – something I’m sure not many of you will have known about, so check out what you can see from their archives too, this site is mainly geared to F/F spanking and punishments but every now and then, especially in the archives, you get some great male on female spankings, some rather naughty.. like this film which I loved as it has the football jock testing out who should be the head cheer girl… her initiation was rather different to what she had imagined… no simple blowjob for this girl, oh no, that would be too easy! She takes the test to see how much her ass can get spanked until it is a burning red (that blowjob can wait!)





See more of this film and check out the very latest HOT girl girl spankings HERE

One of the most recent movie updates (and possibly one of their finest) from Japanese spanking site is a classic maid and mistress scenario… the beautiful submissive maid is giving a back and foot rub to the mistress of the house when she admits to her that she needs to be punished for breaking some plates. Well, this mistress needs no second asking as you’ll see below in these amazing free previews (with unseen images you won’t find from other free sources) including a special exclusive free trailer! This is a beautiful masterpiece of Japanese spanking erotica!





For the full movie & the very latest extensive tour pages – You can see much more HERE

Continuing the girl on girl theme, you will be happy to know there is a 2 part movie update at Spanking Sororitygirls which shows us further initiations dreamed up by the girls for the new pledges… however, someone has to try out their ideas! Images and the storyline to the 1st part of this film are below!


Roxy explains just how rushing will work: The pledges will get spanked and/or paddled for every infraction of the sorority rules. When Kat asks for a volunteer, Kat pinches Karina, who jumps up, essentially “volunteering.” Roxy uses a laser pointer to demonstrate how big Karina’s bottom is and where she will be getting spanked. Then Roxy spanks and paddles Karina who didn’t expect this to be so painful!




…but when Veronica is caught laughing, she will find herself over Roxy’s knee for a spanking too, followed by another hard paddling which members can see now and I shall update this very soon – see MORE of this latest film exclusive to Spanking Sorority Girls

Remember that in this network the Clare Fonda Pass now covers the above site and of course the next lifestyle domestic discipline update below which stars Clare Fonda giving a rather good OTK spanking punishment to Alex Reynolds… with use of the cane too!!!

Images and film courtesy of Girl Spanks Girl




Alex Reynolds is a life style sub with a nice, curvy bottom, who can take a hard spanking. Clare Fonda tests Alex’s tolerance with a long series of mother/daughter spankings. She lectures young Alex, spanks her bare bottom for a number of reasons, and if you missed it, gave her a humiliating mouth soaping CLICK HERE – This was Clare’s last long, traditional spanking shoot, though there is still one shot earlier that will be released after this instant classic.

See more of these films at


Or view these sites as part of the top value Clare Fonda Pass


At I have a treat for you as it covers parts 1 and 2 of the schoolgirl section where catherine and Nicky are caught playing truant from school. It’s a “schpaaanking” spectacular as both girls get a thrashing downstairs in their unfirms then in the most holy of holies, their bedroom – such shame and humiliation… it’s highly addictive viewing!

Images and full storyline from Part 1 (below)




Nicky and Catherine decided to play truant. They gave the Headmaster two fake doctor’s notes and stayed home. He obviously noticed the fake signatures so after school, he paid them a visit at home. After a good scolding both naughty girls went across his knee for a sound spanking. After the spankings the Headmaster told them that he would pick them up the next day at 7:30 and they better be ready! Will they?

Um… I think not as you’ll learn from the images and full storyline (below) of Part 2





At 7:30 the headmaster arrived at the house but of course the girls weren’t ready! He asked Nicky’s mum for a good slipper and he went upstairs. After a scolding both girls were ordered to put on their ties, and each had to lay over the bed for a sound slippering. The HUGE slipper made their schoolgirls bottoms very red and stinging. Then he drove them to school.

Click HERE to view the entire uniform spanking archives

& finally today, a brand new spanking movie from that stars Pandora Blake in a dominant role (at least in this part of the film!) and the delightful Jenna Jay who is one of the naughtiest answerer-backers in the biz… which of course gets her into all leaps of trouble!!!





When Jenna makes a mistake at the office her junior manager Pandora threatens to report her to Katie Didit, the boss of the company. Jenna, being new and a bit unsure does not want this and so when Pandora offers to spank her bare bottom instead she agrees. She is placed over Pandora’s knee and spanked at first on her panties, these soon come down and she gets a real hard whacking on her bare bottom turning it a bright red. Despite her obvious pain the spanking continues till Katie unexpectedly returns to the office…

Click HERE to see a free HD movie preview of this latest film


I hope you enjoyed my little Jubilee spanking mix… I will be back tomorrow with the full inside goss and review on the very latest release at AAA Spanking which stars Leia Ann Woods over paul’s knee getting a rther well deserved thrashing!

!!! 1 MORE DAY TO WAIT !!!

“You spent WHAT on my credit card?”


  1. tim tim

    Very nice indeed all the girls get big spanks ,best,tim.

  2. iwasrobert iwasrobert

    Don’t worry about losing your head; the death penalty for high treason was retired in the ’90s after one of the papers (the Mirror, I believe) campaigned to have Major Hewitt prosecuted over his affair with Princess Diana. Everyone had forgotten that high treason still carried a mandatory death penalty – one Labour MP even suggested that Hewitt might be hanged drawn and quartered, although this was replaced with simple hanging after WW2 – and given the Major’s undeniable guilt there was a real chance that he might have gone to the gallows had the government responded to the calls for prosecution seriously rather than with a combination of shock and laughter. When all the hue and cry had died down, the punishment was quietly changed to life imprisonment.

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