Hangovers and other mishaps

Excuse me for having a heavy head, I celebrated along with many of my fellow countrymen last night a thrilling win of our football team over Sweden… in fact, it’s hard to believe, but Sweden has been one of those teams until last night that England had NEVER beaten in a competitive game. Everyone talks about “bogey sides” and Sweden has always been ours… what’s more, we have often taken the lead against them and they have always pulled it back or beaten us, so when we took the lead… then they went 2-1 up quickly after half time, my heart sank… “Here we go again”, I thought… but no, our boys pulled out a maginificent fightback and not only drew level but ended up winning 3-2 to send the Swedes home, unable to qualify from this group! Excuse me whilst I revel in this as I show you some images from that game last night in Kiev.

“Get in! 3-2!” – The winner v Sweden



Images above: The opening goal, English fans go wild, and fun earlier in the day ebtween English and Swedish fans… note the “Swedish gimp” in the final pic… hilarious! There’s even a wet patch wear he has been drinking his beer – respect!


& quickly on withthe updates, unfortunately, with hangover and a tight schedule of me being told to trim back our overgrown hedges before the deluge/monsoon/gale force winds arrive (black clouds are looming as I write this!) I can only bring you one today so I had better nake it good and it stars a real favourite of mine, Belinda Lawson, being punished (rather well, I might add) by Amelia Jane Rutherford who proves she can give as well as take. This is the final part of the “End of Term” series from FirmHandSpanking.com






Rather than me waffle on about the storyline, the intro below shows you just what is about to happen – and why! Amelia is rather good in her role, and members can of course see Belinda’s magificent bubble butt given a sound hiding which I highly recommend you do not miss!

To see all of Belinda’s great films and some of the hottest spanking scenes – CLICK HERE


Oh… and there goes my last Swedish reader (sorry!)

Have a good weekend everyone!

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