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Hello again! Spanking Parties are hard work!

lonestar300When I have time later this week to collect my thoughts I will provide you with a full update of how the Lone Star Spanking Party went (it was a humungous success with more attendees than we could have possibly imagined!) – however, I am totally burnt out at the moment and this is one of the reasons I hadn’t updated here as I was so pre-occupied with the party and ensuring that it ran as smoothly as it could at a new venue.

Anyway, we filmed just once at the event but it was a fantastic chance to fulfill both a personal and professional fantasy of having multiple girls in one shoot, especially cheerleaders with matching uniforms (we had 5 v 4 cheer girls at the start!) I will just provide some brief images taken from my phone so you get an idea of what’s coming soon! I will also let you know what else happened throughout the party over the weekend as I need to go through many of the official images we took. The ones below are with my camera and capture the moment 🙂

Coming soon to CheerleaderSpankings.com

cheer1 cheer2 cheer3 cheer4

& this was rather impressive, a 10 girl bumfest in Michael Masterson’s suite (LOL!)
See what you have missed, eh? Oh boy…



Anyway… here is just a reminder of what went up at Sarah’s site this week as it co stars one of my fave ladies, Lily Swan – who is exclusive to her group of fine sites and is VERY popular… she is also a wonderful painslut who doesn’t need to film but does so because she and Sarah are very good friends! We are so lucky… and thank you Lily for helping to make yet another hard spanking film for us both!

Sarah is a rather accomplished caner, one of the best females in the biz wielding her favorite “stick” – the cane from Quality Control in the UK (we will be visiting them in person next month to make some more purchases!!!)

spanking females

Lily’s Mistake – now showing at Sarah Gregory Spanking

0254_lilys_mistake_grabs-026 0254_lilys_mistake_grabs-028 spanking on her panties 0254_lilys_mistake_grabs-044 0254_lilys_mistake_grabs-049 leather strap on the bare ass 0254_lilys_mistake_grabs-062 0254_lilys_mistake_grabs-067 girl girl canings exposed bottom caned hard 0254_lilys_mistake_grabs-076 0254_lilys_mistake_grabs-077 sore exposed bottom humiliating punishments

Lily has really messed up this time; she has shipped the cane and paddle order to the wrong address. The lovely BDSM couple ordered a huge box of spanking implements, but Lily made a mistake when shipping it out and put the wrong address on the package; THE CHURCH. How humiliating this was to have this order being sent to the town church. Sarah cannot have her employees making mistakes like this. Lily will now get to experience how much a spanking can really hurt when used to teach her a lesson in making mistakes. Sarah spanks Lily over her skirt, then on her bare bottom with her hand before using a thick leather strap on her and finishing up with the cane.


Please do check out the amazing free clip of Lily’s punishment below!


sarah Gregory Spanking

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Sarah Gregory Pass


Oh… while I am still here on this subject of hard discipline… I just had chance to download and view the latest film featuring the lovely Belinda Lawson in the last of her current Military Discipline series… a rather good caning punishment and a fitting end to one of her best, in my opinion! Images and film clip link are from the excellent Firm Hand Spanking

Grand finale 24-stroke military caning for Belinda Lawson, panties down


Belinda Lawson proves her super-stardom after 18 strokes of the cane on her bare bottom in Military Discipline. She’s disrespectful to Colonel Grey and earns herself an extra six of the best, a total of 24 strokes! Slow-motion replay and Reaction Cam show every moment of this epic buttock striping finale. Belinda tells us what she thinks, too.

military_cj004 military_cj005 military_cj007 caning on the bare bottom military_cj014 bare bottom caning military_cj017 military_cj019 sore spanked bottom military_cj022 military_cj023

There is a free clip of this awesome finale which you can view below…


Firm Hand Spanking

Thursday is Spanking Catch Up Day

I was going to do a “Throwback Thursday” spanking post but then realized that there are still far too many site updates that I wanted to cover for you all… so here is a little catch up post instead with some gorgeous imagery I know you love with links to free clips and the sites themselves so you can check them out in more detail. If I have time later I will get you another post for the #TT at the Teen Discipline Blog – So check out the following NEW spanking films, all updated at the sites within the last few days and no older than that! In no particular order of preference, here are the latest batch of interwebz spankful goodness to appear on your screens!


The Disappointing Disciplined Secretary – NEW from Sarah Gregory Spanking


Behind the scenes info: One of my main motivations for being in Atlantic City not too long ago was the proximity to which we could both meet the wonderful Audrey Sugarsmak. Sarah was growing tired of me saying how cool Audrey was and how we should spank her magnificent booty together… as it turned out, Sarah trusted me and we were more than impressed with Audrey. when she turned up. I love this lady! Anyway, this is her first appearance at the SG sites and you *know* that she will be appearing at the rest very soon. Just check out how amazing Audrey looks, the clarity and imagery that does her justice in this video… oh my, this is just the start of how you should see Audrey spanked by a stern boss lady… and of course the bonus is getting spanked and scolded by Sarah which makes it an addictive “MUST SEE” video!

Image grabs of the video…

0252_disappointing_disciplined_secretary_grabs-006 0252_disappointing_disciplined_secretary_grabs-012 0252_disappointing_disciplined_secretary_grabs-015 0252_disappointing_disciplined_secretary_grabs-040 0252_disappointing_disciplined_secretary_grabs-062 0252_disappointing_disciplined_secretary_grabs-065 0252_disappointing_disciplined_secretary_grabs-079 0252_disappointing_disciplined_secretary_grabs-097 0252_disappointing_disciplined_secretary_grabs-113 0252_disappointing_disciplined_secretary_grabs-119

Sarah has called her secretary, Audrey, into her office. Audrey has not done the assignments given to her and Sarah is very disappointed. She trusted her to get the work done as asked and now the clients and business will be affected for her laziness and inability to follow instructions. Sarah offers her a choice, get fired, or take the discipline the way Sarah sees fit. Audrey needs her job so she reluctantly goes across Miss Sarah’s lap for her punishment. She is spanked, and strapped and hairbrushed like the naughty little girl she has acted like.

Stills from the photo gallery – both sets of images are reduced in size (members get to view the larger ones)

0252_disappointing_disciplined_secretary_gal-001 0252_disappointing_disciplined_secretary_gal-005 0252_disappointing_disciplined_secretary_gal-003 0252_disappointing_disciplined_secretary_gal-007 0252_disappointing_disciplined_secretary_gal-011 0252_disappointing_disciplined_secretary_gal-013


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Next up is a new video production release from a film shoot I was present at in early January this year. It was the last ever big UK production for Northern Spanking so it had a special cast… it was also the scene of Alex (who had come over from Los Angeles to brave the British winter) getting formally engaged to Paul with a gorgeous ring… so this was made all the more memorable! “Northern fans” might recognize the location… Paul admitted to me that this huge house was one of his favorite filming locations and I can see why, it had something like 8 bedrooms in it and some fantastic retro furnishings and an early 20th century feel to it.

Family Meeting – NEW from Northern Spanking

Family Meeting at Northern Spanking Family Meeting at Northern Spanking Family Meeting at Northern Spanking Family Meeting at Northern Spanking Family Meeting at Northern Spanking Family Meeting at Northern Spanking Family Meeting at Northern Spanking Family Meeting at Northern Spanking Family Meeting at Northern Spanking Family Meeting at Northern Spanking Family Meeting at Northern Spanking

Schoolgirl Zabrina faces the unexpected wrath of her parents having been brought home by the police, for shoplifting! Such behaviour in this family is quite unprecedented and a family meeting is called, whereupon it it is decided that there is no alternative but for her mother to give Zabrina a spanking. Her big sister, Alex, also has to watch. Her behavior has never sunk so low but while she is under this roof, she needs to see what could happen. Alex visibly shivers as Zabrina’s knickers are taken down and her bottom given a good smacking.

Family Meeting at Northern Spanking



Another new girl for the RSN Group of sites and another beautiful black girl getting spanked and punished the RS way. This is Rylee’s introduction to the “Institute” and it is a fabulous hard uncompromising punishment that she receives.

A Bra is not Optional – From Real Spankings Institute

Rylee gets a spanking for no bra

The Dean decides to take matters into his own hands and punish all the ladies who refuse to wear a bra. Rylee happens to be one of them and she is bent over, with her breasts exposed, and strapped hard on her bare bottom.

13490_007 panties down spanking 13490_019 13490_023 13490_030 13490_035 13490_040 spanked and strapped 13490_057 13490_058


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realspankings pass


Belinda Lawson makes another wonderful film for Firmhand Spanking dressed in this military uniform that doesn’t stay on for long. I have really liked this series and rate it as one of her best so with that endorsement – do go check out the clip and of course the exclusive early preview images I have for you (below)

Stripped nude and bent over, Belinda Lawson’s bottom burns from the paddle

Belinda Lawson - Military Discipline CG01

Spectacularly nude, Belinda Lawson strips off her non-uniform jumpsuit and bends over a vault horse after testing Colonel Grey’s patience in Military Discipline. He uses her own riding crop on skin-tight pants before she has to get nude for a stinging wooden paddle. That is one very sore pair of bottom cheeks!

Belinda Lawson - Military Discipline CG03 Belinda Lawson - Military Discipline CG07 Belinda Lawson - Military Discipline CG10 Belinda Lawson - Military Discipline CG11 Belinda Lawson - Military Discipline CG12 Belinda Lawson - Military Discipline CG15 Belinda Lawson - Military Discipline CG17 Belinda Lawson - Military Discipline CG19 Belinda Lawson - Military Discipline spanking Belinda Lawson - Military Discipline CG23





Weekend Spanking Updates are here

The weekend is here, lots of spanking news & updates for you! Also when Sarah & I have time, we’ll let you know about our most recent shoots we were involved in (awesome stuff, I promise). However, until then check out these awesome new films and such. Have a great weekend y’all!!

Bare bottom epic strapping for naval officer Belinda Lawson tests her resolve.


“Is that really the best you can do?” goads stunning naval officer Belinda Lawson to Earl Grey as her bare buttocks take 42 strokes with a leather tawse for off-the-record Military Discipline. Stripped to bra and stockings, flat on a gym vault, her bottom is relaxed and ripples spectacularly as she calls off the count. Reaction Cam replay tells the painful truth!

military_ce002 military_ce006 military_ce009 military_ce012 military_ce016 military_ce018 military_ce020 military_ce024




A great schoolgirl feature from Real Spankings Institute with the awesome Kajira in this new film is shown next… it’s called “Spanked by a Teacher, Spanked by The Dean!”


The Dean drags KJ into a nearby classroom to deal with her. She is ordered to remove her panties and straddle a high chair. She is then spanked hard on the bare bottom and left in time out. The Dean returns with a cane, and applies it to KJ’s bare bottom. She is then told to put her panties back on, and return to time out on her knees with a big wedgie.

13462_031 spanking punishments 13463_003 13463_015 13463_030 13463_007 13463_042 13463_057 13463_061



At sarahgregoryspanking.com this week, our friend Zooey Zara graciously found time to film with us during our stay in Los Angeles recently and we made some great spanking films with her including this schoolgirl punishment film. Doesn’t she look awesome in this authentic British schoolgirl uniform? Oh my… the film features lots of good hard OTK spankings and use of a leather paddle and an old fashioned caning.

Spanked & Caned by Headmaster


Zooey has been a very bad student, sending obscene texts while in class. Headmaster is quite displeased and explains to her that students who display such foul and unladylike behavior get spanked and caned. She is very upset and protests but takes her punishment like the naughty deserving school girl that she is.

0250_spanked_and_caned_by_headmaster_grabs-044 0250_spanked_and_caned_by_headmaster_grabs-063 0250_spanked_and_caned_by_headmaster_gal-015 0250_spanked_and_caned_by_headmaster_gal-021 0250_spanked_and_caned_by_headmaster_grabs-086 0250_spanked_and_caned_by_headmaster_grabs-097 0250_spanked_and_caned_by_headmaster_gal-024 0250_spanked_and_caned_by_headmaster_gal-025



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sarahgregpass spanking


The concluding part to Spanking Daddy’s Little Princess is now available at AAAspanking.com which finishes with a hard leather strapping with lots of follow throughs, tears and a wicked caning of the new wife, Anna… caught out spanking her step daughter too severely. Some reminder images and a GIF (below) showcases what happens at the end.

003 (1)

This is the 2nd part of the “Spanking Daddy’s Princess” long play movie. This entire scene is devoted to how Stevie’s daddy finds out that his precious little princess got an unfair spanking punishment from her step mother, his new wife! He is far from pleased and really upset. He decided to carry out some severe discipline of his own on her, spanking her hard and mean before using a Compliance Discipline Strap and a heavy 12mm cane. This punishment leaves visible welts and markings as well as real tears from Anna. His new wife quickly learned that spanking daddy’s princess was NOT an option.


004 (1) 005 (1) 006 (1) 007 (1) 008 (2) 009 caning 012 (1)




Finally today, who can resist sexy sorority girls spanking each other? Another HOT spanking update has just been released at Spanking Sorority Girls – part of the Clare Fonda Pass network – oh my, these are cute girls spanking the bejeezus out of each other!

Who Has the Map? starring Lana Lopez & Amelea Dark


Lana Lopez and Amelea Dark are staying in a cabin and are about to go on a hike when they realize that neither has the map that Veronica said they must carry. They argue about it and end up giving each other a hard spanking in an effort to resolve the issue.

003 (2) spanking 006 (2) 007 (2) 008 (3) 011 (1) 013 (1) 014 (1) 015 016 (1)


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clarefondapass spanking

Hot Girl Girl Spanking Vids

Hi there… here’s a selection of some excellent girl on girl spanking action that I thought you wouldn’t mind seeing! These are not all new material but they are NEW to this blog. I hope you like what I have for you today!

Here’s a site I should feature a lot more of…. so to celebrate Chelsea Pfeiffer’s first appearance at AAA this week, let’s look at a classic spanking film I adored with the very hot Karina. This is taken from GoodSpanking.com – the only other place I saw this hot (porn) star getting spanked was at Firm Hand Spanking but check this out! Chelsea’s series of films with her were awesome!

Pay the PiperFeaturing Karina with Chelsea


This is what Chelsea had to say about Karina: I was excited to hear about how Karina’s cousin, from a small village in the old country, liked her visit to L.A. When I heard that the girl hadn’t been exposed to any of the great museums, gardens or other wonderful aspects of our city’s culture, but instead treated to nightly clubbing, drinking and so forth, I decided to take Karina to task right then and there! Still that wasn’t the end of Karina’s mischief. You’d think a grown woman would know better.

005 otk spanking 010 a004 a005 a010 011 b001 Cheslea Pfeiffer straps Karina b004 b007




Taking care of Satine Spark – at SpankingSarah.com

Satine spark about to be spanked

This is what lucky Sarah Stern had to say about HOT HOT HOT Satine earlier this year: Oh dear, I can be very wicked sometimes especially with my flat mate Satine Spark. She is such a beautiful girl and in reality is quite well behaved, so I have to invent reasons to be able to punish and play with her. I am inventive and it does not take long for me to have her agreeing to be punished anyway I wish with some new implements I have purchased. I give her a quite gentle, loving pussy spanking and then a much harder whacking whist she is in the wheelbarrow position on my bed. I do make up for this by rubbing cream into her bottom. I am a good girl really!

npp7167007 npp7167013 npp7167014 npp7167016 wheelbarrow spanking npp7167029 npp7167035 npp7167037 npp7167040 npp7167042


intimate spanking


Cute babygirl Mandie Rae is spanked by Sarah Gregory at AAAspanking.com

mandie rae babygirl spankings

Taken from the video, “Hell No Kitteh!” Sarah had been asked to look after Mandie while her parents were out and she was such a badly behaved brat that Sarah sent her to bed early to get her out of her way. However, Mandie thought she had the last laugh by “borrowing” some of Sarah’s precious old Kitty merchandise she kept there while she was away at college! Sarah caught her making a noise playing “spank the teddybear” & then saw her stuff, asking why she always had to play with her things. Since Mandie was not being grown up about the whole situation, Sarah decided to spank her like a naughty little girl. Mandie soon shut up as she realized this was going to happen for real as it was the worst time… bedtime! She’d feel this all night long! Sarah spanked and used a stinging hairbrush on Mandie’s bare bottom until she was satisfied that the younger girl was remorseful and that her tears were genuine!

007 011 mom spanks daughter 002 013 014 015 016 019 020 003 004



Inappropriate Conduct – Starring Dani Daniels & Belinda Lawson at Firmhandspanking.com

firm hand spanking

It doesn’t get any hotter than Dani Daniels nude paddling Belinda Lawson topless: This has to be the hottest, sexiest series finale ever with Dani Daniels totally nude, getting it on with stunning Belinda Lawson after stripping her topless and bending her over a desk for a tough 12-swat sorority paddling. No point in being a college senior unless you can abuse your authority: see those tight denim jeans burn from the board!

conduct_k004 conduct_k005 conduct_k007 conduct_k009 spanking and paddling conduct_k016 conduct_k017 conduct_k019 conduct_k020 conduct_k021


Belinda Lawson and Dani Daniels


Finally, a really special appearance way back… one of Sarah Gregory’s first ever spanking films anywhere online courtesy of Punishedbrats.com (I think this was shot in 2007 or so!)

Brat gone wildstarring Sarah Gregory & Beverly Bacci

spanking a brat

I talked to Sarah about this. I think this was her 3rd visit to PB at the time and she told me this film was one of her faves because she looked so damned good, she loved the way she looked and I am not complaining at all. Sarah really did look radiant (or should that be more innocent?) and lived up to her name playing the perfect VERY SPANKABLE brat who got what she deserved that day! A sore red bottom!

IMG_5515 IMG_5516 IMG_5524 IMG_5530 bare bottom spanking IMG_5533 otk spanking IMG_5547 IMG_5553 IMG_5554


sarah gregory spanked hard




Friday’s Super Sexy Spankings

Trouser Arousal Alert!

Warning: The following imagery and material featured here today is of a very sexy spanking nature. Therefore this may cause uncomfortable #TrouserArousal in gentleman viewers and possibly ruined gussets in certain quarters of our more delightfully perverted female readership. Thank you for reading this notice. Please proceed with caution or abandon – as you wish!

Classic sexually themed spankings from SpankAmber.com

 02 bare breasts and spankingsexy girl/girl spanking OTK spanking wedgies and spankings 08 tight panties spanking leather paddling scantily clad ladies are spanked paddling for Amber 15 Amber spanked by Dani

See the sexy voluptuous Dani punish Amber with such ferocity that it took her by surprise! As soon as Dani picked up that paddle, Amber’s luscious butt turned a glowing red as she cried like a little girl!

CLICK HERE to see MORE of Amber spanked & getting spanked!

Spank Amber


One of the cutest POV style spankings I have ever seen came courtesy of the aptly named Christy Cutie – this little performance she put on was awesome but it didn’t stop her getting a spanking close up!

christypov001 christypov003 spanking over her daisy Dukes telling off Christy christypov025 remove those panties christypov029 bare bum ready for a spanking stop pouting Christy Cutie leather belt on christy's bare bottom spanking christypov059 Christy Cutie pouts spanking Christy Cutie

YOU are Christy‘s Daddy and you are far from pleased with her inappropriate attire. She shows you her tight Daisy Duke shorts and pleads for you to let her go out, but those big doe eyes and sexy pout don’t get what she wants this time… oh no! She looks shocked as she watches you remove your belt and gesture for her to take off her shorts AND panties as you bend her over the sofa to take a look at what your baby girl is made of before giving her some reminder strokes with your leather belt who is in charge! Christy‘s smouldering looks, and adult babygirl attitude make this an even sexier spanking experience. This is definitely one spanking POV film you should check out!

CLICK HERE to view this full sexy POV Clip!

POV Spanking


The next update is from Firmhandspanking.com – I have fallen in love with this series… Belinda Lawson ASKING for stunning sorority sister Dani Daniels for a spanking is almost too much. This time with a slipper (how quaint and English!) – Dani is an extremely talented young lady… away from her life as a successful young porn star and obvious kinkster… she is a competent golfer, trainee pilot and incredibly down to earth with a love of fine whisky and travel – her Instagram account HERE shows she is updating from beautiful Scotland currently.

conduct_e001 conduct_e002 conduct_e003 conduct_e008 conduct_e009 conduct_e011 conduct_e012 conduct_e013 conduct_e016 conduct_e022 conduct_e023 conduct_e024

Two of the hottest models strip down in an awesome boob shaking, bottom quivering spanking scene for Inappropriate Conduct. Belinda Lawson asks to be spanked to get sorority sister Dani Daniels’ attention. Belinda touches her toes as Dani lets fly a long, hard volley of swats on her jiggling cheeks. Spectacular slo-mo replays!


Firm Hand Spanking


I can’t wait to be seeing all these girls together again later this month… I wonder if something will be made as hot as this 30 minute spanking movie? I certainly hope so… Poor Amelia Jane Rutherford – Joelle Barros & Sarah Gregory really did go all out and perv on her (with great success, I might add!). It’s a fun but also very hot spanking film with some great images and screen grabs for members at AAAspanking.com called Bathtub Bullies.

bathtime_bullies_013 bathtime_bullies_017 bathtime_bullies_028 bathtime_bullies_036 bathtime_bullies_038 bathtime_bullies_040 bathtime_bullies_042 bathtime_bullies_043 bathtime_bullies_045 bathtime_bullies_047 bathtime_bullies_051 bathtime_bullies_053

Amelia was sharing a hotel suite at a busy Spanking Convention with Sarah Gregory and Joelle Barros to save on costs but had begun to regret this decision as the girls were just so darned loud. This break was what she needed away from the hustle and bustle of the convention and her fellow party girls. First Joelle, then Sarah ruined Amelia’s alone time by jumping into the bathtub and they ganged up on Amelia, making out in front of her and mocking her need to relax. Amelia tried to defend her right to privacy but the girls just got ruder and naughtier spanking each others bare soapy bottoms until they turned on her taking turns to prey upon Amelia who protested which only made them do it more! This all girl 30 minute spanking extravaganza of a film in full stunning HD should NOT be missed! Features lots of angles, close ups, hot girl on girl spanking in and around the bathtub in a superb location. We are sure this film will make the Honors as a contender in the Spanking Awards 2015, here is your chance to see why right now.

CLICK HERE to see more from the tour pages & how to watch this HD1080 film


Or view it HERE as a special ONE TIME DOWNLOAD



Finally, sexy enemas and spankings from Shadowlane.com are performed in this instructional long play video with Violet October receiving the treatment from her summer disciplinarian, Nikki Rouge. I have a feeling this wasn’t filmed too long ago as they were both present at the Shadowlane Party in Vegas. It was fun to meet them in person, fainally. Thsi is a hot sexually explicit spanking and enema video – not for everyone, I understand… but nonetheless…. there are MANY that like this and so it is showcased here today! Some video clips and lots of images below… enjoy!

[jwplayer mediaid=”43603″]

Beautiful, 22 year old thrill seeker, Violet, revisits Nikki Rouge, her summer disciplinarian, to confess her ardent desire for further therapeutic correction. The petite blonde has been dreaming about embarrassing anal discipline, butt plugs and enemas. She has even visited a sex therapist for preliminary anal training. Lovely, leggy Nikki enthusiastically accepts the assignment, informing Violet that anal penetration must always be prefaced by spanking, rendering the culprit’s bottom a deep, dark pink and infusing it with warmth that should last throughout the treatment.

clinical001 clinical002 clinical003 clinical004 clinical005 clinical006 clinical007 clinical008 clinical009 clinical010 clinical011 clinical012 clinical013 clinical014

Violet’s therapeutic punishment session is finished off with a purifying 24 stroke caning across her adorable bottom, administered with careful exactitude by her thorough mistress. With her pretty cheeks striped and stinging, Violet regains her street clothes and thoughtfully departs to reflect on her new anal adventures.

clinical015 clinical017

[jwplayer mediaid=”43621″]

CLICK HERE to view the full image sets and full length movies

Shadow Lane


Have a great start to your weekend wherever you are!


Hot Catch Up Spankings!

Traveling around nearly everyday is taking its toll on my updates schedule and I had to let a couple of memberships lapse as I wasn’t able to view them. Add to that I have been helping Sarah film content for her sites too and I haven’t been here much, lately. One such site I haven’t kept you updated with is Firm Hand Spanking – one of my fave sites out there, mainly because they keep you entertained with regular new updates and whole films with some of the hottest girls out there. Take a look at a few I may have neglected to show you recently! & this is one site I have kept my membership going… as it is what I love seeing! I am sure those of you into spanking beautiful girls will be too!

Crawling topless to her room, stunning Katherine Askew is whipped all the way

realtor_cb002 realtor_cb003 riding crop spanking realtor_cb007 realtor_cb009 realtor_cb018 ass for spanking realtor_cb024

Walking around naked is normal for hot-as-hell Katherine Askew, but boss Patrick Bateman expects higher standards in Realtor Retribution. He has her crawl to her room to dress, using a riding crop on her bare bottom all the way. Hot stairway spanking!


Below is a killer new series starring Dani Daniels spanking and mentoring Belinda Lawson on a trip to the UK! Hot sorority spanking as Dani Daniels fires up Belinda Lawson’s bare bottom.

conduct_c002 conduct_c005 spanked with a paddle pulling down her panties conduct_c014 girl girl spanking conduct_c020 conduct_c021 hot spanking of a schoolgirl

Cutting track practice is a serious sorority offense for Belinda Lawson. Hot senior Dani Daniels knows how to improve her commitment: spank her bare ass with a ping pong paddle! Inappropriate Conduct turns hotter as Dani turns down Belinda’s come-on…


& finally from this site… Dani Daniels completed a really hot Sorority series in the USA also with beautiful returnee, Melanie Taylor (see below)


Revenge is sweet, especially when Dani Daniels lays a strap across Melanie’s ass

sisters_cf003 sisters_cf006 strapping sisters_cf009 hot sorority girl strapping hot sorority girl spanking sisters_cf017 sisters_cf023

Melanie’s bottom is still burning from the spankings Dani Daniels gave her in Sorority Sisters. There’s one last ass strapping before Dani returns the cellphone that started her punishments, on denim shorts, panties and bare! “That strap stings,” she complained.

Melanie Taylor spanked and strapped

Check out MORE updates I’ve missed here – there are many & I could be here all day… so check the site for all the regulars and their favorites that make this site a worthy membership option (it is one of the few I have, currently on my travels as I need my fix of spankings with the ladies like this!)


Showcasing British Ladies Spanking

philaeAs I start to write today’s update, the exciting news that the Rosetta mission probe, Philae has (it appears) successfully landed on the Comet P67. Why is this amazing news? Try a soft remote landing 100s of millions of miles away on an unknown surface with little gravity travelling at 40,000 mph and that’s what they did today – it’s about self discovery of comets, many who believe are the life givers of M Class planets like our Earth. Bringing water and building block minerals and molecules to enable life to start in the 1st place! Also, of course, we’ll need to understand the nature of comets in case one heads Earth’s way… collisions with rocky iceballs this size never turn out well for life on Earth. I’m gonna watch Armageddon again after this post (one of my fave good feel films) – as Bruce Willis and co battle an extinction event comet approaching Earth 🙂


Right, as the title of this post suggests today, I would like to showcase our lovely British ladies featuring this week at various sites… and a few others I had watched not too long ago from archives you really ought to view! Hmm, where to start? Let’s start with Satine Spark at SpankingSarah.com in a brand new film I absolutely loved… I’ve been a long time fan of Satine for ages, she has appeared at a few British sites and I would dearly love to film with her, being in America so much at the moment scuppers that, I have another shoot in the UK later this week which promises to be awesome & totally British… but I think the reason I liked Satine’s appearance so much was her bushy natural debut for Mr Stern’s “Hairy Photo Shoot” which goes horribly wrong for Satine as you’ll discover!

The hairy Photo Shoot (images and freeplay clip)

npp7093003 npp7093010 npp7093011 npp7093018 npp7093024 npp7093028 npp7093029 npp7093035 npp7093042 npp7093043 npp7093044 npp7093047

Check out the free clip below – if you can’t see it CLICK HERE to download it

Young model Satine Spark has come to do a hairy pussy photo shoot for Mr Stern. All is going well until he comes to take pictures of her bottom, he then discovers that she is marked from a previous spanking shoot. He is not happy and tells her the only thing he can do now is to turn the photo shoot into a spanking video, mainly to punish her. She has to agree to this and she gets a real hard spanking, with a surprise ending.


Next is a couple of catch ups from Pandora’s DreamsOfspanking.com website – As you may or may not have known, Pandora had attended the World Spanking party in Spain not too long ago and this was one of many interesting times she had with one of the organizers, Ian (Mr London tanner, to you). A public strapping using his own leather strops and straps? Well, why not?

Dreams-of-Spanking_spain002 Dreams-of-Spanking_spain003

This was taken at the World Spain Party 2014. This unique party takes place every two years!

Dreams-of-Spanking_spain004 Dreams-of-Spanking_spain006 Dreams-of-Spanking_spain010 Dreams-of-Spanking_spain018 Dreams-of-Spanking_spain021 Dreams-of-Spanking_spain022 Dreams-of-Spanking_spain024 Dreams-of-Spanking_spain026

Find out what went down at the party in this candid video diary, in which Pandora tells you in detail all about the various spankings, canings and other corporal punishment she enjoyed – including her first ever real taste of the bullwhip! She also has some photos and video to share from the memorable last scene of the weekend – an al fresco strapping from the London Tanner with his razor strop, on the balcony of the villa surrounded by party guests, while the sun went down over the hills. A beautiful, iconic close to a wonderful spanking party. Pandora offered thanks to the London Tanner, to Only Real Princess and Mr Stern for the photos and video, and to the rest of the organising team for putting on an amazing event.

& of course, no “British” girl update could be complete without an appearance from Amelia Jane Rutherford! The images below are taken from a new F/F film called “Teaching Experience”

Dreams-of-Spanking_teaching-experience007  Dreams-of-Spanking_teaching-experience018 Dreams-of-Spanking_teaching-experience023 Dreams-of-Spanking_teaching-experience013  Dreams-of-Spanking_teaching-experience029 Dreams-of-Spanking_teaching-experience048 Dreams-of-Spanking_teaching-experience026 Dreams-of-Spanking_teaching-experience054

New teacher Amelia-Jane Rutherford is anxious about having to administer corporal punishment. She asks her friend Caroline Grey to demonstrate the technique, with smacks over the skirt leading to a bare-bottom slippering. Gradually, Amelia starts to appreciate the embarrassment and humiliation of having to bend over and lower your knickers for corporal punishment. Her integrity compels her to learn what it feels like before dishing it out, and she insists on the full experience: from harder swats over her sheer knickers, to a final flurry directly on her bare bottom.

Want to see more? Check out all the very latest films exclusive to DreamsOfspanking.com


A recent spanking newcomer (I’ll let you know now that she has been nominated by email so she will be up for the vote next month – and I have to say, I’d definitely consider her if I was allowed to vote!) is Miss Ella Hughes. She has appeared at Sarah’s site and features again at her partner’s, Mr Stern, fine site English-Spankers.com in the latest Sexy Cleaning Company series – I have to say, dressed up as a schoolgirl to do the cleaning is a rather delightful distraction 🙂

npp7075003 npp7075013 npp7075019 npp7075033 npp7075035 npp7075039 npp7075049 npp7075054 npp7075058 npp7075061 npp7075066 npp7076001

Another member for the Sexy Cleaning Company and what  a delight. Young Ella Hughes came along in her old school uniform to titillate us all and boy did she succeed. She did loads of up skirt flashing and bending over before she had to bend over Mr. Sterns knee. He gave her one of his very famous, extra hard spankings first on her school knickers and then on her lovely bare bottom. We think she rather liked it we certainly do!

If you cannot view this freeplay clip – CLICK HERE to download it on the tour pages
(& view all the recent updates too!)


I have been told off for my procrastination many times (by Miss Gregory!)… and this was one prime example! I had met Lottie a few times a long waaaaay back in 2006 and 2007. I was present on a couple of shoots she was in and was a wonder to work with, I remember feeling impressed by this young lady and always had it in my mind to film her for my own site. I only started filming in The Fall of 2010 but by then it was already too late as Lottie had “retired” from filming as a spankee sub to concentrate on her studies. I guess that wasn’t entirely my fault… but if I had got my finger out earlier and started my site in 2009 or 2010 then I might have had Lottie appearing at my site too! Check out this image set from NorthernSpanking.com – it’s not a film but there are MANY films of Lottie there in the archives and I really liked this photo story… something Paul at Northern always does so well!


She has been sent to her room. She knows why: she is going to get a good hiding. Not just a smacking this time. She has become quite used to the heat and the stinging soreness in her freshly smacked bottom. In fact, she has come to like it. Just as well, it happens every other day. The tingling spreads between her legs. It makes her knickers wet. Afterwards, she touches herself. She comes in her knickers, swelling on the sensation of his hard hand on her soft little bottom as he holds her firmly over his lap. The hardness she can feel there, pressing into her tummy. Does he know that she presses herself into that hardness? Does he know she masturbates in her knickers after he has punished her?

NSI089-ML015 NSI089-ML034 NSI089-ML046 NSI089-ML053 NSI089-ML061 NSI089-ML072 NSI089-ML069 NSI089-ML082 NSI089-ML089 NSI089-ML106 NSI089-ML114 NSI089-ML117 NSI089-ML118  NSI089-ML103 NSI089-ML128

This time she is going to get a leathering, he has told her. She has no choice, while she is living under his roof, he says as he makes her take her dress off. He has never done that before…




A wonderful archive from my site featuring British girls is easy with someone like Katie Brown is a delightful girl to work with and I absolutely loved making this film of her as an Au Pair coming along for an interview with a difference (as it was me!). I test her out to see if she can take various spanking implements as I tell her she will no doubt get punished at some point… if she takes the job, she gets paid far more than normal Au Pairs… so she’s willing to see if she has what it takes. I have to say  I love spanking girls in pantyhose and will definitely be filming something along those lines later this week (hopefully) 🙂

au_pair006 au_pair012 au_pair017 au_pair023 au_pair028 au_pair045 au_pair062 au_pair067 au_pair085 au_pair086 au_pair088 au_pair100

Katie appears to have got the job, if she wants it, of a very well paid Au Pair for the Osborne Family. However, the price she must pay if she does accept the job is an introduction to what happens if she displeases her eccentric employer… and he has rather old fashioned and traditional punishment methods that he still employs in his household. Katie is asked to take a test spanking and punishment and she agrees… as a refusal would mean she’d lose the chance of earning 4 times the going rate for a similar position! Witness a nervous and a little naive Katie accept the challenge to take on Mr Osborne’s wandering hands and various spanking implements as she takes her test punishment over her pantyhose, panties and finally on her beautiful sore red bare bottom!

Check out the free clip and the latest previews from the tour pages HERE


Finally today, beautiful British girl, Belinda Lawson at FirmHandSpanking.com is strapped on her bare bottom for letting her boss down! Her boss is Richard Anderson, I have met him in person at a couple of spanking parties… and he’s a likeable and authorative figure. I liked him more when he said he knew about my own site and liked what we did too! 🙂 These two make a great pairing online!

Her memory is shocking, her note-taking non-existent. After a series of foul-ups at work, blonde Belinda Lawson bends over a chair for 25 lashes with a tawse from her irritated boss, Richard Anderson. The sharp burn of leather on bare skin is a salutary lesson!

perfect_d001 perfect_d002 perfect_d010 perfect_d013 perfect_d016 perfect_d018 perfect_d020 perfect_d022 perfect_d005 perfect_d021

Check out the latest movies and the vast archive of spanking films with Belinda Lawson HERE


Tuesday Updates

I’ve been rather busy writing and planning elsewhere today, so I won’t bore you all with this and just catch up on some missing updates and new stuff you are gonna love!

A new film has just been released at Pandora’s excellent site DreamsofSpanking.com co starring the wonderful Lola Marie… getting a tawsing in some vintage Victorian style bloomers! Check out the free sombre clip and images which should whet your punishment appetites as it has mine!


Lola Marie is the scholarship girl at a Victorian school founded to educate promising young women. She works hard and tries to behave herself, but the rules are very strict and she keeps breaking them without meaning to. Normally she is clever or lucky enough to not get caught, but this time she’s really done it. She has formed a close friendship with one of the grooms from the stables, and they have been caught together. Lola finds herself standing in front of the schoolmistress Miss Blake, facing the ultimate sanction – corporal punishment.

Dreams-of-Spanking_scholarship-girl011 Dreams-of-Spanking_scholarship-girl024

Dreams-of-Spanking_scholarship-girl_BTS001_thumb Dreams-of-Spanking_scholarship-girl_BTS002_thumb Dreams-of-Spanking_scholarship-girl_BTS003_thumb

Dreams-of-Spanking_scholarship-girl034 Dreams-of-Spanking_scholarship-girl042

See all of the full film and the exciting image gallery HERE


More beautiful F/F spankings always come courtesy of the impressive Hand-Spanking.com – being a Japanese language site, it helps that the owner knows how to translate into English subtitles for the majority of us… it does help greatly as some of the plots at this site can be a little complicated, believe it or not… and we all understand the spanking actions and consequences, but it is nice to know what the dominants are saying as the poor victims plead and beg as we would normally expect! Take this very recent new film update… I love the authentic mother/daughter aspect that Japanese spanking sites ALWAYS get right every single time!

w13-05 w13-10

w13-14 w13-23

w13-27 w13-30

w13-34 w13-43

w13-49 w13-53

Taking advantage of her time off, Manami decides to go back home. However, she receives an OTK spanking from her angry mother who comes across her poor marks and finds her behaviour unacceptable…

You can see a free HD clip of this on the site tour pages, along with other recent movie updates for your perusal. CLICK HERE for more info…

handspanking - click here


I have a special treat for you from Firmhandspanking.com as I give you a double update since I missed them last week on my round up… this is from both sides of the Atlantic and features British beauty Belinda Lawson in the UK and new girl Tara Somerville given a harsh reminder paddling with a ping pong bat in California!

Belinda Lawson grabs her ankles for a 12 swat paddling
(in the Executive Privilege series -part H)

privilege_h002 privilege_h004 privilege_h005

privilege_h010 privilege_h017

privilege_h011 privilege_h015 privilege_h022

Stripped stunningly nude, secretary Belinda Lawson is punished for hiding Earl Grey’s paddle. His discipline is strict, his authority complete. Belinda has to strip and hold her legs, then her ankles for 12 bare swats with a wooden paddle in Executive Privilege

intern_cb002 intern_cb006 intern_cb007

intern_cb017 intern_cb018

intern_cb019 intern_cb012 intern_cb023

Beautiful newcomer Tara Somerville is back as The Intern in Mr Reed’s office for those perfect, jutting bare butt cheeks to be soundly spanked 71 times with a ping-pong paddle for disrespect. Hands on his desk, it’s a teeth-gritting spanking to remember!

View both these films IN FULL and check out all the films now showing HERE



There is another film starring newcomer Ally at SpankingServer.com – I still haven’t guessed her nationality yet, but she forces peter to speak to her in his broken English, which I like… and of course there’s nothing suspect about the strapping he gives her as it makes her eyes water as the leather licks into her sweet bottom! Check out these image stills and see for yourself what you are missing this week!

ally001 ally002

ally003 ally005

ally006 ally007

ally011 ally013

ally016 ally018

See MORE of Ally only from Spanking Server

Ally2 (4)


Finally coming to the stage for today’s updates there is a great girl fight spanking film from SpankingSarah.com – with Darcy Leigh and Bow Jangles (aka Kissy/Kissie etc)

npp5082005 npp5082022 npp5082038

npp5082048 npp5082058

npp5082067 npp5082068 npp5082073

Darcy & Bow are instructed to bake some cakes whilst Katie goes about her business. They soon get into a fight, throwing the ingredients at each other and making a mess of the kitchen. Bow decides it’s time she taught Bow a lesson and takes a spatula to her bare bottom giving her a real hard whacking and leaving it well marked. They are sure to get into more trouble but just what?

& if you thought Sarah has been neglecting her spanking and punishment duties… fear not as there is a terrific caning film coming out with Belle Calder with a gorgeous soft bottom which marks far too easily for the nasty cane! You’ll love the film!!!

npp6044010 npp6044017

npp6044023 npp6044034

npp6044039 npp6044045

Belle Calder is in more trouble. She says she has been in school all day but the truth will out and when it does trouble is not far behind. After a severe lecturing bell goes over the knee for a spanking on her white school knickers. These are then removed and the thing she fears most is about to happen. Her first caning. It is delivered hard, accurately and the pain seems to go on forever. Her bottom is left sore and well marked and she is close to tears.

Check out the HD previews of these films and more HERE


That’s it for now… but don’t forget tommorow at my site there’s a fantastic loving domestic bliss discipline films between Paul Kennedy and Alex Reynolds that you will not want to miss… it’s just full of “awwww!” and such… I’ll let you know more tomorrow 🙂



Oh… and do go check out these sites that I also run, I have found a great reason to update Barebottom.biz again and am really excited about the direction that will take… I have updated there the last 2 days and promise much more and it’s got some great stuff featured…

Also I have finally found a way for all mobile devices to view the Free Spanking Tube Site –  it’s only on the clips I have started updating the last month or so… as the others are uploaded in my pet hate – Flash… this will be a dead format in a few years (thankfully) but of course there is HTML5 which easily embeds data… so do go check it out, there’s a fair few additions the last couple of days if you wanna perv and play with my bandwidth and usage 😉

 & do not forget the other blog… it’s got a great F/F feature today that I highly recommend you go take a look at! (it’s very spanky and naughty!)

I will be looking at the designs and themes of these sites over the coming month as I need to bring them up to 2014 instead of being stuck in 2008! Exciting times! Good night everyone… sleep tight, see you here tomorrow with my new site updates 🙂

Thumping Tuesday Spankings

I thought I’d spend some time looking at some stuff from the past on a few sites as well as bringing you news of what is current… that way, hopefully my updates shouldn’t clash with any other blogs you may or may not read (ahem… you mean you read OTHER spanking update blogs too?)

Edit: it’s just new stuff… I spent TOO MUCH time looking at older stuff… I shall save that for another time 🙂

Now, before I continue, I am seriously wondering whether to travel again to America later this year, I won’t say why but it’s East coast side this time…as it has just been made a possible option for me, but if I did, I know what I would film would be utterly awesome and different to anything I had done previously – my only issue is selling that to “Er indoors” as she would not be happy at my “jolly-ing” across The Atlantic whilst she stayed at home in dull and gloomy Britain… however, I can point out that I am paying her supplement to go stay and visit her grand kids in a French ski resort at Xmas (which is rather expensive since I’m not going anywhere) as she has not spent Xmas with them for yonks… whilst I have to work over the Festive Period so wouldn’t be able to take a week off over that time and have to stay at home – on my own FFS! So I think I will pull that Joker Card card out of the hat when the uncomfortable discussion about being away begins! (I hope she doesn’t read this blog or I’m toast, lol!)

I’ll start with updates 1st and then some films at sites I like or know you’d enjoy – starting with my own as a new film goes out tomorrow (in fact there are 2… as I will devote tomorrow’s post to an AWESOME POV film which will be coming out) and I promise you… this is teasing trouser arousal at its BEST! But first, a delightful film with a pair of girls I loved filming with who were just so damned cheeky (sassy) together… that was Jenna Jay and Taylor Richardson (below)


They were 2 lazy maids who are paid a lot of money to look pretty and just do the housework… there are drawbacks to their job, they took the job and all the benefits of a very high salary knowing the chap that employs them, Harry Jackson, is a pervy spanko that gets to dish out some punishment of his own when he sees fit… to be honest, I think the girls loved being taken over his knee and lectured, I think they got a secret thrill out of seeing just how far Harry would go, especially that brat Jenna, lol! Check out the 2 girls with very spankable jiggling bottoms that get a good tanning – coming out at AAAspanking.com tomorrow! There will be a HQ image set, video screens and the movie to download. Below are some 1st show images direct from the film.

c01 c02

c03 c04

c05 c06

c07 c08

c09 c10

c11 c12

You can see MORE of Jenna Jay & Taylor Richardson HERE (& don’t forget my pioneering Loyalty Offer!)


I love seeing what  Sarah Gregory & her momma Dana Specht get up to… I love seeing them interact with other gorgeous girls too for double or triple spankings which are a real treat! It’s a relatively new site but one you should check out if you love seeing brats get a proper Momma scolding then a good old fashioned spanking over Momma’s knee… there’s plenty more and sarah gets to play with many girls at various spanking parties and films the results… like we see here with uber gorgeous Christy Cutie!


005 006

007 009

010 011 012

013 014

015 016

Click here to see the latest films unique to MommaSpankings.com

This site is part of Sarah’s network, gain access to both at a reduced cost (banner below)



From The Clare Fonda Network of sites owned and operated by The Cameraman next… as I bring you news of some of the latest updates from this fab group starting with Spanked Sweeties, the newbie, first timers and spanking model fantasy site with a new introduction to Constance, a fetish model who was spanked often while growing up. She describes many of her experiences getting spanked by her mom and dad and how formal the spankings were. There are two re-enactments from dad and two from mom (played by Lorelei Mission) which you can now start seeing exclusive to this site (below).


039 040

042 044

074 075

077 078


This was a 1st for me… and most definitely on film for Constance… beaten with a breadboard!!!

CLICK HERE for all the latest newbie & 1st time gals recounting their spankings growing up!


One of the 5 important sites within this network (if you wisely choose the vastly discounted pass to them all) is My Spanking Room Mate – it’s a great site all on its own (as are all the sites in this network) as there is more than enough data to keep you busy… so I found this latest film rather refersehing, and a great excuse to see some new interactions between some damned fine girls such as Missy Rhodes, Veronica Ricci & Koko Kitten!


msr02 msr03

msr04 msr05

msr06 msr07 msr08

msr09 msr10

Missy Rhodes visits her former roommate Veronica Ricci in an attempt to get her to help work out her differences with her new roommate Koko Kitten. Veronica of course suggests spankings to solve the issues and spanks Koko, then Missy. But the two smaller girls then overpower Veronica to give her a taste of her own medicine, even using a hard wooden mirror to make sure Veronica has marks to remember.

CLICK HERE to see the full red ass spectacular of some very sexy girls getting their bottoms thrashed!


From the site that has the current Exclusive Education 8 series starting comes this long play film too… aptly named “Erotic Schoolgirls” (I’m sold, lol), check out the delightful pervery that goes on in college dorms of LA!

012 001

004 005

002 005

008 013 014

Ela Darling is in a teacher’s office about to discuss how she and Celeste Star cheated on an exam. Celeste storms in and begins spanking Ela till she once again agrees to keep her mouth shut. Then Celeste meets Ela back at the dorm room, where she rides her with a strap-on until Ela has had enough and bends Celeste over her knee for a sounds spanking… view this courtesy of GirlSpanksGirl.com


View all the sites from this network at a vastly reduced combined cost – see how HERE


A fantastic new domestic and workplace discipline film (and series) is showing at Firm Hand Spanking from the English side of the Atlantic as Belinda Lawson is in a new “grown up” ongoing spanking story… away from the Classroom… as she soon discovers Earl Grey’s speed and accuracy in the “Executive Privilege” series!

exec_b003 exec_b005

exec_b009 exec_b011

exec_b013 exec_b015

exec_b017 exec_b018

exec_b022 exec_b024

Belinda Lawson lifts her skirt to reveal sheer panties, stockings and suspenders as she bends over for a 216-smack spanking. “What I need from you is speed and accuracy, which I’ll demonstrate on your bottom!” he says. Buttocks bounce in Executive Privilege. CLICK HERE to view this film in full!


As I said earlier, coming out at POV Spanking soon is the awesome “Not the belt, daddy!” film with Christy Cutie (below) as she pleads with you she’ll be a good girl and wear appropriate clothing… but who could resist those big doe eyes and sexy pout? stay firm, Daddy…. YOU must show her who is in charge!!! Seriously, I loved this film, POV fans who want to see real interaction between imagining YOU spanking the subject and Christy… well, imagine no more… I will get you a clip and a few teaser images tomorrow… but until then… please feel free to let your mind wander and wonder!



Last Spanking Post of 2012

Before I give you a few nice updates I haven’t seen elsewhere today… I want to say that the title is a little misleading as tomorrow I will bring my own unique monthly review of some of the best spanking moments of the past year… I do this every year on my blogs now and I know it’s popular from some of the emails I got previously… it’s something I came up with a few years back so it’s nice to see if it gets copied elsewhere, since I run “such a hated blog” in the eyes of some purists anyways (LOL!)

tarousal11But I digress – and so without moaning about our tacky shitty weather (which I could drone on about) or other non spank related guff I could get up on a soap box about (like ny usueless football team)… let’s just see some great spankings that, well… quite frankly gave me “wood” as I gazed on these wonderful updates and stuff that I had been watching earlier today! Therefore I feel I need to warn you that the following spanking films and updates are all certified Class A “Trouser Arousal” material: Please be warned that excessive viewing may require a quick trip to the loo! I haven’t forgotten the ladies, thankfully you won’t suffer from such cloth stretching disorders but if easily turned on by viewing the following gorgeous spanking smut, be prepared to rinse your panties… (how nice!) – Thank you.


Masie Dee – still someone I haven’t worked with (but will do my absolute damnedest to rectify that early next year) is introduced at Northern Spanking and just look at her already reddening bum and her tearful eyes, I also loved the mirror work in this intro that members can see all parts to, check out some of the latest images below:

NSI110-SM085 NSI110-SM088 NSI110-SM096

NSI110-SM105 NSI110-SM106 NSI110-SM110


Also check out what they have been up to over the holiday period with some great new films and continual updates like these below!

The below images are taken from the film: “At the Coal Face”


NSI105-ANR024 NSI105-ANR029 NSI105-ANR042

NSI105-ANR047 NSI105-ANR055 NSI105-ANR064


Rosie and Nimue have failed to hand in their essay on the Industrial Revolution. This being one of several deadlines they have failed to meet. Their lecturer and tutor, Miss Hunter, summons them to a meeting and gives them a very difficult decision. Will they save their education? Or their backsides?

Find out more at Northern spanking HERE


Next from the excellent Bars and Stripes comes a great multi cast film, with a return for evil twisted Matron Maclean (I love watching her enjoying her work!) alongside nasty prison officers Miss Page and Mr Lewis we have the unfortunate Kami Robertson and her cellmate, Lilly Lovell who are given a double session they won’t forget as both girls are punished for fun!

kami2_torturefortwo - 011 kami2_torturefortwo - 032

kami2_torturefortwo - 034 kami2_torturefortwo - 035

kami2_torturefortwo - 045 kami2_torturefortwo - 060

kami2_torturefortwo - 070 kami2_torturefortwo - 087

kami2_torturefortwo - 094 kami2_torturefortwo - 111

kami2_torturefortwo - 114 kami2_torturefortwo - 117

kami2_torturefortwo - 121 kami2_torturefortwo - 126

kami2_torturefortwo - 128 kami2_torturefortwo - 134

Bars and Stripes really struck gold with this unique pairing, Kami and Lilly were inseparable so the girls got many punishments together… sadly, from what I’ve learnt, Lilly did her time at the penal institution and has retired from online spanking already, alongside Kami as a sub, it’s a great loss but I have been informed there are still a huge amount of films to come (as I have with Kami also…yay!)



I haven’t featured Punishedbrats.com in a while and you really SHOULD take a look at what they are producing in HD (at last) at the moment as they star 2 of my fave girls there, Joelle Barros, who I am sure you are aware I was lucky enough to use at my own site… as well as horse riding beauty, Marissa, who was made for OTK spanking (mm mmm!) Checkout some of the images from the very latest updates now available to members…


Dangerous Driving: Marisa was speeding and crashed her fancy sports car. Although she’s upset by the accident, she doesn’t seem to understand how serious a matter it is. She has truly earned this OTK spanking from Uncle David!

dangerous1-2 dangerous1-3

dangerous1-4 dangerous1-5 dangerous1-6


& as I mentioned earlier, Joelle is back, check her out with a girl made to be spanked and given a spanking with… the lovely Pi (or 22/7 as I once referred her as… imagine starring with Ten/10… ha ha!). Joelle shows her dominant side in what I think is the first time on film (damn she looks the part, doesn’t she?)


Taken from the film “Good Impressions”: Pi ditched an important business meeting to take a leisurely bath. Her cousin and business partner Joelle comes home early to deal with the irresponsible brat!

impression1 impression2

impression3 impression5 impression6

impression7 impression8

There is also the promise of Pi getting her own back pretty soon on Joelle – which I can’t wait to see!

Click image below for more on that!



Here’s something I was watching earlier from my personal archives from being a member of various sites over the years… and it stars one girl I am sure is now retired from The Scene, though you never know… Miss Katja Krasivaya who in this case was filmed at Spanked Cheeks so I was more than happy when I saw her here as I had enjoyed viewing her films from Strictly English and also for Northern Spanking in the past…. here she is as a badly behaved bratty schoolgirl getting a punishment that her fed up Aunty Lina has been dying to dish out to her! Yes, it may have been from a few years ago (late 2010 as I recall) but the film is still in crystal clear HD and these reduced size screen shots give you an idea of just what went on. Taken from the film “Not another spanking!”

anotherspanking01 anotherspanking02

anotherspanking03 anotherspanking04

anotherspanking05 anotherspanking06

anotherspanking07 anotherspanking08

anotherspanking09 anotherspanking10

anotherspanking11 anotherspanking12

anotherspanking13 anotherspanking14

This was taken from English site Spanked Cheeks – go check out the link below and click on “What’s New” to see all the film updates!


Finally for now, in case I don’t include these 2 girls her in my blog review of the year, how could I miss out on slinky 6 footer, Adrienne Black… and beautiful, big breasted schoolgirl, Belinda Lawson? These are the 2 very latest films of both girls featuring at Firmhandspanking.com

highfliers_c003 highfliers_c007

highfliers_c010 highfliers_c012

highfliers_c013 highfliers_c019

highfliers_c021 highfliers_c023

Six-feet tall beauty Adrienne Black wears a Halloween flight attendant costume instead of her uniform, so the airline owner decides to spank this bratty blonde over his knee. 190 smacks with his hand plus 37 with a strap set her buns bouncing red. Enjoy the slo-mo jiggling replays which I have to say are HOT HOT HOT!


Belinda’s detention film kicks off the New Year as she is punished for trying to extort money… her beautiful curvy bum is exposed and given a hard caning punishment as she is made to touch her toes, legs straight and counts out each of her strokes… there’s a slo mo and reaction cam which provides how hard this puinishment was!


detention_bg003 detention_bg005

detention_bg010 detention_bg014

detention_bg016 detention_bg021


Check out all the latest varied updates with FREE Previews – HERE


That’s it from me, I shall conclude this year with a special post tomorrow! Good night! 🙂


Weekend Spanking Updates

I won’t waffle on today about politics, or the crap weather, or even “Trouser Arousals” and such… “nope” – I shall just delve straight into some great spanking entertainment that is about this week that you may or may not have already seen and I hope you like this fine selection. (I’m waffling, aren’t I?)


Pandora’s been a bad little girl, and she knows it. Thomas finds her at bedtime, dressed for bed in her teddybear nightie, and takes her over his knee for a sound spanking. Then he tells her to take down her knickers and bend over the arm of the sofa for some stinging strokes of the implement she fears most – the dreaded switch.



See all of Pandora’s latest updates including some fantastic free movie reviews HERE


From the excellent Real-Life-Spankings.com (or Real Life Schpaaankings as I like to call it) comes a double girl movie update with Amy and Monique getting (as Mike ably descibes it) a “Sound schpaaanking! You’ll enjoy seeing these 2 Dutch girls and their wibbly wobbly bottoms getting a good hard hand spanking and much more (below)





You can check out more of these 2 very naughty young ladies getting what they deserve – HERE


Another “madam” that I know has been VERY busy and getting her just desserts is Dani Hunt. This most spankable bratty babe has once again incurred the wrath of Mike on her “Diva Returns” movie to Spanked-in-Uniform.com and her huge buns are given a proper wolloping as you’ll see below!



The world famous singer and popstar Danielle is on a world tour again and during a break she came back to the Rockford School Of Dance to be put back in shape for the rest of the tour. Coach Johnson clearly remembers her Diva attitude and behaviour so when the little madam put her feet on his desk, he wasted no time in spanking her over it. Danielle wanted a private class so Coach, with his heavy strap in hand, gave her painful private lesson. When he caught her using her mobile phone instead of stretching, he dragged her to his office for another long, hard over the knee spanking! 


If you like uniform spankings then you might just also want to check out Cory & Loni in the recently added “Mike’s 50s Diner” series… I have to admit that Cory is a favourite of mine and she looks amazing in these outfits, don’t you think? *sigh*



MORE of Cori and the naughty girls in their uniforms can be seen on the extensive tour pages


Since there is no summer at all here in the UK to speak of (the worst for decades!) how nice to see the girls like Roxie and friends relaxing by Michael Masterson’s pool, only to get a thrashing by him and Betty for lazing about between shoots, smoking and being idle…. oh, and is that what sunshine is ???




I love seeing outdoor punishments… check Realspankings.com for a whole load more!

& in the same network, there is a fantastic outdoor paddling scene of one of the most popular models, Monica, who can really take just about anything Michael can throw at her… this paddling scene you are about to see shows the ferocity of her wooden paddling… ouch!

Taken from the excellent RealSpankingsInstitute.com



Do not miss any of the other free previews located HERE


Both the above sites are part of the 8 site Real Spankings Network (see below how & what you get ffrom one of the longest established spanking networks around!)


OK, some of you might be interested to know what Clare Fonda’s real passions are recently, and she “LOVES” adult baby and diapering fetishes, with some spankings and the inevitable verbal chastisement thrown in as only “Momma Clare” can maintain… so when I recently signed up to her Naughty Diaper Girls site again, imagine my surprise to see possibly one girl I’d willingly fly over from the US to the UK for a filmshoot (note to self, do not make promises your finances can not compete with!) one Miss Dani Jensen. She’s a cracking porn and fetish superstar with the cutest body and cutesy accent, a very filthy mind and one girl who is definitely NOT shy! Oh, and I know this is my vanilla side crawling out here, but she has trimmed her pubic hair EXACTLY the way I like to see it… forgive me for rambling on, it is my blog, after all, heh heh). So check the image shots taken from this film

No spankings in it… but as I said there are spankings at this site, but the whole diapering aspect and the vulnerability that Dani expressed in this film hit every button for me! I was so turned on!!! Hope you were all too seeing these images!





Dani is a college girl needing a place to stay. She can get free housing if she measures up to Clare’s standards whch include keeping her little pussy very clean. Clare thinks that if girls give off a scent they will atract her husband so she wants to wipe down and diaper each one. Dani assures her she does not want Clare’s husband, or want her little pussy wiped or to have to wear a diaper but she does need free rent. Clare has her strip and spread her legs and then diapers the reluctant Dani Jensen.

See MORE of gorgeous Dani doing crib and diapering times HERE


As I am on the subject of Clare Fonda… the sites in her name go on from strength to strength with a great find for “The Big C” as Alexis Grace gets to spank a new stunning girl at one of the flagship Clare Fonda branded sites – GirlSpanksGirl.com co starring new girl, Layden Sinn.





Alexis Grace stars as the Naughty Tutor who spanks girls hard and then teaching them her own twisted version of sex education. The series starts out with Alexis spanking Layden Sinn, who is one of the most stunning models to ever be used in a spanking scene… view this amazing film HERE


& as I promised (when it came out) the 2nd scene of Kay Richards getting her revenge on the ass-fabulous big booty behind of Kelli Staxxx – seriously, just look at that utterly wobblesome treat to spank – I am soooo jealous! This film comes courtesy of Spankedcallgirls.com





Here’s the reminder of this film: Kay Richards visits a client and is surprised to discover that it is a lady (Kelli Staxxx). Kay begins making out with Kelli, but keeps checking her phone and texting and even takes a call. Kelli has had enough and spanks Kay hard for this. But then Kay finds out that Kelli was hired by Snow to spy on Kay. And Kay is going to tell Snow that Kelli marker her bottom – unless Kelli lets Kay spank her big, bouncy bottom.

Check out the very latest punishments of some of the naughtiest girls around HERE

Don’t forget these 2 sites in this network are part of a Top fivesome with vastly reduced monthly and quarterly rates making it one of the best value multi site deals out there, I am of course referring to the Clare Fonda Pass


& finally today in this catch up spanking spectacular, I bring you the beautiful Belinda Lawson spanked in the bathroom with a dreaded bathbrush, in the finale of the “End of Term” series… over the knee of Amelia Jane Rutherford! (oh my… this really does look as good as it is!) Just check out some choice images from the film and decide for yourselves!

Images courtesy of FirmHandspanking.com




With this being one of the very latest new films, I thought I’d just remind you of a great bathbrush spanking from a few years back before I go – and it’s an excuse to show Michaela McGowen getting spanked over the knee of Lizzy Madison… this is such a hot set (and film) – Enjoy!



The hairbrush on my bare tush is always worse than I expect,” confesses gorgeous Michaela McGowen after a spanking in Nanny Diaries. In Lizzy Madison’s last video for Firm Hand, it’s a battle of wills after she finds out that top nanny Michaela has “borrowed” $200 from petty cash. Spanked over the knee on tight jeans, then bare, Michaela’s punishment is an intense finale!

Check out the free movie previews HERE for yourself – have a great remaining weekend!


Oh… and a little plug to my Clips Store – since it appears many of you prefer to download the odd films every now and then… here’s a great incentive to check through the store as there are a bunch of totally exclusive films still showing there, this small selection below are all only found at the clips store (there are more there too!) So, for example, these are 3 films you will not have seen anywhere else… Click on the image and it links directly to the exact position on the clip store where they are found! & of course there are shortened clips from under $5 for those that just want the spanking scenes as well as the full length movies… I will be updating more of the very latest Mishka movie there later today too! 🙂

Hangovers and other mishaps

Excuse me for having a heavy head, I celebrated along with many of my fellow countrymen last night a thrilling win of our football team over Sweden… in fact, it’s hard to believe, but Sweden has been one of those teams until last night that England had NEVER beaten in a competitive game. Everyone talks about “bogey sides” and Sweden has always been ours… what’s more, we have often taken the lead against them and they have always pulled it back or beaten us, so when we took the lead… then they went 2-1 up quickly after half time, my heart sank… “Here we go again”, I thought… but no, our boys pulled out a maginificent fightback and not only drew level but ended up winning 3-2 to send the Swedes home, unable to qualify from this group! Excuse me whilst I revel in this as I show you some images from that game last night in Kiev.

“Get in! 3-2!” – The winner v Sweden



Images above: The opening goal, English fans go wild, and fun earlier in the day ebtween English and Swedish fans… note the “Swedish gimp” in the final pic… hilarious! There’s even a wet patch wear he has been drinking his beer – respect!


& quickly on withthe updates, unfortunately, with hangover and a tight schedule of me being told to trim back our overgrown hedges before the deluge/monsoon/gale force winds arrive (black clouds are looming as I write this!) I can only bring you one today so I had better nake it good and it stars a real favourite of mine, Belinda Lawson, being punished (rather well, I might add) by Amelia Jane Rutherford who proves she can give as well as take. This is the final part of the “End of Term” series from FirmHandSpanking.com






Rather than me waffle on about the storyline, the intro below shows you just what is about to happen – and why! Amelia is rather good in her role, and members can of course see Belinda’s magificent bubble butt given a sound hiding which I highly recommend you do not miss!

To see all of Belinda’s great films and some of the hottest spanking scenes – CLICK HERE


Oh… and there goes my last Swedish reader (sorry!)

Have a good weekend everyone!

Gorgeous Girls Punished

My internet connection out here in the rural wilderness has been painfully slow recently, especially on upload speeds so I have been trying to get the 1st part to my movie uploaded for members tomorrow… God , it’s painfully slow, I am dreading uploading the full WMV and MP4 files (groan) … anyway, as I have been doing this in advance, I decided to surf around and check out some other sites of extreme interest and as the title suggests, bring you some unashamedly good looking girls in some of the latest most recent updates from a few of my favourite sites! I’m not sure if these have already been highlighted elsewhere yet as I just have not read anyone else’s sites for a few days as I have been busy my end… so I hope you find these here reasonably early and enjoy what is a visual feast of spanking entertainment that will create a rumble in the gentlemen’s trouser department and for you ladies who are partial to the sight of a very beautiful female (or 2) disciplined on her bare bottom… I’m sure these girls will get you nice and moist “down there” (oh God… I hope so!)

Just a random spanking image I found on the internet (You know I love that Japanese crying shit… lol!)

OK, inspired by my gorgeous japanese girl and their amazing costumes… I give you the latest gym outfit spanking and HARD paddling film now out at CutieSpankee.com – oh… and there’s tears and crying too!



This site gets it right everytime when it comes to knickers and uniform punishments of the cutest girls imaginable! Scroll down through some select images of the films that members have been able to view, these are all taken from just some of the films that have been uploaded over the last 4 or 5 months! I think you’ll get the idea… and the paddlings MUST be seen… and the whimpering girls MUST be heard! Underestimate CutieSpankee  at your peril!


& one amazing new film update I saw today comes from my good friends over at English-Spankers.com who have an unbelievablely cute new girl called Paradise who has the most spankable tight bottom and isn’t afraid to get thrashed for our viewing pleasure in this audition paddling on camera!



Glamour model Paradise is now at the second part of her audition to become a spanking model for English Spankers. She has been spanked hard and now she has to bend over to get her bare bottom paddled with the leather paddle. Aunty Katie has a very strong right arm and really lays it on to this young ladies bare bottom, the whacking does not stop till Katie is satisfied that Paradise has received a real good thrashing.





At NorthernSpanking.com there are a couple of updates I’d like to tell you about, one film is now complete, that of the wonderful brat, Jenna jay, who I had the pleasure of spanking myself, as I’m sure you’re aware… I know how David must feel in this film… admiring his handiwork on her hot red buns… mmm!


In the conclusion to this film… Jenna has been very naughty and sent to her room to await David and the inevitable punishment to follow upon her tender cheeks! Paul and Lucy had this to say about her (and I of course can’t wait to see more of her here!)

“A super warm welcome to our newest lovely, Jenna Jay. Pretty, young and very submissive, we promise you will be seeing a lot more of this naughty young lady.”

From this there is a new film with some equally lush pantie spankings (to start with, at least) this stars Sarah Gregory when she came over to the UK last year, she did a double film shoot with us and Northern at the same location over a couple of days so Sarah’s bottom was rather sore by the end of all that! Here Donna gives her a spanking in the film “E for Effort”



Captain of the netball team, Sarah, is a lazy toad. Her coach is constantly on her back trying to motivate her but to no avail. During her latest motivation session, Sarah shows significant lack of effort AND insults Miss Davenport. Nothing else but a trip to the Headmaster’s office will suffice.

Click on the panties below to see what members are about to view more of!


My last quick look at today’s last site is one of the most popular – FirmHandSpanking – and for good reason. Just check out thses 2 image sets I have for you, taken from the members area and you will see why it is so popular!




Twins Marissa & Clarissa Berkeley get the bath brush treatment lying ashamedly together so they could both witness the other’s humiliation at having their bared bottoms thrashed very hard with the dreaded heavy bath brush, leaving rather visible marks as you can see! An amazing film, the best ever yet starring these 2 unique girls!

& of course there is the beautiful Belinda “schwiinnnng” Lawson who gets a rare wooden paddling from none other than Amelia Jane Rutherford. There’s not much to say about this except perhaps utter another “schwinnnnng!” and stare at Belinda’s red cheeks in awe! #smitten  – #trouser bumpage



Click here to see free movie previews of more stunning girls spanked at FirmHandSpanking.com


& before I go, I have been very busy at the Clips Stores recently, uploading films madly, so those who only want to view the odd film or 2 are well catered for, including the FULL movies out now of the new girls showing tomorrow at the site and also the full film of Mishka – so Clips Store downloads have their advantages too! 🙂

Click any image to view the recent films at AAA Clips Store




& also at the Naughty Bottom Clips store too!



Another exciting week of Spankings!

Well, as we prepare for a quick short sharp reminder of how fickle our weather can be with snow expected across some parts of the UK by tomorrow (sheesh… I thought we had left all that behind!) and the fact we are now racing into April and I actually refused to read any news online or newspapers yesterday because of their “Hilarious” gags they always pull on April Fools Day (yaaaaaaaaawn) I have decided to venture back online after briefly posting some images from our latest filmshoot to give you some updates about what other sites and producers are up to at the mo!

But before I go on, I do want to mention something I remember clearly 30 years ago today, for that was the sad day that Britain had got itself into such a position (as similar to today, in fact) where another country perceived our military weakness and lack of fight for some “small rocks” 8,000 miles from our shores… well, how wrong were they? I am of course referring to Argentina’s invasion of the Falkland Islands. & of course there is the inevitable sabre rattling from an equally toothless Argentina today, trying to deflect from their economic woes, just as the Military Junta did all those years ago, the only difference is that thanks to the short but violent conflict, the much feared military regime was deposed and a democracy replaced it, giving millions of Argentines the freedom they had craved for so long. No more “Disappeared” the missing 1,000’s of individuals that dared to criticise the regime but they seem to have forgotten all that, conveniently. Such is the freedom that is afforded with democracy.

The iconic image of the Falklands Conflict – Royal Marines “yomping” in full gear for the final showdown.

Anyway, I won’t waffle on, each has their opinions, I understand their claims, but after what happened 30 years ago I don’t see how we can ever give back the islands without giving those who actually live there, their say. I shall not be flippant as 255 British servicemen and 650 Argentine military personnel lost their lives over the course of those few months…  so I say let them “Brit bash” us if that’s what they want and makes them feel better… being a lad from Plymouth, I remember clearly the impact it had on our city, having the largest naval dockyard in western Europe, my family had many navy and marine personnel who bravely served there (so I’m biased, of course).
This was a unique conflict for Britain, one which brought pride back to the country and if any mealy mouthed leftie thinks I’m some sort of war mongerer then they can think again. This was a decisive short war, it achieved its aims unlike every conflict we have been a part of a coalition in since (Iraq and Afghanistan… cough cough!) and apart from the whinging and sabre rattling nowadays from Argentina.

This was something we did alone, as the world watched and wondered how the hell we pulled it off… what I also remember is that the old Soviet Union at the time was especially interested to see how a member of NATO, going it alone from America reacted to  a threat of its “sovereignty”. If they had doubted the resolve of any member NATO country, then this provided them the answer as it made them realize that if we were prepared to defend some islands so far away in a remarkable task force I will never see or witness again from our country, then defending each other in Europe would be a walk in the park – with or wthout American military support at the time

So good and bad points in brief (if there can ever be any?)

The defeat eventually ousted the unpopular military Junta and democracy was once again given back to the people, it still is today, no more disappearances of political prisoners and torture. For Britain? It gave us immense pride and resolve as a nation that we could do much more than others gave us credit for, it also proved that old adage that going to war is good for votes, if you get it right and win quickly and decisively… something which Tony Blair, a former CND campaigner (who ironically lost his 1st eelction as a young man immediately after the Falklands conflict and saw how this had galvanised voters to back Thatcher after the 74 day military campaign! Years later, he was to use that infamous excuse of leading us back into the Gulf War (part 2) with the WMD stories against Saddam Hussein… but that is another story and one which is a conflict I am neither proud of or wanted us to be involved in.

& after that, if you are still here or have skimmed the above… welcome to my spanking updates! Finally! 🙂


I have 2 of the most recent updates from FirmhandSpanking, 6 cracking images from each and a great intro clip that is both amusing and shows you the promise of what is to come from the 2nd film! If you have made it this far, you deserve some entertainment, see what members are viewing right now!

Scarlett Johansson lookalike Belinda Lawson touches her toes for a 12-stroke caning as things get serious in End of Term. Richard Anderson orders Belinda to bare her spectacular bottom as punishment for disobedience, and she holds position perfectly. Epic slo-mo replays!




See the FREE Preview HERE

Check out the clip I had promised which shows you the promise of a great paddling!
(& I love that one armed bandit slot machine bleeping away!!!)

Valerie Bryant, paddled in real life at high school, faces a wooden paddle for the first time on video in Reform School. “10 swats brought tears to my eyes,” she admits. Frank Reed has her gamble for swats by playing a slot machine. You lose, one whack! Oh, and there’s a seriously great out-take too…




See MORE of  new girls Valerie & Belinda getting a hard paddling and caning for the 1st time HERE


Over to Holland for a couple of really cool “schpaaankings” that Mike has been filming recently, both these featured here are from his new uniform concepts, first is the secretary niche at “Whippingsham Secretarial College” which also stars more new recruits, Cory & Loni.


Cory and Loni learn the hard way that discipline is strict at the Whippingsham College. First they show up 15 seconds late, Cory forgot to put on her stockings and Loni wore unsexy panties. They both went over the knee for a sound spanking which left Cory in tears. Later they showed up late again for the next class and they both learned the importance of punctuality with the aid of the couch, a strap and a slipper.




If you liked that, take a look at “Mike’s 50’s Diner” as Danielle Hunt makes a return and in this film she gets to spank a schoolgirl over her lap before, can you guess (??) Mike makes an early return to find this going on… it is not going to end well for either Danielle or the poor girl she has been thrashing over her knees!



When Mike stepped out quickly to buy some meat, waitress Danielle served a St. Catherine’s girl who came in for lunch. She ordered a cheeseburger and fries but when it was time for her to pay, she claimed she forgot her money at home. Danielle, who knows very well how strict Mike is with the girls, decided to take matters into her own hands. She turned her over her knee and gave her a long sound spanking.  Just as she was about to finish the spanking, MIke walked in and we can all guess what will happen to both girls in part two. Stay tuned!



I’m running out of time after my blurb earlier on the Falklands so I’ll finish with an homage to Amber and Amy, in one of the sexiest films from my archives of AmberSpanks.com (it’s all hot as you should know by now!) but Amber decided in this film to go oriental andht e influence is everywhere, from her wearing a kimono (so sweet) to the decor and Amy is hald asian and so cute, this was made for her! See what I mean from thje images taken from this film (below)




You can get access to all of Amber’s sites at the Trial Option or her amazing value low monthly and special long term offer pricing (& to be honest, you’d need a few months just to download all her fab content anyway!). OK, hope you put up with my earlier diversion, back with more spanking news and only spankings tomorrow 🙂

Goodnight, Chief

Friday Updates & My News

This will be the last post on here for a week or so, as I am going away and won’t be able to write up anything, so I apologise, maybe it’s time for you to check out my generous archives of content? (this blog does go back to 2006, frightening, isn’t it?)  or check out the many free movie previews you can see at my Teen Spanking Tube or the accompanying blog HERE which has a lot of stuff I only post there which I shall be updating later today before I go away! I’m away visiting family and celebrating the birthday of “Er Indoors” who will be allowed out this one time 🙂

I don’t want to write blog posts or update the site whilst I am away but I will be able to check my mails, customer support and such – my  site has been generously updated, whilst I am away and there is an extra movie members can see which isn’t shown on the front page. I have also added a great bonus gallery of images as well as complete some other films, so members going in today will be overwhelmed with lots of shiny new content! The unseen film, called “Troublesome Remote” is an all female cast with new girls Jenna and Taylor as well as stern Aunty Emma… what happens when you break the remote control of Aunty’s old TV? Read on…

We changed the direction of this film when the bloody remote really didn’t work, LOL! I was off set going red in the face when the damned remote wouldn’t work for the girls so we had a little change of direction and decided to have them “break it” instead! Don’t you love the spontineity of filming? Keeps you on your toes, I can tell you! Some video images are below for your perusal, I will try to get up a short clip on the tube site later if I have time.





See Jenna, Taylor and Emma togther in many more films HERE

I love this free image gallery I have produced, it shows off the film perfectly, from Taylor’s magnificent curves, the hard face slapping scenes and Jenna’s wigglesome bottom, girls in and out of school uniform too? Check out the bonus gallery which has smaller resized images than the members, but you’ll get the idea…


& of course out THIS WEEK is a new film of Sophie Keagan getting a maintenance spanking she really didn’t want after being so maughty she turns up with an already sore red bottom… needless to say the punishment goes ahead and as well as a spanking, poor foolish Sophie endured the slipper and that awful bath brush as she wipes away a few inevitable tears as her bottom is stuck out presented in all its glory for me to thrash at will as she takes her weekly maintenance appointment stoically! (Bravo Sophie!) There is a free clip on the image below and I have cut you some promo images from the short sharp and very nasty shock movie that members can now download in full as well. (Generous soul that I am!)





more AAAspanking here

Don’t forget the NEW “Fair Price Deal” HERE offering you the best possible sign ups possible 🙂


& elsewhere? Well, Firmhandspanking.com have this delightful British girl, Belinda Lawson, this time dragged out of bed for oversleeping and given a hard whacking in the nude. It’s a particularly humiliating and embarrassing punishment for her to be dragged out like that, but it makes good viewing for us and I love the stern lectures she’s given… Belinda looks amazing as you’ll see and of course you just never know who might appear at my site in the future, eh? *wink*





& taken from the same site recently, probably the only place with GENUINE twins, Clarissa & Marissa Berkeley… don’t they look amazing in their dresses? The girls look even better getting a punishment off Earl Grey, in this exclusive punishment, Marissa Berkeley is in hot water for not keeping the sorority house tidy in Twins Trouble”. Kneeling on an armchair, homecoming dress raised, she’s strapped hard by Earl Grey. 24 of 35 strokes are bare bottom (check out her marks on that wonderful dusky behind)… and the bonus is that Clarissa is next!




& finally, what makes this site so good are the vast archives, and of course, anyone remember this unholy trio? There should be no introductions, just admire the girls in another British location shoot when Samantha Woodley and Abigail Whittaker were in England all those years ago! (If only I had a site at that time I’d have bitten at their heels to do some films!!!) Fortunately you can see ALL of their stuff at Firm Hand Spanking




I am happy to report that David Pierson is much better, out of hospital and raring to go again doing what he does best, spanking girls bare bottoms over his knee and giving them a stern lecture as to why they are in that unfortunate position!

David back in action spanking his naughty girls!

These girls are liable to get the Chief’s heart all of a flutter too… as well as any complicated trouser malfunctions that could befall an unprepared individual! *ahem* However, before I show you what’s what with David and the girls, I had to let you see Pixie’s FIRST spanking since March last year, yes, it has been that long so to see her spanked OTK over Berverly Bacci’s knee alongside the gorgeous Joelle Barros (remember her making that big appearance in her Brazil soccer shirt last year? Oh my!)

Joelle below goofing around on set 🙂


This is a great schoolgirl spanking movie, see some special promo images of Pixie getting her spanking…



Talking of gorgeous girls, the incredibly pretty Charlie Sky makes another yelp-tastic appearance getting a belting and these images below should tease you enough… the film is so much better as you’ll see when Charlie’s tight panties are removed for the final part of her punishment!



OK, I was gonna post more but I have run out of time, so much to do and so little time as always nowadays! Hope you folk have a pleasant weekend and think of me away skiing, despite being unable to afford it, won’t you? (lol)

For the very latest updates of David & Pixie’s Punishedbrats – CLICK HERE


Cheerio 🙂

Sunday’s Soap Box Rant & Spankings

Before I show you some spanking updates today, I haven’t done this for a while, so please sit back or just scoot over the next few paragraphs as the Chief’s infamous “Soap Box Rant” is back! & I have darned good reason to let off steam today as you’ll discover if you read on…

I’m in a depressed mood, after the relentless onslaught of stolen card sign ups this month (which causes me no amount of grief with CCbill, the online card processor, btw)… these past few days, it seems the pirates have finally got what they came for, all my latest films and some never shown before. No doubt these will be posted on various site rip threads which really kills my site off. Are they under the impression the AAAspanking.com is some huge ripe website ready to be plucked? Nothing could be further from the truth, I have just filed my tax returns for the year and it makes depressing reading, I actually lost money in the 1st year making movies, this will reflect in next year’s returns, but this year I had to pay extra as I pumped in a lot of my own and borrowed cash, some of which I haven’t been able to claim for. The reality is that it means a film shoot I was intending to do in a few days or so has had to be postponed and the Tax Man to get his cut instead. Anyway, I have already spotted some of the new films appearing on the usual suspects boards so they are already reported, and as long as I can reduce the idiots to private posts and messages then so be it as my site is not there to provide them with a stable income, let them feast off the others that can’t be arsed to protect their hard work (and it IS hard work!) Copyright infringements are finally a serious business under scrutiny as larger film studios and such have rightfully had enough… for without any income coming in at my site, then I can not hire new girls, pay for editing, locations and all the other expensive stuff that making films is about and of course that is on top of me doing it all for free my end to start with, the promotions, the time spent uploading stuff and so on when I’d rather spend it with my loved one in my little remaining spare time… this year will be a defining year whether I continue with blogging, and being a webmaster. I have to say that this past month’s experience has been draining and upsetting to say the least. If the pirates that rip off my site ever read this, please take note:  You are killing it and making me ill with worry about why I should continue at all! This month, personally and workwise, has been dreadful, I’m glad to see the back of it.  January is traditionally a month of lower sales, but even so, it hasn’t been great this month 🙁

Anyway, to recap, I have every right to try and protect what I have made, as surely anyone would if the tables were reversed. Amusingly, in a dark way,  I had noticed on some messageboards that there are those who got upset if another pinched “their content” and posted it as their own… no honour among thieves, I guess, lol. Well triple how that would feel, my pirate chums, and you might then start to understand what it feels like for me, and the despair when a site rip or whatever appears, the odd film or 2, yeah ok… I understand – but a fucking site rip? It’s fucking disgusting.

I have also decided, since I am English, to write in MY English (you’ll see “honour” instead of honor), For me, it is tiring to guess how it should look in American English, so please accept this quirk, I am, after all… a no good Limey and should be expected to write it in my own language… OK rant over 🙂


To those who have skipped my rant, welcome… and here are today’s spanking updates from the Chief’s perspective! You’ll see naughty girls and those in dire need of a spanking, whether it’s a punishment spanking or a little more sexual, I think I have some interesting updates and stuff I have been viewing these last few days to amuse and arouse you all 🙂

Private school can be tough when a girl’s grades are down and she fails exams. Richard Anderson puts pretty blonde senior Belinda Lawson back on track in End of Term. Belinda proves her bare buttocks can take a harsh 265-smack spanking: “It stung a lot, but I got through it.”




Do not miss your chance to see a preview clip of stunning schoolgirl, Belinda Lawson HERE


 A brand new series of home discipline films has begun at GirlSpanksGirl.com with Momma Clare the concerned mother of schoolgirl Elise Graves in this typical Fonda production we all love so much! Clare is the ultimate scarey “Mom!” for any of her girls as you’ll see below, she doesn’t tolerate Elise’s behaviour one little bit and even after the 1st spanking punishment, she is walked upstairs for part 2… the mouthsoaping (which I absolutely love watching) and a further spanking over Clare’s knee!




Elise is back from college to stay with her mother for the summer. Mom (played by Clare Fonda) reminds Elise that she has slipped in many ways and she has decided to do something she hasn’t done in years, and that is to spank her daughter when she misbehaves. There are many traditional spankings that take place over this summer, and even a mouth-soaping that.


See all of the Concerned Mother series at GirlSpanksGirl.com


Another new movie update at the spanking soap opera that is MySpankingRoomMate.com is now out and has 2 of my favourite girls together for the 1st time and it’s a real winner! Sierra Salem (remember her?) and husky voiced Kay Richards (mmm!)

Sierra Salem was trying to move out on her sugar-momma Clare, but Kay helped to track her down. Kay spanked Sierra to convince her to stay with Clare. Sierra finally agreed, but only if she could spank Kay too! Yup… mad, bad and crackers… but as usual, it works! How could it not with these two?




There are now nearly 100 full length movies in a story arc that covers the main characters Kay, Madison and Chloe with many guest spankee and topping  appearances from many of America’s best known spanking stars! See more HERE


Finally from Clare’s group of sites, her wonderful Spankedcallgirls.com continues to entertain and tittilate in all the right sleazy spanko areas as her girls face yet more humiliation and punishment! As you’ll see below, whenever the super slinky Alice Wonder and her naughty real-life friend Nena are in town… Clare is gonna need a hairbrush and some solid OTK chastisement to handle these real hussies! I think she does a good job with this sexy twosome, don’t you?



First it was Nena, then Alice is told to strip and get over Clare’s lap!



I cannot recommend this naughty OTK spanking movie highly enough! Just what I needed to view 😉

& don’t forget that you can see these 3 sites together if you so wish as part of Clare’s best value CLARE FONDA PASS network which gives you access to 3, 4 or 5 sites of your choice at a fraction of the combined monthly cost! Check out the site and options below!


I’m staying on the west coast of California, but gonna concentrate on 2 models who come from further up north, San Francisco, to be precise… and many of you will instantly recognise both ladies I’m featuring… as I prepare how the hell I can go and live out in the Bay Area as if these 2 amazing spankees are anything to go by then… OMG, are all the woman in the Bay Area as gorgeous and hot? So, to my current crush and long term crush… starting with Zille Defeu and I thought I’d remind you of this great set below with her in our glorious English countryside when she first visted the good folk of NorthernSpanking.com

If you go down to the woods today… You might be lucky enough to spot gorgeous Zille Defeu showing her underwear! But I doubt it. Stephen however enjoys just such a treat and, not only that, the naughty little minx encourages him to spank her! So you can imagine that they were proud to present to you Zille… a delightful person and a well-known fetish model and photographer, as well as a dedicated San Franciscan spankee!




This was the 1st of many Zille Defeu updates that you can see exclusive to Northernspanking.com


& as promised, my long term spanko scrush, Amber Dawn, a fellow San Franciscan and all round naughty pain slut by her own admission that now has an amazing offer:

See all 3 of her sites, in effect – A Special AMBER PASS including her naughty nude modelling site where she just can’t help showing off her amazing 40″ bubble butt ass, here you’ll see more flawless images of her butt but of course you can see her thrashed at her regular site or her dishing it out in her unique fashion spanking and fucking so many pretty exclusive young newbies and she’s been online for nearly 5 years! Unbelievable… I remember the moment she went live all that time ago and was hooked from the start… er, perhaps because she’s a redhead and you *know* how I dig redheads… right?

Below are a few selected images from her “Purple Panties” collection at Amber Dawn Nude





& with that, I bid you “goodnight” as I contemplate scraping ice off my car windscreen early tomorrow morning – in the dark… will it snow? It’s been forecast again *groan* so I’m looking forward to work as always 🙂

Have a good one, what is left of your weekend, everyone! Chief.


Hey! Don’t forget, those who don’t want to sign up for memberships… I have just uploaded in full the latest film currently out at AAAspanking – Usual Suspects! It is at the Clips Store – check it out below!